Womens 70s Makeup

Womens 70s Makeup – Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics, created an easy-to-use makeup guide in the 1970s. from bright eye shadow; Bronze lip powder was perfected in the 1970s

In the 1970s, women were pink, they worshiped sports and nature. They wanted their look to be simple and effortless, but less effort was needed to succeed.

Womens 70s Makeup

Womens 70s Makeup

They are used to emphasize the cheekbones. Shades of peach and pink were used on the apples of the cheeks.

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The most iconic shade of the decade is the blend of banana shapes featured in the shade on the upper lid. One of the fashionable innovations is black and white, which is removed from these shades.

Cream shades also made their debut. Eyeshadows are worn in three shades, combining heavy shades, bright colors are very popular.

Lips are pink peach and pink in the day and a shimmery color in the evening. A light brown lip without overdoing it. Sometimes it is used in the same shade as the foundation.

Eyebrows are kept natural and colored. The fall is packed with heavy pastel cream shadows and bold lines for an easy no-makeup daytime look.

Best 70s Makeup Trends To Try Now

Apply well and rub on face. Paint the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the chin, and a large brush for the cheeks and hair. The color chosen is two shades darker than the face for a natural beauty.

The color is a deeper version of natural blush, like bright peach or raspberry flecks. The color is naturally blended.

The eyes have a new bright pastel eye makeup look. Black mascara, black eyeliner and bright eye shadow make the eyes look bigger.

Womens 70s Makeup

In the late 70s, a soft look became fashionable, with a soft foundation and powder coating.

Women’s 1970s Makeup: An Overview

The springs are naturally tamed, cleansed and sealed with clear mascara. Easy to apply for a natural look. Line the lower lash line with a white eyeliner.

For a dramatic evening look, she uses three darkly pigmented shades: one very light and shimmery; The second is medium in color and the last is the darkest. They are baby blue; Different colors in the same shade as blue gray and navy.

The darkest shade is used on the outer edges of the upper eyelid. The lightest shade is used on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.

Edges blend well to fade hard lines. Apply a pastel shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid. Using a small pastel brush, line the eyes with a Pastel Shimmer eyeshadow underneath.

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For an evening look, apply black eyeshadow on the upper lid, starting at the outer corner of the eye and working towards the inner corner of the eye. The line starts at the outer corner of the eye to achieve a cat eye. Line the bottom of the eye with black eyeliner. Thick lashes add extra drama to a certain evening makeup look.

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Womens 70s Makeup

Cookies are essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that provide basic functionality and security features of the site. These cookies do not store personal information. Hippie Dance Queens and 70s makeup is so important that its legacy is the sun god bronzer, which lives on today as pink streaks and graphic lines. But ’70s style offers something deeper. This decadent aesthetic immediately evokes the vibe created by the mixtape soundtrack (you can play sneakers with the windows open). Simply put, it is one.

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– and the easiest way to feel good about yourself starts with your makeup bag. The best part? You probably have everything you need.

To set the mood, we teamed up with professional makeup artist Melissa Hernandez and model (with a killer vintage collection), Devin Crimson, to look chic and wearable with ’70s makeup.

Melissa Hernandez is a celebrity makeup artist based in LA. It has a star-studded list of editorial features and red carpet appearances.

When it comes to ’70s makeup, darker is better, and there’s nothing more iconic than a cream cut from that era. Yes, look, the bulk of YouTube glam dates back to the ’60s, but you get the idea. Distinguishing these words from their modern counterparts; You may want to customize the form. “The shape of modern cropped eyes usually extends outwards towards the tail of the forehead, while the ’70s cropped skins are rounded,” explains Hernandez. Think of an eye shape instead of a cat eye.

A Look At Iconic 70s Fashion

According to Hernandez, the key products to create this look are silk and kohl lashes. Others: eye shadow color; Mix and match – make it yours. I recommend adding a lengthening mascara to get long, fluffy lashes.

Start Line your lids with concealer (this will help keep your look) and lightly line with kohl liner to keep your ‘layers’ rounded. For this we love PETRA BY PIXI, Infinite Silk Eyeliner in Black Caviar. Hernandez’s trick to nailing a pose is to relax the eyes and look straight ahead. “When you’re modeling cream, look straight into the mirror—if you try to look back with your head, the cream will disappear.” Did you make a mistake while drawing? Micellar water and cotton wool are your best friends. Once the shape is down, blend your liner with a soft blending brush for a diffused effect. Then add a cream undercoat—Hernandez loves pastels for a ’70s look. The hard part is over. Now, line the upper and lower lash lines with the same kohl liner: pick a cat (cat eye liner) above. Next, apply a light white liner to your waterline with two to three coats of mascara. You are ready to shine.

In contrast to the neon-inspired colors of the 60s, the color palette of the 70s was warm cool, gold, and all oranges and warm browns. Hernandez’s round sun-kissed eyes made her a natural choice. This upgrade is easy and the game only includes two shades, so it’s very simple to achieve.

Womens 70s Makeup

For more pigment saturation, add a little concealer to the lash line. This will give your powder shadow a firmer surface and base. Using ZOEVA’s Caramel Melange Shadow Palette, Hernandez likes a flat shader brush to blend into the soft rust shade (Aftertaste) on the lid and cream. The key to staying true for decades is the round shape. So, with a soft blending brush and an apricot shade (Alchemy), use a squeegee-like motion (to the outer corner of the eye) to spread the cream and contour. Then, with a small, stiff brush, apply the same shade of Alchemy to the lower lash line – connecting it to the outer corner of your brow. Top it off with lots of mascara because it’s YOLO.

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Don’t focus too much on the lips and cheeks. Hernandez says it’s by design. “When experimenting with makeup, I recommend enhancing the features. Whether it’s eyes, lips, or skin. Match your skin to the focal point.” So to finish off her look, she opted for subtle blush and a nude lip. Absolute perfection.

The 70s weren’t so cool. Embracing simplicity and natural features was a huge development at the time as second-wave feminism hit the mainstream. Celebrating what makes you unique is the turning point of makeup. Most importantly, it counts as a choice. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

This simple approach to soft skin beauty is still going strong today with lip colors and neutral shades. This radiant glow is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty.

Apply a small amount of concealer on the skin and under the eyes, transitioning between foundations to keep it hydrated. Warm up your face with a shimmery blush brush and PACIFICA DESERT SUNSET Matte Blush and Bronzer, apply a pink shade to the apples of your cheeks and the hollows of your bronzer.

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