Women’s Hairstyles Of The 70s

Women’s Hairstyles Of The 70s – If there’s one decade that represents fun and freedom in style, it’s the 1970s. Not only was it a fashion icon in the 70s (and still is today), it also revolutionized beauty. Thanks to the civil rights and women’s movements, liberation seeped into people’s clothing and hair. In fact, some of the most popular hairstyles of all time can be traced back to the decade, and we have these women to thank for pushing it forward.

The star’s hairstyle was a decade-defining sensation and has been trending multiple times in 2021 with the rise of TikTok.

Women’s Hairstyles Of The 70s

Women's Hairstyles Of The 70s

When it comes to hair icons, few compare to Diana Ross The singer was and continues to be famous for her hairstyles that range from a sleek bob to a sleek afro.

The ’70s Flip Hair Trend Is The Ultimate In Cool Girl Texture & Volume

Goldie Hawn’s ’70s hairstyle continued the trend with long fringe styles that are still seen in salons today.

Grace Jones’ straight ’80s hair is forever in the Hall of Fame, as is the short cut from her modeling days a decade ago.

Jane Birkin is often cited as a fashion icon—she is, after all, the namesake of Hermès bags—but her low-maintenance hairstyle is also memorable.

The singer’s most memorable hairstyles came during the decade, including the super long, sleek straight style we know today simply as “Chair Hair.”

S Hairstyles That Are Trending Again

You know her as Marcia Brady, who had blonde hair (like her mother) that made her the envy of her screen sisters and helped cement her status as a real-life actress as a teen.

The Blondie singer stuck to the platinum style synonymous with his band’s New Wave style.

Married to Aristotle Onassis from 1968 to 1975, the first lady became “Jackie Hay” but stuck to her signature flourishes.

Women's Hairstyles Of The 70s

Long, low-maintenance hair was originally essential to the Fleetwood Mac singer’s mood, as seen in this 1977 photo.

The Evolution Of Black Hair

The internet loves throwback photos of Meryl Streep, and with her long, light blonde hair, it’s not hard to see why.

Sisley’s new spa is a self-care dream. Who will support the hairdressers? Dyson’s Coral Straightener is now the best purple shampoo for lightening blonde hair under $100.

10 Secrets to Thicker, Longer Hair Are Black Brands Selling? This is? 13 Hair Growth Serums for Thick Hair During the Day 12 Essential Smoothing Brushes for Straight Hair

The 13 Best Hair and Scalp Oils That Make Peace With Grays The Best Hair Growth Vitamins That Actually Have The Best Deals At Ultra Beautiful Hair Over the past few years, it seems like we can’t get enough of the hair trends of the ’90s and early ’00s. But lately, we’ve been ditching the zigzags and bangs for ’70s-inspired locks. From classic fringes and chic looks to shaggy cuts, here are 70s hairstyles we’re excited to try in 2023.

The ’70s Bob Is The Cutest Chop For Some Cheek Framing Action

The star is known for her expensive puffs and curtain fringes Use hot rollers (or a curling iron) to create long curls away from your face before brushing for more body and maximum toss.

This hairstyle remains a fan favorite for many because it’s so flattering The Shag features flattering layers that complement your natural texture and a full fringe that frames your face shape.

Made popular by celebs like Brigitte Bardot, this long, split fringe is the go-to look of the season. Regardless of your hair texture and length, a fringe set frames your face and adds some richness to your locks. To maintain the look of the house, all you need is a round brush and a blow dryer to style both sides.

Women's Hairstyles Of The 70s

The disco era also featured very light, straight locks Also known as “chair hair,” this hairstyle features a deep center part, blunt ends, and great length. The key is to apply hair oil to smooth and add shine to your hair

S Curly Hair Style For Genesis 8 And 8.1 Female

From Olivia Newton-John to Elizabeth Olsen, it’s easy to see why we’re thinking about going heavy-duty when we want a subtle change. They add softness to your overall look without being overwhelming

This popular cut has been seen on everyone from Jane Fonda to Joyce DeWitt in the 70’s The short style has long layers at the top and a deep side part for added volume and tapered ends that hug the nape of the neck.

This bob has been having a big moment, as evidenced by Selena’s impressive chop. To get the same look, ask your stylist to give you a cut and incorporate a texturizing spray into your routine to add that new level of definition.

If you want big hair, think disco curls Think Donna Summers and Diana Ross, who dominated the disco scene with their hits and sound blocks. To achieve the look, use an extra inch of curling iron (or hot rollers) to create tight curls before running a brush or wide-toothed comb through each section for extra lift.

The Hair Of The 70s: Men — American Studies

As the 70s highlighted the natural movement of hair, more women began to embrace their natural texture. Take a tip from Jodie Turner and go for a cut that accentuates the height and shape of your mane. There is also the option of using a hair pick to lift the roots, especially if you have thick or curly hair.

Although introduced in the 1960s, bees also became a staple in the 1960s To restore the look, use a styling and texturizing spray to add volume to your hair. Next, twist sections of hair at the nape of your neck and pull them up to your crown before securing the ends with bobby pins (or a banana clip). One last thing. leave a fringe for a more casual look

Most ’00s hairstyles were long and big, but this cut took a different approach Beloved by 1900s supermodels like Janice Dickinson, Naomi Campbell and Lauren Hutton, the blunt cut is updated with straight-cut ends for a polished finish.

Women's Hairstyles Of The 70s

FYI: This hairstyle isn’t just for kids Follow in Yara Shahidi’s footsteps and update this nostalgic look by braiding some extensions for extra length and pulling your baby hair into a pigtail before spreading it out in front.

Flattering Hairstyles For Women Over 70 This Summer 2023

Whether it’s a bandana, a scarf or a big headband, the hair accessory is the hottest item of this era. Not only is it super practical, but it also adds a fun twist to any look, as Dua Lipa proves here.

As much as we like to credit this look to the early ’00s, baby braids really took off in the ’70s. Short braids add a beautiful touch to any hairstyle and are very simple. Simply grab a small section of hair on one side of your face, French braid it and secure the ends with an elastic before repeating these steps on the other side.

This braided style is another simple look that you can easily create at home. All you need is a few small elastic bands to clip the hair for a “bubble” effect.

Volume and length were everything in the 70s If you already have a long mane, add wavy texture with a little sea salt spray and a healthy dose of screening.

Why Big Hair Will Always Be In Style Down South

This hairstyle seems to come back every decade.The ‘Business in the front, party in the back’ style features sandal layers that flow down the length of the back. Different layers give your mane dimension and definition Use plenty of mouse to define your wave as described above

You’ll understand why this long, bouncy style is making its way into the living room.Because rollers make a big impact, full bangs and textured layers are a timeless combination.

Popularized by singer Toni Tennell and Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill, this hairstyle has its roots in medieval page boys. Yes, it gives off a bit of a shocking vibration.

Women's Hairstyles Of The 70s

Some fringe softens the style And if you’re still not convinced, trendsetter Princess Diana famously sported this piece in the ’80s.

Flattering Ways To Style A Middle Part

By now you know that the ’70s were all about big, bold looks, so we’ll end this list with a high ponytail. This voluminous style requires a lot of body in your mane, so don’t be shy with the hairspray

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