Women’s Hairstyles By Decade

Women’s Hairstyles By Decade – Popular hairstyles have been around for years, of course. If we go back to what hairstyles looked like in our 20s, 40s, 60s, 60s and beyond, you’ll find that the results are good and mixed. Some are absolutely flattering, some are repulsive, and some make you question – what were we?

From short and sweet to long and bohemian, to a certain cut you won’t be able to come back to, take a trip down memory lane of 95 years of the most coveted. This look will definitely make you nostalgic. Who knows, you might find inspiration for your next cut. Let’s take a look back and see which of these unforgettable looks were trending the year you were born.

Women’s Hairstyles By Decade

Women's Hairstyles By Decade

Soft and loose like the first films where the style was worn, waves gave actresses like Mary Pickford a feminine silhouette.

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A thin, sometimes frilled piece of fabric worn around the forehead, this style is known as a “headpiece” – not exactly a nickname for an accessory, but it looked pretty cool!

A stark contrast to the sleek look of the era, the rough faces made her face (and 1920s eyebrows) as literal as possible.

Sure, movies were white and white, but when we heard that movie star Clara Bow dyed her hair red, henna sales soared.

One of Eton’s most famous wearers, Josephine Baker, rocked her stunning style with a ‘kissing bun’, with bangs on her forehead designed to add a touch of femininity.

Hot Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Just as stylish today, toe waves were a highly stylized look (shown here by the actress in Alice Day), softening sharp, clean bobs.

Here, Louise Brooks shows off her perky brows, pouty lips and the trendy angled bob with iridescent fringes popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

In contrast to the sleek styles of the decade, many women, including Greta Garbo, preferred to wear their hair tight and low for dramatic effect.

Women's Hairstyles By Decade

A trend that never goes out of style, the plunging neckline has been loved by stars including Carole Lombard and millions of women. Check out our simple guide on how to get it.

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Like finger waves, Marcel’s wave was a highly stylized wave, similar to Jean Harlow among other actresses. Hairstylist Marcel Grotto often invented a technique that involves using hot curling irons to give hair deep, defined waves.

Pin curls may be time-consuming for those who wear them (each section literally twists in a circle to define the curl), but wow, were they worth it.

Dorothy Lamour, among other actresses, introduced a curlier, curlier style to her sleek silhouette.

Although she’s best known for her iconic voice, the Billie Holiday star popularized her signature white garden hairdo with flowers.

Hairstyle Ideas For Mature Women

Worn by women who worked in factories during World War II, this hairstyle was made of fabric or thread and kept women’s hair away from their necks.

Not content with keeping things basic, stars like Betty Grable have taken curls and toe waves to the next level with bold blonde hair, red lipstick and funky fashion.

Women are at the forefront of both fashion and film, with stars like Veronica Lake opting for sexy hairstyles that hide just one eye for a mysterious look.

Women's Hairstyles By Decade

Sam’s passion for makeup rivals her love of all things makeup. In their free time, they like to watch horror movies, put avocado on everything, and see what rainbow shades they can dye their hair before they turn 30.

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The Victorian era popularized the barber shop trend. Medium hairstyles became popular and natural curls started a trend that lasted for quite some time. During the reign of King Edward VII in the early 1900s, great changes took place in areas such as art and fashion. The taste of the male monarch was fresh and bright. As a result, new ideas become fashionable and old ideas become obsolete.

During this period, artificial hair and frames were widely used to make hair look fuller and thicker. Wealthy women’s servants used to wrap their hair in pillow balls to make it look fuller. This went well with the Edwardian style of clothing, as even the dresses were flowing as usual. This type of hairstyle was almost always accompanied by large Edwardian hats, which in turn were held in place by hat pins. These hat pins were often embellished and came with decorative designs.

Below are some photos of Edward depicting the hairstyles of the era, such as the low Pompadour, bobby pins, side twists, the Flapper (the name “Flapper” originally referred to teenage girls who wore their hair in a wide ribbon) and the 1920s-1950s Pompadour. The 80s were all trademarks of the bold women who wore them. Since beauty, like fashion, exists in a cyclical universe, classic hairstyles from the past are constantly emerging in form 2.0. Click through to see the best modern style updates of the last few decades.

Women's Hairstyles By Decade

Enter the world of bans, parties and flappers – their curly hair and face frames are still in fashion today. Demi Lovato styled Gloria Swanson in a dark and sexy look, thanks to lipstick and serious smokey eyes.

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Amber Heard’s New Year’s updo combines Janis Paige’s structured topknot with soft ends and gold accessories for the perfect 21st-century update.

Before rock and roll exploded across America, operatic sophistication existed in the early 1950s. So, the thicker the curl and the more velvety, the better. Amy Adams’ take on ’50s style, modernizing it with crop tops and sides.

Brigitte Bardot’s bee legacy lives on. To explain it, Kate Bosworth improved the polish and reduced the size and texture of the board.

Hair in the 70’s was all about volume and shape. Solange channels Faith’s look in a big, fuzzy texture.

Nostalgic ’80s Hairstyles We Love

Madonna is the ’80s version of the Queen of Pop’s tiara, so it’s no surprise that Beyoncé has repeatedly defined the style in 2015.

Minimal styling, centerpieces and braids – hair at its finest – defined the ’90s, and as we all know, the decade saw a major renaissance in style. Emily Ratajkowski scales Gwyneth Paltrow’s look with a low bun and soft waves.

The 2000s were all about barrettes and braided butterflies – needless to say, it wasn’t the most glamorous era of hair. But the minimal use of Taylor Swift’s instruments paid homage in the best possible way.

Women's Hairstyles By Decade

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