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Women’s Haircut Kernersville

Women's Haircut Kernersville

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Located in Kernersville, North Carolina, Great Clips is an easy way to get great hair at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for the best haircuts near you, a men’s haircut specialist, or a stylist specializing in the latest trends in women’s haircuts, Great Clips has you covered. Our team of hairstylists in Kernersville, NC are constantly trained in advanced technical skills, new hair trends and customer service so they can make your dream hairstyle a reality. We also make it easy to get your next beautiful haircut. Conveniently located at 931 S Main St in Kernersville, NC, we are within easy reach of your nearest hair salon. And since we work evenings and weekends, you can get your hair done at a convenient time. We also save you time with Online Check-InĀ®, allowing you to place your name on the salon register before you arrive. We look forward to serving you! When it comes to short and symmetrical bobs, this hairstyle by Tiffany Thames is the best reflection of all modern bobs. Tiffany is a professional hairstylist working at Highlights Hair Studio in Kernersville, North Carolina. This is a bob hairstyle that also uses Brazilian hair. The result is fine, silky and perfectly straight hair. Her appearance mimics that of singer Alia. If you like big hoops, this hairstyle will suit you very well. This sleek and sophisticated sew-in bob hairstyle is also adorable. Hair will shake and bounce as you enter the room in a waltz. You can stop on a dime and this stitched bob hairstyle will fall back into place.

The thin hair on the left side is finger gathered into soft curls. This hair is designed to move as the model moves and falls into place when she stops.

The reason Tiffany uses Brazilian hair is that she can move freely with her model. Appearance should always be neat and straight, even when the wearer turns his head. This is a razor cut hairstyle. A razor helps give it a smooth edge and helps create the sharp lines of this stitched bob hairstyle. Her style includes bangs. Of course, one side is like a very long fringe. The head has a natural part. From here, the thin hair on the other side slowly turns.

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Weaving is integrated into natural hairstyles. Then, of course, the natural hair is pressed with silk to match the seams. Tiffany Thames dyed her hair semi-permanent black to make her hair shine and stand out. It definitely has a bit of a sheen to it. Dark colors can add color to your hair and strengthen the entire shaft.

The hair color in this bob hairstyle is made using semi-permanent black hair dye.

This weave bob hairstyle has a natural part on the left side of Brazilian hair that is swept to the right.

Women's Haircut Kernersville

As can be seen from the model, the hair will flow in different directions. If you like a bob that can just be laid flat and straight, then you’ll love this style. When you curl your hair, you will notice that your hair spreads out in a uniform pattern. This is because the segment has many lines of symmetry.

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For a home remedy, wrap your hair in a silk or satin cap. Hair falls in the morning. Avoid using any products as they make stacking difficult. It is low maintenance and you will enjoy the hair wash and lifestyle as well. If the sample falls out, you will have to use an iron at home. Make sure you use high heat and protect your hair with a mild hair conditioner.

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All in all, you’ll end up with a great sew-in bob hairstyle that will keep the flow flowing. You can grow these cuttings a little longer and they will still look good. The effect of a hairstyle that makes you look fashionable and impressive will definitely give you a sense of confidence. It’s a look that’s perfect for the office and looks great on vacation.

The smooth lines of Brazilian hair used in the bob line flow down the model’s back.

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The model’s hairstyle was made of silk to match the hair. The final look is a sleek bob hairstyle.

If you want this look and feel, you should book a consultation with Tiffany Thames. She is waiting to brighten your day with these beautiful looks. Ultimately, you’ll know you’re in good hands when you book with Tiffany. You also expect a new and fresh look. Tiffany Thames is at Main Attraction Hair Studio located at 214 Century Blvd in Kernersville, NC. Call Tiffany at (336) 992-0263. She will be happy to create a fashionable look like this stitched bob hairstyle.

The back of this hairstyle accentuates the sharp lines of the A-line bob. A characteristic blunt line is created in the razor technique.

Women's Haircut Kernersville

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