What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts – We all have denim shorts, but what makes Bermuda shorts different? If you ask me, my simple answer is “They’re a pair of denim shorts, but they’re looser and longer than your typical denim cutoff shorts.” In layman’s terms these are not your average denim shorts.

This trend appeared in the spring and I’m glad it will last through the summer. If you love wearing denim shorts, but aren’t always comfortable with too much skin showing, this style might be your jam. Long hem, baggy silhouette, what’s not to love about these babies??? It’s 100 percent summer chic.

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

I have been looking for the longest time for the right pair of bermuda denim shorts that can be considered comfortable and stylish. A loose yet loose pair for my skinny thighs that look like they’re drowning in bubbles. A pair that is patient and roomy for my mom’s midsection. I tried on a few pairs and some fit in the waist but were too loose if it was low and others just didn’t feel right.

Let Me Know Distressed Bermuda Denim Shorts

Thanks to Zara’s bi-annual sale, I wouldn’t have ordered the pair I’m wearing if it weren’t for the sale. I’m glad I did because they flatter my shape in every way. It has a button placket on the front and lays flat with no gaps. The length is perfect and so is the fit.

Honestly, this is the easiest style of denim shorts I’ve aimed for in my entire blogging career. They are so effortlessly chic. For a blazer lover, the easiest way is to wear a blazer and a pair of heels and call it a day, which is what I did. I could wear a t-shirt under a blazer, but if you know me well – you know I don’t wear t-shirts.

Go Casual – Team these shorts with a long, slim fitting t-shirt for a more casual look. Bring it or leave it untouched, it’s totally your call. For shoes I see this pair of slide sandals and this bag.

Go street chic – how do you feel about a shirt front button? I would wear these shorts with a full button front shirt, a logo belt, and a pair of pumps or stilettos, either full or half buttoned. Like street style gone wild.

Trend: Bermuda Shorts

Go for preparation – Well, my style would be more preparation. A blazer, a pair of slip-on heels, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a pair of oversized sunglasses. and help with our marketing efforts.

Elizabeth is a freelance fashion designer, writer and content manager. She currently does styling and wardrobe appointments on Zoom or in person for New York-based clients.

Scarf Top with Body Suit, Flat with Collar Top, Loafers with Tee, Scarf Top with Loafers with Tee, High Boots with Sneakers, Bra Top with Turtleneck, Long Layers with Blazer

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

A tube top with ankle tie heels, a trench neck with a matching button down tank and sandals with pops of color and colorful murah and combat boots.

Chic Ways To Style Denim Bermuda Shorts · Keira Lennox

Denim shorts come in all shapes and sizes, and Bermuda shorts are making a comeback this summer. A little more mature than the traditional cut, Bermuda shorts offer a bit more length and coverage, but don’t be fooled, they can still look just like modern, short styles. Don’t believe us?

One of my personal favorite outfits to wear on the hottest summer days is a pair of shorts with a mini top. I prefer shorts with a bit of room in the thighs – I like the silhouette they create as they flare slightly at the knees; Also, they are more comfortable in the heat. I wore it with a silk wrap top and sneakers for a walk, but with a quick change of shoes (from sneakers to summer heels) and the top and a little crop, it would be a great dinner dress.

Imani Randolph’s style here is one of my favorite Bermuda shorts. She wears her mid-wash denim Bermudas, a tight tank (you can try a bodysuit or even a one-piece swimsuit), as well as cool, simple flats and everyday jewelry. It’s so simple, but you’ll look great doing it.

But so united. White, knitted shorts with collar. Neck scarf and loafers, she looks like she’s coming home from work for lunch, ready to grab a drink. I want it!

The Raydon Bermuda Shorts In Acid Black

Nana Agameng perfectly executes one of my favorite ways to wear Bermuda denim shorts: with an airy blouse (the bigger the better) and cool, summer heels. Yes, she is wearing jean shorts, but she is wearing an evening dress.

I love how Kelly Brown paired her white Bermuda shorts here: a nautical belt, some simple sneakers, a trench coat, and fun accessories like earrings. It’s so classic and put together. I love the cool white sneakers she chose, but I also have a personal recommendation: I love wearing Bermuda shorts with a pair of Vans sneakers or similar slides.

It’s great because of its cool silhouette: high boots that hit the bottom where baggy Bermudas end, finished with a simple basic turtleneck. Come on, you can keep wearing this outfit, throw on a cardigan or blazer and go ahead.

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

More precisely executed silhouettes. Sylvie Muss wears my favorite short Bermuda denim: high-waisted, wide-leg, vintage medium-wash denim. They are cool. Paired with a bra top or bikini top and a long top layer (for warmer days you can try a long linen vest or layer over a linen button-up) the proportions are perfect. She completes the look with clean black sandals with modern heels. Amazingly, this fabric makes summer rain or shine.

Vervet High Rise Distressed Bermuda Shorts Ledro

By wearing a simple tank or bra top and a blazer, Bermuda shorts can be transformed into evening territory. We love pairing this look with everything from Birkenstocks to heeled sandals.

When it comes to clothing, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. A simple tank paired with high-waisted denim shorts pairs well with white, clear platforms. Throw your hair up and go.

Adding a pop of color is never a bad idea, and we love the idea of ​​adding a monochromatic pop with an orange bra and matching orange blazer. To add extra oomph, choose a bag in a contrasting color.

Classic is hard to beat, and the denim-on-denim look is as classic as it gets. Be sure to pair similar colors (for example, dark wash with dark wash), and add simple gray sneakers for a chic yet comfortable look.

Dresses Ideas Bermuda Jean Shorts, Bermuda Shorts

Paired with ankle strap sandals and a halter, Bermuda shorts can look great. We love an extra pop of color with a bright, bold blazer.

Let your accessories do the talking. Pair these classic shorts with a bold beaded necklace and a braided bag.

Yes, shorts are great for summer, but if you’re trying to extend the life of this look, pair it with a trench and a pair of boots for a fall outfit.

What To Wear With Bermuda Jean Shorts

If the Bermuda short trend is a little intimidating, fear not. An easy way to dip your toe into the look is to pair it with a matching colored top. I thought they would be flattering because I’m not tall, but when I ordered my first pair of Levi’s mid cuts, I changed my mind and fell in love with the room. When it comes to long denim shorts, tall, narrow legs are the widest (shop fit here), and the easiest way to wear them is to add heels to a flattering pair. . In the summer, my favorite shoe choice is a pair of tiny sandals with delicate straps (like one of these styles). Below you’ll find a few ways I wore it this summer: from a simple tee to a structured blazer, the possibilities are endless. A nice transitional look for fall).

The 11 Best Plus Size Shorts

A simple tee and denim shorts is a fail-safe summer combo, and I added my favorite statement belt to elevate the look.

For a edgy appeal, opt for a pair of black denim shorts. I love the distress on these Levi’s and this pair is a budget friendly option at under $20. I’ve loved Bermuda shorts for years because they’re great if you’re looking for a little more coverage! They are amazing

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