What To Do With My Short Hair

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What To Do With My Short Hair

What To Do With My Short Hair

Amy Lawrenson is UK Managing Editor and has worked as a freelance beauty and health journalist for 13 years.

Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women In 2023

From pixie cuts to bobs, there are so many ways to style short hair. Of course, we often look to our favorite celebrities for our dose of short hair inspiration, and lately they’ve been giving us a lot of love. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the A-lister’s favorite short hair moments. If your hair is naturally textured or tends to fall a little flat, you’ll love the look below. Keep scrolling for 64 of the best short hairstyles for women.

Megan Fox recently unveiled a total hair makeover — a chick lob with a Birkin bang. She also opted for new colors, wearing her signature black hair with a caramel blonde shade with black roots.

Update Jenna Ortega’s SAG Awards look by adding some loose waves to her hair. The style gives off effortless, beachy vibes.

Lizzo is a hair chameleon and turns every imaginable genre on its head. But this flipped back bob is undoubtedly one of our favorites. It’s super cute and stylish.

Pros And Cons Of Short Haircuts

Kourtney Kardashian encourages us to play with stripes and colors. Her new ice cold blunt blonde bob is super edgy and cool.

Zendaya now also relies on bobs for beauty. This look is all about big, bouncy locks.

If you don’t want to completely commit to a bold color, experiment with dying your ends, like Kaia Gerber did here.

What To Do With My Short Hair

Her haircut is super short, but we love that side bob. If you’re rocking a pixie crop right now, let Cara be your inspo.

Cute & Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair

Has given us a variety of intriguing short hair styles, but this asymmetrical crop with shaved sides is one of our favorites.

Hello, leg pompadour. We’re used to seeing Alicia Keys’ hair in a twist, but we’re really enjoying this cropped hairstyle.

Irina Shayk stepped out with a bold combination of fringe and bangs at the Dsquared2 Milan S/S 19 fashion show.

Kelly Osbourne’s signature lilac roots create quite the buzz with a curly mohawk. Add volume to shorter hair with Oribe Rapture Volume Spray ($42) after you wash and dry.

I Regret Cutting My Hair

Ruth Negga’s hairstyle is the perfect source of inspiration for anyone with naturally curly hair. “If you have curly hair, rock the natural texture,” advises Heath. “I love R+Co Cool pH Perfect Air-Dry Crème ($32) for air-drying hair. Work with your texture instead of fighting it.”

Jenna Dewan has short hair at the moment, but at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, she debuted a shorter bob, complete with a center parting. Oh, and we love the yellow eyeliner.

Upgrade that lob with a sleek wet look, like Selena Gomez. Ask your stylist for longer layers so you can switch up your look every night with products.

What To Do With My Short Hair

Kate Hudson effortlessly flaunted her buzz-cut look with this simple black lace-embellished crop top at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Hairstyle Hacks For A Short Bob

Solange Knowles’ short haircut suits diamond, oval and square faces. According to Grenia, the key begins in heaven in a similar style. Prep locks with hydration-boosting shampoo and conditioner (I love IGK Thirsty Girl Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, $27) and for best results, leave conditioner on hair for another five to 10 minutes, then rinse well with a microfiber towel; I gently squeezed the moisture into my hair. “The wind is set, and you are gold.”

Claire Foy proves that a simple quiff haircut can make a short haircut look cool. Plus, the bejeweled top just pulls the whole Regal look off.

Zoë Kravitz proves how striking a pixie crop can look, especially when she’s super blonde. A prominent woven texture, which is both effortless and cool.

Sam Rollinson shows how the micro-bob can be serious, and soft bangs frame his face.

Flattering Short Hairstyles For Women In Their 60s With Grey Hair

If you think short hair and baby bangs don’t go together, check out Keke Palmer’s pixie cut with tiny bangs and think again.

The side shave and quiff are very similar to Miley Cyrus, but that’s okay. We love this shade and are rooting for Katy Perry.

Michelle Williams is arguably the queen of short haircuts. This platinum pick, which she discussed at the Academy Awards, is a stunning iteration of her shorter talent, and it might just be our favorite.

What To Do With My Short Hair

Here’s how to get a buzzcut: sweat the confidence into a more focused style with a zoomed-in design on one side of the head.

How I Curl My Short Hair — Just Jito

If you’re looking for universal flattery, look no further. Yara Shahidi’s curly bob hairstyle suits round, oval, square, heart and diamond shaped faces.

Best to add product to rock short skin and spike to sky high hair. For something similar, create a long front cut so you have length to play with.

Do you have a diamond, oval, heart or square face? Try a blunt bob like Jourdan Dunn. Do you have a texture available? Don’t be afraid to play with it. “There are so many great products out there that enhance your natural waves or curls and prevent frizz,” says Heath. “You can use a product like R+Co. MOON OUT Ant-Humidity Spray ($33) on your locks if they’re too dry.”

As seen on Ruby Rose, this unlikely cut can be easily pulled off if you have a big face and incredible brows.

My Short Hair Care Routine

Jennifer Hudson keeps it short, sharp and chic with this pixie cut. Use some hair pomade or texture cream for the front look.

Coco Rocha has tried many different hairstyles in her time, but we absolutely love her short, sharp bob. The 90s style fringe is definitely something we can use too.

A slightly longer pixie allows you to show off your natural texture (just be sure to use a moisturizing cream to keep your hair moisturized).

What To Do With My Short Hair

Cynthia Erivo’s signature short platinum shave has been in demand for a long time and we can certainly see why.

Reasons To Get A Short Haircut

? While the star grew her hair long, she also got a gorgeous pixie cut.

We all love Davis’ purple hair, but her natural locks with a subtle red hue are always in the spotlight.

Queen Bey has been blow drying her hair for a while now, but let’s not forget this beauty’s amazing moment. If you have natural curls, try air drying your hair to achieve this look. “Use a towel to compress the hair and encourage a natural curl pattern,” advises Grenia. “Take 1-2 inch sections where desired, twist the hair in its natural direction and gently press. This is a great way to shape the curl and add texture to the areas where the hair may naturally be thicker.”

Jessie J’s short, textured haircut is perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces. And we love this shade against the singer’s no-nonsense sound.

Short Gray Hairstyle Ideas To Inspire Your Look

Rihanna’s ‘face’ gives us good old Hollywood vibes a la Mia Farrow. Maybe just a fair baby?

Anna Hathaway’s short haircut is longer on top, giving her the flexibility to play with the flow and texture of her style every day.

Think you can embrace short hair? Think again. Here, Mulligan uses a fishing rod to pull her hair back from her face. Smart.

What To Do With My Short Hair

Lily Collins knows how versatile a bob can be. Try wearing it with a weave or style, with Marcel-inspired waves for the party.

Double Dutch Pigtails For Short Hair

Trust Tilda Swinton to go into left field. This thick quiff is made more tragic by a bold shade of blonde.

Even a super short haircut like Emma Watson can have an accessory. A small decorative composition is an easy way to take your look up a notch.

When Kate Moss came out with this hairstyle in 2001, everyone rushed to the salon. The beauty of this look is that it hasn’t lost its power and is just as cool and modern today as it was then. Until then, there is no law. The reason for that is that my boyfriend and I moved two weeks ago, and we still don’t have internet -.- Plus there are only a lot of canteens to make at home and just buy (or save money if possible), and with this now it’s still from the small pots we used to have blacksmiths when I was a child. After cutting and donating 12 inches of my hair, it was time to try a new hairstyle to match the shortness of my legs in bed. I love the new hair length (sooo low maintenance and it still looks like your hair is in style, lol), but it’s been a bit of a struggle to find different hair styles to mix and match.

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