What To Do With My Long Hair

What To Do With My Long Hair – Here’s what moms on Insta told me to do with my hair in the first 6 months of motherhood | Loaded live

Style What moms on Insta told me to do with my hair in the first 6 months of motherhood

What To Do With My Long Hair

What To Do With My Long Hair

I have textured hair, which is basically a leave-in conditioner for a short period of time. The result is slightly loose curls that still retain their natural texture. I haven’t relaxed my hair since January. This is primarily because I don’t want to apply any chemicals to my hair during pregnancy, but also because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Should I Cut My Long Hair?

As a result, I have great “new growth”. If you’ve ever had chemically treated black hair, you know that the combination of lots of new growth and straighter hair can often damage it if you don’t take care of it properly. With a baby on the way, taking care of my hair is not a problem. Plus, I always hear from other moms about how their hair recedes after having kids. Regardless of hair type, there are many stories of thinning hair and hair loss.

I need recommendations for a protective hairstyle that will help prevent me from manipulating my fragile, double-textured hair while also preventing hormone-driven changes. So what should I do? Of course I turned to Instagram!

I called it through my feed and to my surprise the protective worker hairstyles were really good! This is the best advice I have ever received.

“Ok, I JUST did this (baby is 12 weeks). I did a knotless braid for the birth and I did it in 10 weeks (she was only about 2 months when I took it out). I was afraid to take it, but it took about hours. I’ve been wearing it naturally ever since. The braid was great at first because the new baby meant I didn’t have time for anything else and braid was a godsend.”

If You Can’t Cut It, Grow It: How To Get Thicker, Longer Hair In Quarantine

“Braids are really telling – if you’re good, you’ll know how to protect your hairline. It’s very versatile – with the right oil and leave-in conditioner, you can still wash it while leaving the braid up for weeks. When to take it, you start in the middle, which you start, keep it in a high bun (because you don’t finish) it’s not bad at all. All the best.”

I think the main advantages of knotless braids are that they are not bulky, less heavy, and their use tends to pull the hairline less. If I choose this option, a silk scarf or bonnet is a must for longevity of the style. Special braiding oils or sprays containing omega and fatty acids also maintain the strength of natural hair and nourish the scalp. The cord should be worn for the upper 4-6 weeks.

Going natural involves ditching chemical hair straighteners altogether. It is important to accept that hair grows naturally from the scalp. I have talked about this process many times at my current salon, Jou Jou Hair in Toronto, and previously at Jazma Hair. Some people do a big cut, others patiently let the natural hair grow in and then cut the ends straight when enough new growth has been achieved.

What To Do With My Long Hair

“I had the same concerns. I went natural. It was a big learning curve because I had straight hair for 20 years and it fell back after pregnancy. My only regret is that I didn’t have long hair for 2 years. cut my hair. keep it straight, but I always think it looks messy. I cut a straight part the other day… about 10cm and I feel so much better. I love my natural hair!”

Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short

“Go natural – French braids or twists. Don’t do braids! You’ll probably lose a lot of hair in the fourth-six/seventh month postpartum. If it’s at the temples or hairline (like me), I think the braids weaken the hair. I left the my natural hair and the super strong hair I lost is back. And you keep getting the iron 🙌”

According to the natural hair community, a big part of a successful natural process is hydrating the roots and conditioning the hair regularly. Avoiding heat and good scalp care and scalp removal are also highly recommended.

This is a protective style that involves attaching hair extensions (sewing, microlinking, etc.) to your own closed hair. There are many coverage options. You can skip it, your natural hair will remain on top. Locks with hair attached to silk or lace material can also be used to completely cover natural hair. Then, of course, there are wigs that can be sewn into the braid, attached to the hair, or left loose for easy removal.

Some people use wigs and weaves as transitional styles because they go natural. This is the best way to remove the natural hair and protect it from heat styling or further manipulation. According to my experience, woven fabrics should not be worn for more than 6-8 weeks. While wearing it, it is important to maintain the health of the scalp.

Products I Tried For Long And Luscious Hair

Many mothers I work with say that hair loss starts three months after giving birth. Not everyone experiences it. This is called postpartum alopecia.

“Based on my professional experience [as a hairdresser], I always warn expectant mothers not to get braids after giving birth. You can get braids before giving birth and it can last for 1-2 months.”

“Any braiding will be in trouble after 3-8 months. This is because your hair goes through the new growth phase into the dead phase. However, if you are 5 months pregnant, the hair does not go through the dead phase. And this is why , that most pregnant women experience an increase in hair growth. But from 3 to 8 months, when your body starts to control you, it all falls out. Since the body does this naturally, I usually tell moms to go for a very easy style with less tension, because it makes the whole abortion thing worse.”

What To Do With My Long Hair

“Usually it occurs on both sides of the temple area. Alopecia is temporary, don’t sweat it, most moms will go crazy. But be careful in this case. It’s best to give birth when it comes❤️❤️❤️”

Mens Long Hairstyles To Shake Your Mane Mens Haircuts

“Most women lose a lot of hair after giving birth when estrogen levels fluctuate, especially around the hairline, so I say be gentle on the roots! It usually grows back when hormones are balanced, but growth takes time. Time and hair loss should be a problem for a few months!”

I think a great hair loss product contains castor oil because it strengthens and rebuilds weak and damaged hair.

Blogger and lifestyle artist. She shares her adventures in hair, skin care and makeup in pursuit of a bold life. Follow him! Styling your locks can be difficult at times, but this is when our hairstyles for long hair come in handy. It is highly recommended to learn quick style suitable for at least 3 dates and red carpet. The good thing is that there are 30 pieces!

Now scroll on and see the gallery of stunningly easy hairstyles for long hair that you can do at home and start practicing right away.

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1. Stylish bow hairstyle. It takes a little practice, but in the end it will impress everyone. Basically, all you have to do is separate a low ponytail, loop the section, and cover it with a rubber band.

2. Massive Side Braid Updo. Braids are certainly one of the most popular easy hairstyles for long hair, and this version only requires a little precision in braiding and winding the ends into a loose side bun.

3. Simple formal update. Some of today’s updos may not seem like simple hairstyles for long hair, but they are. To be glamorous but casual, choose a loose hairstyle.

What To Do With My Long Hair

4. Cinnamon roll hairstyle Easy to manage. To do this, you use all the taps. Don’t forget to fasten each piece so that the last loaf doesn’t fall apart.

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5. Quick wedding dress for wavy hair. There are many simple steps and this hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone helps you with this. Especially if it’s your big day. Everything has to be perfect.

6. Half Up Bubble Pony Hairstyle. There are tons of easy step-by-step hairstyle videos for this style on YouTube, but this one is pretty straightforward and takes no more than 10 minutes.

7. Easy everyday braids and bangs. Among the many simple hairstyles for long straight hair, this one just adds a lace side braid to the regular pony, which is super easy.

8. Cute and easy long Boho style. The elegantly messy chunky double braided crown is always popular. Works on naturally curly hair and flat curls.

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9. Simple romantic hairstyles. This Belle-inspired look from “Beauty and the Beast” is easy to recreate. Do it lightly. Do it

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