What Musicians Were Popular In The 1970s

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I’ve been a music fan since I bought my first record in 1972. I bought both A Song For You by the Carpenters and Blood, Sweat and Tears (8 track cassette) by Greatest Hits. These two records brought me to thoughts and ideas I had never experienced before. I was sold immediately. I like get go music. I can think of a record to buy. I started making a list of songs and albums I wanted. By 1978 it had become an obsession. I can buy anything I want. My playlists always went from 3-4 albums to 40-50 titles. In 1992, my friend Mitzi and I spent an entire day in the dressing room pulling out and counting my albums, sorting everything out in alphabetical order, and putting it back in the closet. When everything was decided and done, the final tally was roughly 11,500 albums (not counting the 7,500 7-inch singles he had). This isn’t even the first problem. I continued collecting records until 1995. I think there were like 16,000 albums at one time. that’s crazy When I moved from Orange to Fullerton in 1996, packing and moving these records was a lot of work.

What Musicians Were Popular In The 1970s

What Musicians Were Popular In The 1970s

The love of music is more than just collecting. From 1981 to 1987, during the heyday of MTV and KROQ, I worked in a record store. I also formed a few rock bands and wrote over 100 songs in the 1980s and 1990s. Music is in my blood.

Country Music In The 1970s: The Biggest Artists, Moments + More

For this listing, I developed a points system using Billboard (a US charting system) and Cashbox (another US charting system based on sales). Official Charts, a British charting system, also tracked. Because these are the largest and most influential music markets in the world, I follow the US and UK charts. A scoring system was developed for albums and singles. Albums are much higher than singles. Its record chart scores in the US are significantly higher than those in the UK. Because of the record number of buyers in the United States.

Most of the female artists on this list have recorded as solo artists. Some, such as Karen Carpenter and Gladys Knight, recorded with the group but were each the group’s primary leaders.

Groups with many top singers, such as Fleetwood Mac The Fifth Dimension and ABBA, are not included. But more or less the band’s singers were Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. I’d also like to mention Fifth Dimension’s Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue, Agnetha Faltskog, and ABBA’s Ani-Frid Lyngstad.

60. Barbara Mandrell (134) / 59. Dotty West (136) / 58. Debbie Boone (148) / 57. Donna Fargo (154) / 56. Patti Labelle (158) / 55. Joan Amatrading (167) / 54. Freda Payne (180) / 53. Bonnie Leit- (181) / 52. Maria Muldaur (183) / 51. Candy Staten (184) / 50. Tanya Tucker (189) / 49. Annie Haslam ( Rivers) (197) / 48. Yvonne Elliman – (205) / 47. Patti Smith (212) / 46. Nana Mouskouri (215) / 45. Suzi Quatro – (217) / 44. Phoebe Snow – (225) / 43 Ann Wilson (Chorus) (231) / 42. Tina Turner – (233) / 41. Minnie Lipperton – (241) / 40. Janice Ian – (262) /39. Millie Jackson (263) / 38. Marie Osmond (274) / 37. Liza Minnelli (278) / 36. Grace Slick (282) / 35. Loretta Lynn (292) / 34. Melissa Manchester – (298) / 33. Tammy Wynette (308) / 32. Crystal Gayle – (310) / 31. Gwen Dickey (Rose Royce) (341) / 30. Bette Midler – (343) /29. Natalie Cole (368) / 28. Gloria Gaynor – (370) / 27. Janice Joplin – (371) / 26. Debbie Harry – (374) / 25. Lynn Anderson (379) / 24. Judy Collins – (399) / 23. Dolly Parton (403) / 22. Rita Coolidge – (409) / 21. Tony Tennil – (418);

Popular 1970s Female Country Singers

Top 3 hits of the 1970s: “The Night They Drive Old Dixie Down” (1971), “Let It Be” (1971), “Diamonds and Rust” (1975)

Popularity: A major driver of Joan Baez’s popularity is the number of albums she has released. He released at least one album per year in the 1970s. His presence is eternal. He released a total of 19 albums (study, vocal, live, compilation), excluding 19 albums.

Fun fact: Joan Baez wrote three songs about Bob Dylan. Her first song, 1972’s “To Bobby”, urged Dylan to return to her political activism. Her 1975 sophomore singles “Diamonds and Rust” and “Wind of Old Times” influenced his feelings for her.

What Musicians Were Popular In The 1970s

Top 3 hits of the 1970s: “Then Came You (w/ The Spinners)” (1974), “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” (1979), “Deja Vu” (1979)

S Rock Bands

Popularity Rating: Dionne Warwick’s popularity comes from the total number of albums and singles she has released. Many of his albums and singles failed to chart, but his presence has remained constant for decades.

Fun fact: Arista Records founder Clive Davis teamed up with Barry Manilow and Dionne Warwick for the 1979 album Dionne. Manilow was commissioned to produce the album. It was very successful and was Warwick’s only album to be certified platinum in the US. The hit “Deja Vu” was co-written by Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Anderson. Dionne released a live album with Hayes in 1977. Another quick acronym… Most of us know that Dionne Warwick is Whitney Houston’s first cousin. I just want to warn those who don’t know yet.

Top 3 hits of the 1970s: “Tell me Something Good” (1974), “Once You Get” (1975), “Sweet Thing” (1975);

Popularity: Chaka Khan’s popularity is due to the number of albums and singles that entered the top 40. During the 1970s he had seven albums (both solo and with Rufus) and ten top 40 singles.

Greatest Music Artists To Come Out Of Ohio

Fun fact: Known as the Queen of Punk, Chaka Khan released his first solo album in 1978 with the song “I’m Every Woman.” Whitney Houston launched it in 1992 and it was a success.

Popularity: Throughout the 1970s, her successive albums drove Cher’s popularity, but her main driving force was the number of her Top 40 singles she had. He has released ten Top 40 singles, three of which reached number one.

Fun fact: 1979 was a year of change for Cher. He parted ways with Warner Bros., releasing three consecutive years of albums that charted very low or didn’t chart at all. His new relationship with Casablanca produced two disco albums in 1979 called Take Me Home and Prisoner. Casablanca was the disco queen, the most successful queen of the disco era. Donna Summer and Lipps Inc; Home of The Village People and hard rock KISS. Bob Esty produced and wrote (or co-wrote) most of the songs on both albums. Bob Esty co-produced Donna Summer’s classic “Last Dance.” Her Cher, in a golden viking dress designed by Bob Mackie, appeared on the cover of her own album Take Me Home, cut her hair, and suddenly she was dubbed a “disco diva.” During this time he called Take Me Home. “Wis’t It Good” and a disco song; “Hell On Wheels” set the record straight.

What Musicians Were Popular In The 1970s

Popularity: Anne Murray released several singles and albums in the 1970s. In 1971 and 1974, she released a total of three albums in one year, all reaching the US charts.

Meet Fanny, The Best ’70s All Female Band You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Fun fact: Anne’s younger brother, Bruce Murray, started her music career when she appeared on her sister’s 1975 album Together. Anne and Bruce collaborated on Brian and Brenda Russell’s song “Player in the Band.” Their voices are great. Bruce lent him eight of Anne’s albums. He also recorded three solo albums from 1975 to 1984. He toured with Anne as one of her backing singers for most of her music career. while Anne is by Bruce. He is happiest on the road, both on and off stage. He also performed with Olivia Newton-John. Bruce has been married to his wife Corinne for 47 years. Bruce died in September 2020 at the age of 69.

Top 3 hits of the 1970s: “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain” (1970)); “Peace will come” (1970); “Brand New Key” (1971);

Popularity: This is due to the fact that Melanie has charted 12 albums in the US, 5 of which charted in the UK. Also, his hit song ‘Brand New Key’ was a huge hit in the US and UK, earning several points.

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