What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

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Skye Kim is a hairstylist with over 10 years of experience. He currently works at John Frieda’s Serge Norment in New York City.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Whether you’ve lived your life with the hair you were born with or you’re a new convert, there will be days when you want your hair to be messy. This may mean changing textures, experimenting with extensions, tools and accessories, or sticking to a classic style. The world is yours if you are willing to try.

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Luckily, Instagram is full of inspiration, and you can easily make enough money to save enough on salon appointments from the comfort of your own home. Below, we have compiled 37 easy and natural hairstyles. You are sure to find your favorite hairstyle.

Natural light hair is hair that is suitable for washing. As the name suggests, just take a shower and spend the day. The number of styling products you use is entirely up to you. (For more help, see this guide to hand washing and evacuating.)

If you don’t want your hair to cover your face, a topknot might be the way to go. To replicate this style, be sure to smooth the roots and baby hair with a baby hair brush and style the edges before creating a big, fun bun. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

There is nothing easier than a ponytail. “You can achieve this look by brushing your hair and using an edge control product to tuck it into the desired part of the ponytail,” says Peace. “Then style or stick a ponytail. Wrap your hair in a scarf while you sleep. This option lasts for a week or two.

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If you’re looking to try a style that keeps your hair secure while staying close to your African roots, the bantu knot might just be for you. Simply part your hair and twist each section into a small tight bun. Set up your baby’s fur and you’re ready to go in minutes.

If you want to play with texture, twisting is a great way to change the texture. Wet your hair lightly, pre-apply 1-2 styling products if desired, and twist each of the 2 sections. Once your hair is completely dry, you can detangle it to reveal long, beautiful curls (or leave it slightly twisted, as shown here). If you use a hair dryer or diffuser, it will take longer to dry the air.

If you like, you can also use braids to achieve defined curls. You can follow the same process as the twist out, but instead divide your hair into three braids. You’ll get mixed results depending on the size and natural texture of your braid, but it’s a powerful way to grow voluminous curls.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

If you prefer roller-like corkscrew curls, you can find them in the Curl Former Set ($23). Did you know that curling irons took the natural hair world by storm a few years ago? With a pre-curl, wet, product-laden hair is tied with a cloth (takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on hair length, thickness and desired section size). You may have to wait until your hair is dry to see the final result, but overall it’s a very easy process.

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Boho beachy waves are easy to achieve with the Water Wave Magic Curler. These loose curling tools follow the same process as the curl formers mentioned above, but give a completely different end result.

Alternatively, you can try the official HairFlair waver. However, this set of tools creates many “Hollywood Bomb” curls.

As an inexpensive curling tool set, perm rods offer an easy way to achieve ringlet curls. Like the other curling tools on this list, the perm stick should be used wet to keep it moist. Let the spirit do the rest. “If you’re going to achieve curls with a wand, it’s best to choose a roller size that’s closest to your natural curl size,” says Pace. “This can help extend the life of your style. A setting lotion is a great product to use on your hair while styling.”

Straightening your natural hair is a long process, but you can use a good old fashioned set of rollers to get you on your way. Use a large roller on wet hair for maximum lift, and be sure to seal the ends with a moisturizing serum when your hair is dry. If you have a hair dryer, you can achieve this look in just 30 minutes.

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As for braids, pigtail cornrows are one of the easiest natural hairstyles to achieve on your own. Unlike French braids, you have to make sure that the hair you take in crosses the section and goes down so that the actual braid appears on the head. For pigtails, an experienced breeder can perform this procedure in 15 minutes or less.

Whether braids are too difficult for you or you just love double braids, Flat Twist is on your side. If you like an updo, wear it in a low bun or pull it down your back for a princess look. With a big enough twist, this process can be completed in less than an hour.

What’s better than regular bread? It’s really dirty. If you want to style your child’s hair, it will take less than a minute and sometimes more. Add a headband if you want to add more flair.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

You can rock a chic style with a pull cord ponytail. If you’ve never tried it before, put your hair in a low bun and wrap it in a ponytail. It can be completed in minutes.

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If you want to continue highlighting your natural hair, simply add curly clips. Part the back of your head properly and add extensions as needed. When you’re done, combine the hair with clips for easy assembly.

Braiding your hair doesn’t mean you need to do cornrows. These pigtail braids are an easy and quick style that can be completed in minutes. However, it may take more time to integrate the extensions. “You can always choose any type of weave that is close to the original texture,” says Pace. “Smooth edge control products are great for creating a polished look around the edges.”

Box braids are a surprisingly quick and easy process when it comes to dividing your hair into larger sections. In less than an hour, you’ll be out looking protected and beautiful.

The pineapple method is a classic, effortless style that takes about 3 seconds. Throw your head forward and tie your hair with a hair tie to create a high ponytail.

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Double the buns means double the fun, especially if the edges are well set. This method should not take more than 15 minutes.

If you like the messy look, brushing your natural hair may be the right move. The volume that can be achieved with this style looks great on the middle part. Pace suggests using a light oil and light serum to finish.

You can always try a large faux hawk if you want to stand tall with a sharp ‘do. Pull your hair forward and use a bobby pin or tie to secure your Mohawk jewelry. It only takes a few minutes.

What Is The Best Hairstyle For Natural Hair

If the faux falcon isn’t sharp enough on its own, add cornrows to brighten up the villain’s personality. If you have long hair or want to add some, finish it off with a bento knot that looks great on the curls.

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If you’re not sure what to do with your hair, try a practical and romantic half-up style. Pin the top part of your hair to the top or back of your head with a rubber band or bobby pin, leaving just a little bit on your face to make it even more beautiful.

Accessories say it all, making styling even easier. For example, try wearing a metal band and suddenly your curls look like a crown.

Princess Jasmine may have had something in mind when she wore her long hair in Disney’s Aladdin. If you have a rubber band, you can do the same. Style time is much faster than that. “It’s a versatile style that can be dressed up, down, or tucked in.

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