What Is The Best Haircut For Me

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The ability of a good haircut to change a man’s appearance and charm is underrated. I think we’ve seen a case where someone decided to try a different style and actually look like a new, significantly better person.

What Is The Best Haircut For Me

What Is The Best Haircut For Me

But finding such a transformative hairstyle is not accidental, because the hairstyle is not suitable for everyone. If you’ve ever seen a haircut that looks good on another guy and asked your barber to style it, knowing it would look terrible on you, you know this.

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Different hairstyles are better for different face shapes. What looks good on Brad Pitt can make you look like an A-lister.

It’s easier than you think, and I talked to master barber Tad Forrester, owner of Hudson/Hawk Barber & Shop, to help us through the process.

The length of the face is wider than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead is wider than the jawline. The angle of the chin is not sharp, but rounded. Imagine an upside-down egg.

All dimensions are relatively similar. The angle of the chin is not rounded, but sharp. This is the most classic male face shape.

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A rectangular face shape is like a combination of an oval/square shape. Your face is long (oval), but your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are similar in size (square).

If your cheekbones and face are the same length, you may have a round face. The size of the cheekbone is larger than the size of the forehead and jaw, which are approximately the same. The angle of the chin is not angular, but soft.

Triangle face shapes can have different jaw types, but they tend to share characteristics such as a broad, defined jawline (as measured by the angles/backs of the jaw). The second largest size is the cheekbones, followed by the forehead.

What Is The Best Haircut For Me

Finding your face shape can be tricky. Maybe you’ve never thought of your face as a different shape, so you do a lot of slicing and dicing when you try to categorize it: “Okay, I think it’s round, but if I tilt my head like this, it looks square. Wait a minute. Now that’s a diamond.”

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Tad told me that a lot of guys who come to see her think she looks like Brad Pitt. They show Tad a picture of Brad on his phone and say, “I think my head looks like Pete’s. Can you give me her haircut?

Measure these points with a tape measure, write them down, think about their relationship, then go back to the last part to determine what shape your face is.

If measuring your face seems oddly tedious, Tad suggests an easy way to figure out your face shape: take it in the mirror.

Take a dry erase marker and stand in front of a mirror. If your hair is long, pull it back with one hand. Mark the beginning. Remember to keep your head as still as possible.

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“Your outline isn’t a perfect triangle or diamond,” says Ted. “But look at key points like your cheekbones, jawline and forehead and how they connect. If you think you see a triangle, draw a triangle over the contour to see if it fits. If it doesn’t, try again.”

1. Choose a hairstyle that flatters your oval face. Regardless of your exact face shape, Tad recommends choosing a hairstyle that makes your head look oval: “An oval face shape is the perfect head shape because it’s symmetrical and proportional. For example, if you have a round head, you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that elongates your face to create an oval. If you have triangular hair, an oval hairstyle makes it less round.

2. Consider your beard. “Your beard can add length and width to your face, so keep that in mind when choosing a hairstyle,” advises Tad. “For example, if you have a long, square face, if you have long hair, if you have a long beard, your head will look longer, like Beaker from The Muppets. You don’t want that.” Meep meep, really.

What Is The Best Haircut For Me

Ted told me that a beard also helps frame your face into a perfect oval shape. “Let’s say you have a round face with a chin that doesn’t show much. A long beard and a slightly high haircut can help elongate your face to make it look oval.

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“Guys with oval faces look good with any hair and beard style,” says Tad. “You can wear a big pompadour, you can wear a nice undercut with a ton, you can wear an undercut. You can wear a short beard, a long beard or a medium beard as the proportions of your head shape allow.

While an oval face shape allows for a variety of styles, Tad said there are a few things you want to avoid: “Don’t go for bangs or chunky bangs. They round your oval face.

Men with a square head should choose a haircut with short, narrow sides. “Any bulk on the sides makes your head look wider,” explains Thad. A standard side cut close to the sides works here, although Thad recommends a haircut that adds height to the face to elongate the face and give it an oval look. Haircuts that add structure to the top like French braids and quiffs are done. A pompadour with a tight fringe gives you height.

If you want to really embrace the masculine angles a square shape gives your face, Tad recommends a cropped cut; “Think of Jason Statham. This guy has a square face and a good cut.

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“Men with round faces want a haircut that adds length to their face,” says Tad. “You also want to put some weight on your sides because it makes your head rounder. So keep things tight. “

French braids, pompadours, quiffs, brush backs and combed styles will give you the look. Also, with short sides, you can create the illusion of an angle to your face, which gives you a masculine look.

“If you have a round face, don’t forget the beard,” says Tad. A long beard elongates your face and makes you look like you have a chin. “If you have a round face, avoid very short beards or beards,” he adds. “It emphasizes that you don’t have a chin.”

What Is The Best Haircut For Me

“With a rectangular face, you have to be careful about a few things because the face is longer than it is wide,” says Tad. “You want to avoid hairstyles and beard styles that make your head look long and thin,” meaning you want to avoid the “Free” effect.

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That’s why Tad recommends avoiding hairstyles that are too long on the head, as it makes the head look longer, while a haircut that’s too short on the sides makes the head look thinner. Basically you want to pull something that isn’t too long on top and not too short on the sides. Textured hair with medium length on top and sides will be your best bet. A classic side part works best on guys with a square face, as long as the length is longer on the sides. Bangs add width to your face, so keep that in mind.

If you want to grow a beard, keep it short. A long beard makes your face look slimmer.

Men with a diamond face have broad cheekbones but narrow jaw and brow lines. To make your face look oval, Tad suggests choosing a hairstyle that adds width to your forehead. “A young man with a diamond face has a narrow forehead and a pointed head. To tone it down, go with a voluminous hairstyle like a fringe or a textured cut.

One thing to avoid is a hairstyle with short sides. “It just shows how narrow his forehead is,” says Tad.

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Tad also likes to recommend beards to diamond-faced men. “Well, a full beard can enhance a short jawline on a diamond face,” Thad told me. “Combine this with a haircut that adds width to your forehead, and your diamond face will begin to look like the perfect oval.”

Triangular faces begin with the letter a

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