What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70’s

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70’s – The 70’s are slowly coming back and it’s Melanin March time. So, we searched the Internet and collected four of the most popular hairstyles of the 70s, from Bob Marley’s classic locks to Diana Ross’ famous Afro.

The 70s were a combination of bohemian and chic, and most importantly, an era of freedom. The freedom to express oneself in the most unique and creative ways makes it one of the greatest decades we can remember. Sit down and read this!

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70’s

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70's

How can we talk about ’70s black hair without mentioning Princess Diana Ross? Although she is known for her music, her hairstyles are and always will be. The Afro was first introduced in the 60s during the “black and beautiful” era. It was a political and social statement at the time, but it gradually ended up with a retro, low-maintenance style.

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The 70s screamed sound, sound, sound. The queen of disco, Donna Summers was known for her chic style and was perfect for the hairstyles of the 70’s. This hairstyle from the cover of the 1977 album “Once Upon a Time” is one of the most amazing looks of that era. Large soft curls were achieved using larger rollers and a few punches.

This look is a classic ’70s look. Although this hairstyle took a little time before the 70s, it became popular when reggae music became popular. The fame of Bob Marley influenced the popularity of the local people at that time.

Teresa Graves surprised him with her short dress this time. The 70s were famous for voluminous curls, and so is this one. It’s also a little flattering, like the barrel-sized rolls and curves of Donna Summer above.

70s Hairstyles 70s Hairstyles 70s Black Hair 70s Black Hair 70s 70s Black Hair 70s

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What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70's

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Hairstyles In The Style Of The 70’s

We blame Gucci for reviving the ’70s hairstyle. Since Alessandro Michele took the creative chair at the Italian fashion house in 2015, we’ve seen ’70s hairstyles, twists and long hippies appear on the runway, with many celebrities wearing sporty, loose styles. Take the white hair of Billie Eilish or the rocker of Miley Cyrus: We obviously welcome these fun and exciting years in our life because it has been one of the best times for hair.

Check out Diana Ross disco, there are many beautiful chicks to inspire you. Not only this, these methods are very important these days. You can leave them as they were then and we think they will look great. To prove just how amazing this decade was for hair, we’ve picked our 20 favorite looks.

Scroll through our top picks for the perfect 70s hairstyle inspiration to feel the Saturday night fever.

The modern “cool kid” of the era, according to celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo, is more clear and relevant than the 70s. He says: “It has been torn down and rebuilt in many ways since its inception. Billie Eilish’s platinum bangs took the internet by storm in 2021, and we love the puffy bangs with a smart veil.

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As a result, everyone wanted this hairstyle during the decade (and the 80s too). In fact, this amazing hairstyle is still popular today. To help recreate this look, you need a good barrel brush (Round Pint Drybar Ceramic Brush, $42).

Light bangs (AKA Birkin bangs) are a French classic that we didn’t know we needed, and we love how they look on Jourdan Dunn. According to celebrity stylist Michael Dunas, today’s style is a little longer to push to the side or forward. “Have your stylist place the comb on top of your hair at the back of your head,” she advises.

If you thought the day of corporate resurrection would never come, you are not alone. Still, it’s the 70s with enough glitz to keep you fresh. Miley Cyrus keeps us covered, and in no time, she’s making amazing new friends who are constantly blowing up salons and Pinterest.

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70's

Serials in the 70s were all or nothing. On one hand, you have curly strands, and on the other hand, you have long or short hair. Dueñas explains, “Today’s bobs are often dried and the edges are straight or very slightly pressed against the hair. In the 70s, most of them were round. Dueñas recommends using Aloxxi Thickening Serum ($27) for fine hair to add volume and Aloxxi Essential Oil 7 Renewal Hair Serum7 for a thick cover $3 for thick hair.

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Quick question: Do you follow Goldie Hawn on Instagram? If you cannot, we recommend that you do so immediately. Hawn has been amazing ever since, and thanks to her amazing acting skills, her ’70s hairstyles haven’t hurt. The famous expert Corey Aaron Scott explains how to achieve the bees with the perfect sound: “Speak and cut your hair to make a sound.” For extra oomph, you can follow with hair rollers in half inch sections, and don’t forget to curl your hair.

While bacon was all the rage in the 1990s, the 1970s are all about keeping it low-key, compact, light, airy, and very shiny. For styling, it is recommended to start with drying or drying and make a middle section. He says: “Put all the hair on your skin outside, on your outer bones, part your hair from the middle to the nape.” “Put it under your ear and keep your word in your crown.”

The 70’s loved bees. This half was popular in the 60s, no doubt inspired by the image of Brigitte Bardot, but people have been enjoying fun things for the last decade. But can you blame them? There is definitely temporary magic here.

Scarves, bandanas—anything to tie your hair—the 70s (and 80s) lived for the fun, fun, hippie-esque vibe. To be honest, it is the same with us today. Check out how cute Alana Morrison is in her bandana-themed outfit.

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Ask anyone who was in the 70s and they’ll tell you it was a time of long, loose locks with a dead center part. As Tardo says: “The beauty of ’70s hair continues with the popularity of the era of elegance and cool.” This style is nothing if not charming and beautiful.

For true hippie chic, there’s only one person we can think of to emulate, Stevie Nicks. Woodstock’s two-part hairstyle, like the classic long hairstyle, does it for us.

The soft, braided hairstyle of the 70s is making a comeback in today’s trends, creating a curtain trend. “I think the curtain will always be nice,” Scott said. To create, she recommends using a round brush with plenty of tension and a nice dry finish. “I recommend letting the brush warm up and working these parts into your face.

What Hairstyles Were Popular In The 70's

For a rocker vibe, look no further than Tina Turner. The singer is still famous for rocking strong locks, but keeps it sleek and smart in her 1970s look.

Hairstyles Of The Seventies

It’s time to check out the bangs, another hot thing that came out of the 1970s, short, straight bangs that don’t scratch the surface of the eyebrows. These were often seen as thicker and simpler than Birky’s smart style, but could also be seen with different types of cleavage here and there. To speak

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