What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s – Australians just can’t get enough of retro food. When you’re not having breakfast with chicken apic for dinner, you’re baking tea and scones like Nanna. But how many retro drinks can you remember? We’ve collected all the best beers from the 80s so you can reminisce about the good old days of psychedelic cocktails, fruit bars and liqueurs.

A popular aperitif at parties and dinners in the 1980s, Cinzano’s version of Bianco was a pale yellow vermouth served in cocktails or on its own. It’s still available (our own Matt Preston likes to cook with it – it’s great in seafood risotto).

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

It may sound like the espresso martini’s not-so-good cousin, but the Black Russian cocktail (made with coffee liqueur and vodka) is going strong. The white version with heavy cream is also very popular, so we changed it to mousse to honor it.

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Remember the days when we all poured Golden Circle Sunburst juice punch, frozen fruit, frozen cherries and whatever spirits we could find into the giants? We have been biting like this for years, even though the bucket is always overflowing.

The stunning style of Riccadonne asti spumante has been around since the 1920s and is still one of Australia’s most popular wines. The vermouth version was also big in the 80’s.

He was from New York, so the high 80s and 90s were great. It’s delicious, served over ice and topped with lots of vodka (our version has vodka, tequila, rum, gin AND Cointreau!), featured at many retro parties.

The delicious coconut brandy in a pina colada (which is making a comeback, BTW) is also served with Coke or as the hero in a tropical cocktail (umbrella optional).

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Often sitting next to Cinzan in the cocktail bar, this herbal red vermouth gets a refreshing spin on Negronis.

Stacked frames were popular in the 80s and 90s. B52s consisted of Kahlua and Baileys, while sliding frames were the sambuca version.

A red, sweet wine that came in a champagne bottle, Cold Duck was a hit in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

We always thought it was the perfect name for vodka and orange. It’s natural!

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Perfect for the Christmas season, this cocktail features Advocaat yellow liqueur, lemon and lime. Don’t forget the maraschino cherry on top!

The sun shines when you want to relax. Slammer when you want to have fun. In the 80s, there was a tequila cocktail for everything…

Remember that second white, black bottle? Black coffee liqueur and white vanilla cream – and you can mix it up as you like.

The bottle of this psychedelic green melon liqueur hasn’t changed in 40 years! This Calypso cocktail certainly appeared in many gatherings in the 80’s.

The Drinks Served At Every 80s Dinner Party

Who can forget the good wine that flows from the tap from the silver vessel? It was never called “wine” on the box: it was “soft white fruit” or “dry red”. They still sell 5 liters of the stuff for just $15, which is awesome. The 80’s were a great decade in history. The music, the culture, the hair, really, it was all there. But how can you listen to Human Family and enjoy the night as a new love? With the famous cocktail from the 80’s, of course!

From Long Island Iced Tea to Woo Woo to Blue Lagoon, the drinks reflect the season itself: bright and colorful!

Let’s not waste any more time and check out the 12 best cocktails of the 80s…

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

If this was a list of the best bands of the 80’s, it might as well be mentioned here. With hits like ‘Rock Lobster’ and ‘Love Shack’, the B52s gave us all the energy we needed at the party. But with our conversation class, we prefer to talk about the most famous cocktail of the 80’s.

S Taiwanese Drink, Boba, Now A Booming Trend In Arkansas

This popular cocktail is served late at night and is usually accompanied by a special bar. With Kahlua, Baileys and Cointreau, it was and still is an incredibly easy draw. No unnecessary Ethanol suddenly, just good taste and flavor! Plus, you have the magic of 3 colored drinks, as long as the bars keep a steady hand!

Once you’ve finished the drag, ‘rush to the music box money’, it’s time to say goodbye to the night with a good night’s sleep!

“Let me take you to a place where the members are smiling.” I mean, of course, Wham’s Club Tropicana – “fun and sun, enough for everyone”. But what is the best Club Tropicana drink you can think of? Maybe something, but definitely a Piña Colada!

Pina Colada seems to have lost its magic after all these years. The wonderful tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut can’t be beat. Chilled or unchilled, it’s a delicious blend of foam, coconut liqueur, lime juice, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Always win…

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Dress it up with a special pineapple juice and cocktail shaker and you’re ready to play Lambada and Copacabana away.

Number 3 on our list is Woo Woo. How many 80s can we get here? A list of the most popular cocktails of the 80s wouldn’t be worth its salt if you didn’t mention the Woo Woo. If Duran Duran has anything to show for it, you should call them twice.

We’re all pretty sure the last time you heard an 80s classic was when Instrumental Girl was at Soho Club in 1984. We’re not wrong, are we? Anyway, the drinks were good. The perfect companion for any legal drink. Not only is it a pleasure to swallow, but it doesn’t leave you paralyzed in minutes. Stupid!

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

But why is it so good? One word… schnapps. Peach Schnapps became a hit when it arrived in 1984. Along with vodka and cranberry juice, Woo Woo is a must.

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Another 80 fantastic, suitable for all Thomas Cook holiday packages except teletext. When “Life Is Life” was the sound of summer, Lagoon emerged as the drink of summer. Sitting on a Majorca beach with holidaymakers and a slice of crisps – what’s not to like?

But we think looks can be deceiving. Blue Lagoon has gotten a bad name, probably because of its strong blue color (like cocktail blue). However, this should not spoil its taste. If we’re all being honest, we love the Blue Lagoon as fiction. It’s spicy, sweet and dark, and we have to dance the night away (all night).

At Cosmopolitan, we want to take you back to New York in the 1980s. You’re a who’s who of Studio 54, dancing behind you. When Whitney Houston’s chorus comes on, you look down to see a sparkling red drink emblazoned with an orange peel. It’s… the whole world.

A truly cult drink in every sense of the word. But in true ’80s cocktail fashion, the Cosmo will always be a special memory for those who enjoyed it during that decade. It always seems to bring back good memories. Maybe a balance of vodka and orange liqueur? Or maybe you only drink Cosmopolitans on special occasions? Whatever the reason, it’s an amazing drink with a great memory!

The Cocktail Everyone Was Obsessed With The Year You Were Born

When it comes to popular drinks of this decade, you might not think Tequila Sunrise, but you’d be wrong. This is one of the best cocktails you can make at home and it’s made in the style of the 80’s. Like the Blue Lagoon, its success came from abroad and it’s actually a holiday drink from the 80’s!

Of course, grenadine would be nothing without the dark arts. It gives the drink a “sunshine” feel and adds a wow factor to Northern European tourists wherever it is used. Mix in Mexican brandy and top with fresh orange juice and take to La Isla Bonita.

Along with Tequila Sunrise, we also offer the best accessories that go well with the best hairstyles of the day. Fan of flamingos in maraschino cherries? Yes yes! How about a completely unrelated piece of pineapple on the side? Absolutely! Because there is never a shortage of tricks, so be careful…

What Drinks Were Popular In The 80s

Another way to describe the cast of Baywatch, Sex on the Beach actually takes us back to that amazing decade. Founded in the early 1980s, avid boaters decided to combine the Fuzzy Naval with the Cape Cobbler.

Sunkist (soft Drink)

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