What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s – The 1980s were known for a lot of things: weird hair, fashion, teen movies, and wacky music. Every week, the kids can hear some of that music when they gather around the TV to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

We’re proud to celebrate that era by rounding up the 10 best cartoons of the 80s. This decade was known for its weird and disgusting behavior, but thanks to reruns and reboots, it was also the era that created the cartoons and cartoons that are popular today. This is a respectable achievement. So, without further ado, let’s introduce the ten best cartoons of the 80s.

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

The intro plays with campy music, general plot descriptions, and understated voiceovers. Here are some great introductions to cartoons from the 80s.

Match The ’80s Cartoon Character To The Cartoon

Marketing method to sell toys. However, it did well, grossing the film and launching a media franchise. The series was a huge success and was revived several times. It also got a live-action movie that critics were predicting, but it’s now a cult classic. Let’s take a look at the upcoming live action movie comparison.

As a patch. It’s no wonder the show survived for eight seasons. This amazing intro shows the Willow Brothers telling the audience that they’re back to form and ready to offer laughs and songs. This song is awesome because it was the song for the Nick Jr. reboot. It first appeared in 2015 and continues to this day. It even shows

There have been several spin-offs, movies, reboots, etc., some of which have been entertaining, some of which we wouldn’t touch again with a ten-foot pole (hello, 2000s live-action movies). But,

It’s the funniest and most memorable creation ever, featuring famous dogs as puppies and the Mystery Inc. crew as children. Aside from the funny stories and jokes, one of the best parts of this cartoon is the catchy, fast-paced song that tells kids that they can help solve crimes. Nope

Nostalgic Cartoon Youtube Channels Are Preserving 80s 90s Kid History

It may be pure propaganda, but it’s interesting and exciting. Hasbro’s toy line has been around since the 1960s, and despite anti-war activists hurting their sales, the franchise has thrived and survived to this day. It was adapted into an animated film in 1983, so the theme of the series remains popular today and is almost synonymous with the franchise. The lyrics are from G.I. “Joe is the code name for America’s highly trained special forces. Its mission is to protect human freedom from COBRA, a brutal terrorist organization determined to rule the world.” This visual is probably the most memorable part of the song.

The theme song doesn’t make much progress mentally, but it’s so synonymous with the character that Netflix’s reboot didn’t include it. The song was composed by Shuki Levy, who composed the theme song

The theme has a mysterious, creepy and haunting tone to it, reminding 80s kids of Gadget (or actually Penny and the Brain) from Dr. nails This is an introduction to the best cartoons of the 80s and one of the most popular films of all time.

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

Cartoons were created to promote the animated characters, which were themselves inspired by the comic series. However, it was this performance that led the Turtles to major success. The theme alone introduced many young people to the crime-fighting hero, and the lyrics describe a fearsome and stylish four-member team. This 80’s cartoon intro delights kids while the turtles battle the slicer while still having time to eat pizza.

Amazing Forgotten Cartoons From The 80s

Another show designed to sell toys, this show is likely to be a lame commercial style show. But as mentioned in the introduction

Is “more than meets the eye”. The show ran well for four seasons and is still in theaters 35 years later. The lyrics to this theme song are pretty simple, basically describing the show’s title line about the Autobots “paying for their fight to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.” Anyway, this topic has been repeated many times because it is basically a topic

Forever connected. Think about it. Thinking of the series, “Transformers: robots in masum; Transformers: more than the eye?” Can you think of any other song? This memorable and iconic status makes it one of the best cartoons of the 80s.

Again, we have a not-so-creative 80s cartoon intro, with most of the lyrics being “Lightning” and “Lightning”. Anyway, 80s kids (and 2000s Toonami viewers) sang along,

Iconic 1980s Cartoons We Still Love Today

The introduction is one of the most famous works of all time. The show ran for four seasons and is still a classic. It also received the reboot treatment, and a live-action movie is in the works. The show is still great almost 40 years later, and the intro is unforgettable.

He played seven seasons between 1986 and 1991, which was a huge success. And the best move they made was Ray Parker Jr. from the original film as the theme song. The song was just like the original movie: fun, catchy, catchy, impossible not to dance to. 80s kids, let’s be honest: “Who are you calling?” How many times have you screamed when the song asked? Most of these franchises are synonymous with their theme songs, though

It’s on another level. Even those who haven’t seen the movie know this song because it was one of the most popular songs of the 80s. Jason Reitman and Netflix might want to keep this in mind for an upcoming animated film.

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

Theme that does this. That’s why we put it on our list of the top ten cartoons of all time, let alone the 80s. Catchy and memorable lyrics bring together everything kids want in a show. It promises racing cars, lasers, airplanes, solving mysteries or rewriting history. Some people born in the 80’s and later didn’t develop their inner child with bass lines alone, which shows.

Horrifying 1980s Cartoons

Think we missed one? What’s your favorite cartoon intro from the 80s? Share your thoughts on The Nerd Stash Facebook page or @ Twitter . I still believe the 1980s were the best time to grow up. It was an era filled with great toys, TV shows, video games, memorable characters, bright colors, and of course, the best children’s cartoons to grace the CRT television. 80s cartoons for the win!

As a young person – I’m sure there were many children of the 80s. This show is so ingrained in my consciousness that I remember many episodes.

The 80s were a tough time for various television networks as they struggled to capture the highly prized children’s market. This means many networks throw anything out there to see what sticks. The formula for this gem is simple: hire the best voice actors and artists (or an animation studio) and try anything. Oh, and throw in a public service announcement while you’re at it.

When it comes to beautiful years, there are few years as culturally significant as the 80s. Many of the shows that aired during this period are still considered some of the greatest shows of all time, and some are still airing their own remakes for the audience to enjoy.

We’ll Tell You Which ’80s Cartoon You Are Based On These Questions About The Decade

To celebrate the most iconic cartoons of the ’80s, we’ve compiled a list of the best examples of cartoons that defined a generation, in no particular order. Step into your time machine and travel back to a magical time in history.

In the 80s and 90s, there was a strange push to make “kids” versions of popular characters in kindergarten rather than Sesame Street. One of the first franchises to go through this process was the Muppets with their 1984 animated show.

. The series features baby versions of the most popular Muppet characters, including Nanny, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo.

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 80s

It was a huge commercial success, making the baby characters more popular than their adult counterparts. The show was revived in 2018 with an updated version and aired on Disney Junior.

Best Kid’s Cartoons Of The 1980s, Ranked According To Imdb

The adventures of clumsy Inspector Gadget and his loyal canine companion Brain first appeared in 1983. Gadget, a cyborg detective who doesn’t look like what we expect when we hear the term “cyborg,” is a funny show. interesting. inspired a series of popular shows as well as two live-action movies.

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