What Cartoons Were Popular In The 60s

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 60s – Is there anything more fun than getting up before everyone else in the house, helping yourself to a big bowl of sweet cereal from the bottom of the box, and tuning into the bunny ears on the TV before settling down for some Saturday morning cartoons? Whether you’ve seen these classic cartoons in their original run or reruns on channels like Disney or Cartoon Network, you should take a trip down retro memory lane.

It was one of the many hits from the Hanna-Barbera animation studio, and it looks like the future will be nothing but flying cars, robot waiters, boat bags and sidewalks. And don’t phones with screens where you can see the person you’re talking to look so much better than Zoom’s reality?

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 60s

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 60s

Imagine all the crimes, bad guy cartoon characters, kids in ghost costumes and monster masks, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy and of course the always awesome German Shepherd that could have disappeared if there was absolutely no chill, Scooby Dooby Doo! Finally let’s celebrate Scrappi Doo’s entry with a comment.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1960s Vol. 1

It actually started as a mainstream cartoon before it became a hit on Saturday morning television.

Make the Stone Age look like The Jetsons’ Space Age. Who among us hasn’t wanted a birdcage or a brontosaurus to go to the drive-in theater?

A slightly more obscure offering from the Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon universe, Atom Ant had a Batman-cave-like ant, equipped with a giant computer and fancy exercise equipment, and shouted “To ’em, Atom Ant!” as he flew at high speed on yet another crime-fighting mission. he shouted. The undercover squirrel was actually a spy – Agent 000 of the International Secret Service to be exact. Along with his sidekick, Morocco the Mole, he fights crime and enemy agents.

The Pink Panther debuted as a character in the animated sequels of the live-action Pink Panther film series, portraying the inept Inspector Clouseau as he tries to solve crimes, including the disappearance of a giant pink diamond called the Pink Panther.

Filmation’s First 12 Superhero Cartoons (in Chronological Order)

It featured the live-action adventure of The Pink Panther and had its live-action debut as a spin-off to the movies.

It was another cartoon that premiered on CBS before it moved to Saturday mornings. Other Looney tunes also joined in – Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck sang the opening theme together and the show finally happened.

Before it became another Hanna-Barberina favorite Saturday morning cartoon, Top Cat was a very narrow street cat that debuted in prime time; She runs a gang of cats living in New York City’s Hodgy Alley and creates get-rich-quick schemes.

What Cartoons Were Popular In The 60s

At the opposite end of the anthropomorphic cartoon animal spectrum was Huckleberry Hound, an extremely laid-back pup with a slow Southern drawl and a seemingly endless range of jobs, including cowboy, cook, lion tamer, policeman, and farmer. Fun fact: Yogi Bear started out as a character in the side episodes.

Saturday Mornings In The 1960s And 1970s

, Archie and the Gang was a Saturday morning cartoon adaptation of the classic Archie comic strip. Arch has been trying to choose between Betty and Veronica for many, many decades and Jughead has been looking for Hamburger for a long time.

Another Hanna-Barbera masterpiece, this is an old west sheriff who occasionally rides a horse…a horse or a carriage. The relationship between Quick Draw McGraw and the other horses was never fully explained, but it didn’t matter because we all knew Quick Draw, Bob Loy, the burro who served as his deputy, and Snuffles, the biscuit-crazed dog.

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Nostalgia Punch! The 15 Best Hanna Barbera Cartoons, Ranked

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