What Can I Do With My Hair

What Can I Do With My Hair – In 2014, I was still active in the beauty industry and decided to stop relaxing my afro hair. My decision was not to go “natural” but to stop bleaching my hair to the proper length using the harsh chemicals available at salons. I needed a way to straighten my hair and play with styles like braids and twists, but I also wanted to know how my hair actually looked in my head. I wanted to get my type 4 hair.

You know who doesn’t? Many, many As a natural beauty reporter, I’ve been invited to review dry bars or new salon services, “We’re just checking to see if an expert is available.” I have never felt so strange in my life. In fact, I felt bad. There was little Afro-understanding in mainstream salons, but then it struck me how big the knowledge gap was in the salon.

What Can I Do With My Hair

What Can I Do With My Hair

In the past, if someone addressed this gap, the same argument was repeated over and over again: in an industry where black hair was ostracized and undervalued, shouldn’t the work go to stylists? As a Black beauty reporter, I often think that my Blackness is the only thing I have to contribute to a story or piece. My knowledge is diverse and reaches beyond the color of my hair and skin, because as a minority in a predominantly white business and country,

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To know theirs. Every black hairstylist I’ve met can really work with any hair style, but the same can’t be said for other industries, and this is a fundamental problem.

Finally, the issue was shed some serious light with the BLM’s response in the spring of 2020. “In the last two years, Avlon has seen a huge increase in non-professional research in the field of Afro and hair education, and I think it’s a company. The popularization of movements like Black Lives Matter has been the catalyst for this. As the discussion progressed, it became clear that non-Black hairstylists have no understanding or experience in styling or caring for Afro hair. No wonder, as it wasn’t until 2021 that afro hair was studied as part of hairdressing training, qualifications or NVQs.

Every black hairstylist I’ve met can work with all hair types, but that can’t be said for other industries.

The target of this change is VTCT, a vocational qualification that requires education about black hair and skin to be part of the core curriculum. Again, the future looks bright for new coaches entering the industry. There have been proposals to amend the Equality Act in the UK to include hair discrimination (notably the Crown Act in the US). On the other hand, the Halo Collective launched the Halo Code, which has done a great job of changing the conversation about hair discrimination in schools and the workplace.

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“There will definitely be a new generation of stylists coming out of college with the skills and knowledge to match Afro hairstyles and that’s great to see,” says McIntosh. But what about the less skilled hairdressers at the top of the profession that has never been so different? Yes, your trainees will be able to do their hair within a few months of completing the course, but they can do it

My hair now Not everyone is going to be an expert hairdresser or a silk thread, but if I sit down in front of you with my natural hair in all its glory and come out in a cold sweat, are you a hairdresser as you say. they should? This is not like being a multi-disciplinary artist, this is like being a clay master and you only know how to work with one type of clay.

Fortunately, salon owners seem to be investing more than ever in upskilling their teams, and salons like Blue Tit are addressing knowledge gaps with intensive salon team training. Matt Gebbie, manager of Blue Tit Salon says, “After committing to Afro and textured hair services, we required all of our stylists to complete a training program set up by our school’s Afro and textured hair specialists.” ‘All Blue Tit writers receive an introduction to Afro & Textured hair care, gain knowledge of the different hair types and techniques required and we also ensure the program is regularly updated by our stylists to ensure their knowledge is up to date. . ‘

What Can I Do With My Hair

The hurdle I, along with many black women, have to overcome is the belief that European salons can’t accommodate our hair type, when in the end most do.

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Confronting knowledge gaps head-on. Pashcan’el Mitchell, Afro and Hair Educator at Blue Tit says, “The goal is to have an efficient salon to work with everyone in the door and make every employee and client feel comfortable.” living room

The key word here is “easy”. Recently, a friend of mine told me that she was dressing up to go to a salon in West London, Europe, to blow dry her hair because she wanted to look “real”. The saddest thing is that I could get along with them. We were asked to believe that we were not suitable for this position, but things are beginning to change. I recently visited a salon that I thought could not match my hair type for a long time. I saw customers and employees of different races without discrimination. Without the usual ‘extraordinary’ attention I received, I drank tea, ate and felt relaxed. “I hope that as more salons differentiate their customers, they will also differentiate their teams,” says Mitchell. “It is important that your team imagines what the future looks like and what we all want to build.”

I opened my phone notes to add to the list of the best places I felt comfortable as a black woman. The list is growing. This could start salons expanding their afro hair styling services, but if that’s the case, the industry is in safe hands.

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Kaia Gerber Goes Blonde In The Studio Amal 54 Too Bust For Spring J-Lo Goes Prime Time To Swim Madonna Goes Blonde Sometimes changing your hair can be difficult, but that’s where our easy hairstyles for long hair come in. . easy It is highly recommended that you quickly learn at least 3 ways that would be appropriate for a red carpet date. The great thing is, we got 30!

Now click on it to see the gallery of amazing easy hairstyles for long hair and start practicing immediately.

What Can I Do With My Hair

1. Trendy bow hairstyle. It takes some practice, but eventually, it will change everyone. Basically, all you need is to cut a small ponytail, gather its parts and cover the hair lightly.

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2. Big Side Braid Updo. Braids are undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair, and this version only requires precision to shave and turn the ends into a full head.

3. Simple updo. Some of today’s trends don’t seem like easy hairstyles for long hair, but they are. For a glam, yet casual feel, go for an updo updo.

4. Cinnamon Roll Easy hairstyle. You will use every tire you have on this one. Remember to protect each piece so that the last bread does not fall.

5. Quick Groom Updo For All Hair. A few simple steps and this hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone helps you here. Especially if it’s your big day. Everything has to be perfect.

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6. Simple bubble straightened half hairstyle. There are many easy step-by-step hairdo videos online on YouTube, but they are very clear and don’t take more than 10 minutes.

7. Easy everyday braids and ponies. Among the many easy hairstyles for long straight hair, here’s one that adds a little edge to your regular pony that’s easy.

8. Beautiful and simple boho style. full of chaos

What Can I Do With My Hair

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