What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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Sky Kim has been a hairdresser for over ten years. He currently works with Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

As a global trend, medium length hair is a feature that we all experience at some point. Although not everyone can go for longer or shorter crops, medium length is always safe. Whether you’re transitioning between lengths or planning to get a shorter cut, it’s good to know that the length is good for all face types and shapes.

Best Medium Length Hairstyles For 2023

“A medium haircut can suit any hair type,” says celebrity stylist and WoW art director Joseph Maine. “For healthy hair, consider an undercut to create the illusion of growth. An undercut can add movement and body to curly or wavy hair. For long hair, a low cut can help reduce volume and make hair look easier. Medium Haircuts can also look round. Faces, long side bangs or side bangs can add length and create a longer appearance. face.”

It’s a length that has no shortage of style. So, if you’re confused and tired of your hair (or you don’t have it), we’re here to help you out with some great inspo and technical know-how on how to recreate your look at home.

Medium hair does not allow you to play with updos, but a small chignon does not have to be long to look good. This leaves just a few strings floating in the air to feel romantic.

To apply, brush the back hair with a boar and nylon brush, move a little from the temple to create a little lift. Make a small ponytail with small elastic. Apply a generous amount of hair oil and work the hair to the tail with your hands, then dry. Place a piece of rubber under the stick, then twist the tail of the stick and screw it into the brick. Secure with bobby pins at the base and finish with a braid.

Cute Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length With Alisha Jared

Loose S-shaped waves are easier to achieve with a flat iron, says celebrity hairstylist and L’Oreal ambassador Jonathan Colombini, and they work best on shoulder-length waves because there’s less weight to pull them down. “I like the look of nature or I live in a painting,” Colombini said. “Try to apply only a small curl with a curling iron or flat iron and avoid traditional curling. This is a good way to lose your style for a few days.”

Ciara’s curly topknot adds a subtle pop of color to the look. Also, it is a good choice for those who grow or cut their hair with many angles and parts.

This is a great style to switch to when you’re between washes as it fits the design and gives a simple look.

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Beyonce’s super blunt micro-bangs have a short length and a simple shape. If your hair is already fixed, take a small iron to the bangs, making sure that it is on the forehead. “Medium-length hair usually requires very little maintenance,” adds Maine. “Regular exfoliation every 6-8 weeks is essential to maintain a healthy and long-lasting finish.”

The Best Shoulder Length Haircuts For All Face Shapes

“You can tell that not all hair is long enough to pull into a knot,” says Colombini. “Try halfway through the knot instead.” A coif requires little effort, customized twists and sweeps in your chosen location. The blonde hair color creates the soft, wavy waves seen here on Kiernan Shipka.

Elizabeth Olsen’s side skirt is all about volume and loose, free-hanging pieces, an effect that works well for soft belts. Start by parting your hair tightly on one side before pulling it flat and securing it with an elastic. Don’t forget to add a little extra mousse along the way. We love Bumbleand Bumble’s Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse ($32) because it’s light and non-sticky.

Model Imaan Hammam proves that sometimes all you need is a good curl treatment to keep your hair looking good. Medium style of curls for a beautiful look: “Set it and forget it!” Colombini said. “Using a leave-in cream like L’OrealElvive Dream Lengths Super Curls Leave-In Cream ($7) with a little hold or more gel (whichever you prefer) focuses on taming and preventing frizz. If completely dry. , Feel free to break bend in your ‘hands’.

A slicked-back ponytail is great for curly hair that hangs over your shoulders. First, “pull up a ponytail and let your curls fly freely,” says Colombini. You can wash off the gel to reduce frizz and comb baby hair from the scalp if necessary.

Casual Hairstyles For Medium Hair To Try Asap

A real ballerina bun is so beautiful and takes any outfit to the next level. It works well for long, short hair that can complement the silhouette of the bun (think below the shoulders to collar length).

A wide middle part works well for curls. “Enjoy your productivity,” says Colombini. “After filling in, take small sections of your hair and twist them. This will make your hair fall instead of growing it.”

One happy time knit back (or shoulder wash!) Classic and cool for any height. “Braids can be fun, but very difficult on short hair,” says Maine. “If you’re looking to add string, just make a small string of three strings. If you’re tying it with rubber, start from the top of the string and move down the length, pulling outwards to fill.”

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

For a more sophisticated look, consider adding rhinestones or pearls to the waves for a funky feel. This look might be too much for long hair, but it’s as good as Aimee Song’s. Activate your beach look by blow-drying with a diffuser and gently curling the strands. Complete the mermaid look by adding jewelry to the hair to make it shine.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair In 10 Seconds Or Less

Want to play with paint but don’t want to do the painting? Copy Charli D’Amelio’s fun and playful look by contrasting your natural shade with a few subtle shades. Ask your stylist for a highlighter that only shows when the hair is behind your ears or, for a short time, use L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup 1-day Hair Color ($5).

Make the situation very different. Deep blending adds depth that can give the illusion of more fullness to thin skin. You can also use the type “money” or the same string beforehand.

A curve that doesn’t require a lot of length, this milk dress worn by Lucy Boynton is red carpet appropriate while being effortless. Bonus: The look is easy and doesn’t require a French braid. Simply divide your hair into two sections and tie the ends of each section with a three-strand braid. Pull the first one up and up, hold it with a bobby pin, and repeat on the other side taking care of the stitches so that there is no stitch where they join.

Smooth and straight styles are Maine’s favorite way to style long hair. “My favorite way to do this is with a 2-in-1 blow dryer/brush like Trademark Beauty’s Easy Blo, which detangles and smooths at the same time,” says Maine. “Treat hair first with Dream Coat and Color Wow, and you will lock in moisture, and hair will be super shiny.”

Medium Length Hairstyles That Are Easy And Effortless

“Medium length is a beautiful style in itself, so don’t use it with style. Simple waves or beauty and suits can be very beautiful,” said Maine. The sleek, perfectly styled waves give Zoey Deutch a quirky, old Hollywood vibe. If the hair is on the right side, hairstylist and Matrix Artist Michelle O’Connor recommends adding layers and angles around the face to give more definition and create a “formal style to help cut where it is. “

Tracee Ellis Ross’s full, shoulder-length curls are full of definition and shine. This is proof enough that curly bangs can look good. Curls tend to dry out, so we recommend moisturizing products like Oribe Styling Butter ($37) and Oribe Curl Gloss ($42) to tame thirsty strands.

The shag is a medium hair. “These cuts are about structure,” Maine said. “Use a styling spray and brush for a messy, lived-in look. My favorite is Color Wow Style on Steroids. It’s a high-quality formula that provides full volume and protection like an oil.

What Are Some Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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