Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

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Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

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Incredible Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Whether your hair falls on the thin end of the spectrum or your locks are starting to lose thickness before your wedding day, there are plenty of ways to create the illusion of a big mane as you walk down the aisle. One way to add more thickness to your hair is to find the right stylist who knows how to work with your particular hair type. “With fine or thin hair, the hairstyle that looks best can be achieved by finding a stylist to achieve the style, hair type and look they want on their wedding day,” says Fekkai hair expert Alessandra Bruno. “Put on try-ons, bring in inspirational photos, and see which stylist makes you feel your best.”

Your stylist will then recommend some of the best looks for a fuller, fuller mane and use styling tools and techniques to elevate the look. Hair guru Maria “Mia” Lynn of Mia Farah Beautique says she often uses a texturizing spray to lift her clients’ locks, create a strong base for buns, and add length and volume to hair extensions.

For inspiration for your daily beauty look, we’ve rounded up the best ideas for those with fine locks. Whether you’re looking for a style that accommodates braids for thin hair or a chic chignon, here are 35 gorgeous wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

Twisting it into a tight bun with a cute side part is the epitome of elegance. At a modern wedding on the Amalfi Coast, this bride proved that a simple bun is just as stunning as larger-than-life twists, so don’t worry if your tresses are on the shorter side. Also, topping off your top with a crystal accessory will hide any thinning or lack of volume. For heavier hair, make sure to pin the strands well to give them enough grind.

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Ponytail works on all hair types, especially fine hair. To add volume and give your mane more bounce, have your stylist curl some strands with a curling iron or other heated tool. Then pull out some face-shaping curls for a flattering look.

Even if you think wearing your hair down will add to the thinness of your mane, sometimes it’s the best option. Typically, hair tying and extra styling creates more pulling, friction and damage, leading to more shedding and breakage. Instead, go soft with your tresses by adding curls or waves and parting them down the middle or to the side for more depth.

Contrary to popular belief, curls can absolutely work for thinning hair. The number of individual pieces depends on the thickness you want to achieve, but the length of this lobe is a sweet choice. Since your natural texture will likely be the focal point of your look, it can be as simple as securing the style with a few twists, as this bride did for her Chicago botanical wedding.

Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

Instead of a simple backpack, increase the size of your train by creating a braided effect on the side of the neck and curling the locks at the bottom. “A twist will add movement and texture to your hair while looking stylish,” says Lynn. Wrapping your parts will keep you in style throughout your special day.

The In Depth Guide To Bridal Hair Accessories And Hairstyles That Flatter Different Face Shapes That You May Not Know About

If you have thin hair with a naturally curly texture, embrace it. Individual spirals and waves take up space instead of piling on top of each other, meaning they’ll be able to bring a full element to your mane. The texture is ideal for holding hair accessories such as small pearls and a low veil.

If you normally wear your hair short or are thinking of cutting it before the wedding, opt for a sharp cut. The style is straight, with some subtle layers around the face, creating the illusion of fullness at the ends. An expert colorist can also paint in highlights or lowlights that add more density to the hair.

While the classic braid emphasizes finer hair, the fishtail braid adds even more volume. At the same time, this hairstyle creates visual intrigue and adds playfulness to your look. You can start this braided hairstyle at the top of the head or at the bottom of the neck for a voluminous effect.

A ponytail is an elegant and sophisticated way to style thin hair for any kind of affair, like this bride’s timeless wedding in Santa Barbara. Pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head for extra movement as you cross the dance floor. You can also add extensions to make your locks look longer and thicker. Raise the illusion of fullness by letting a little fringe come forward.

Best Haircuts To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

The low bun is a popular wedding hairstyle, even for those with thin hair. “A soft highlight will allow the focus to frame more of the face, creating maximum volume,” explains Lin. If your hair is thin, styling creates its own volume with the hair on your head. Tie up a few strands and leave a side bang, like this bride did for a lively Brooklyn wedding.

Half up and half down looks are versatile, playful and cute bridal hairstyles that also work for fine hair. These styles can be translated any way you want: go for a high-set, flamboyant look or choose a lower-set formal shape, like this bridal style for a coastal South Carolina affair. With skillful curls or waves, you will turn thin locks into thicker manes

For those with loose pixie cuts, an oversized hair accessory will cover up any sparse patches and add a glossy edge to your big day. This look will be the perfect finishing touch for glamorous weddings.

Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

Parting all of your hair to the side makes thin hair look fuller and healthier by strategically fanning the sections. By adding loose curls, your style will show off your length and create romance.

Youthful Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women Over 50

Like low buns, high buns are timeless hairstyles that hide thinness particularly well. Keep it simple by stacking braids on top of your head without dressing up or accessorizing.

A braid has the ability to strategically fake fullness. Techniques like backcombing, teasing, and pulling out strands for a relaxed look can easily loosen any braid. This bride’s hairstyle, with layers of fishtail braids, was the perfect choice for her romantic day at a palace in Barcelona.

If you want to wear your hair down on your big day, consider a rocking style, like this bride did at her retro disco wedding. Straight pin locks will flatten your nails, while loose waves will take up more space. To give your mane more volume, use a wave spray followed by a texturizing spray.

Wrap all of your locks around your neck to hide bad spots while creating an elegant look. This tip, which this bride wore to her wedding at a country club in Santa Barbara, is beautiful on its own, but you can also cut a veil to the cathedral to create more dimension.

Beautiful Bridal Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Inspiration

As another alternative to updos, embrace your natural texture without any frills. If you want to add more volume, dry your hair upside down or in the opposite direction of your part for maximum thickness at the roots.

Braids are a fun way to add detail to a simple bun, while also adding volume to thin hair. The hairstyle can create a loose braid with extensions or mimic the look of a tight braid by loosening and pulling. Repeat this technique on the crown for smooth volume around the face.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail at the crown of your head for finer hair is a flirty and playful look. If you want to add more volume, curl the bottom sections so they are separate instead of overlapping. It’s a practical choice for spring or summer weddings with hot temperatures or if you’re looking for a low hairstyle that won’t fall on your face.

Wedding Hairstyles To Make You Look Thinner

This old Hollywood hairstyle from this classic part of Santa Barbara is full of glamor and is also a surefire way to hide hair loss. The middle part is deliberately sleek for those who have thin hair around the face. The rest of the train is pinned and fixed in curls before being brushed to bounce off the forehead and give the appearance of fullness.

Lovely Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

While center partings have grown in popularity, side partings are actually a great way to add volume, as shown.

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