Things That Were Popular In The 70s

Things That Were Popular In The 70s – Have you been feeling nostalgic lately? You are not alone. Here’s one thing anyone who lived through the 1970s can agree with: the entire decade still feels like yesterday. Seriously, it’s the 70’s

In the past? It’s just not possible that the era of bell-bottom jeans and 8-track tapes was half a century ago. For those of us who lived through it – and for those of us who lived through that wonderful but dangerous time – it will forever be part of our souls. Here are 50 things you still remember from the decade that will fill you with 70s nostalgia. For a movie refresher, check out these 30 movie quotes kids from the 70s know by heart.

Things That Were Popular In The 70s

Things That Were Popular In The 70s

All the fun of a hotel, with the added hassle of wheels on your feet. We can all remember those parties, but it’s a miracle we didn’t break our bones trying to dance to a Bee Gees song, spinning at breakneck speeds. And if you’re looking for more tracks that you might need a refresher on, check out these 25 great ’70s bands you’ve completely forgotten about.

Important Events In The 1970s

No, you may not have owned an Atari console in the 70s, but at least you knew someone you knew and you did everything in your power to win their friendship. The idea of ​​playing video games from the comfort of your home without worrying about quarterbacks seems like an impossible future.

In the 1970s, everyone had only one cell phone at home. It was a rotary telephone that stood in a central position with a cord that could not extend far. If someone was on that phone, you had to sit down and wait for them to finish. At the time, the reason for the sibling conflict was a family who had stolen a phone.

If you’re a true 70’s kid, you don’t need to explain what bionics is. But for those who don’t, you just start running slowly and then make noises with your tongue that look like robots. Decades later

Is abandoned, trying to emulate Steve Austin or Jaime Sommers still makes us feel strong. And if other shows make you nostalgic, here are the best 70s shows to watch while in quarantine.

Top ’70s Cartoons That Are Absolutely Timeless

Very simple but very addictive. When this electronic game came out in 1978, every kid had to have one. The game wasn’t very demanding – you had to right-click on four colored buttons to repeat the pattern – but we played with the intensity and focus that children play with.

TODAY For more of the habits that defined this decade, check out these 20 fun things you remember from the 70s that are totally to blame.

The 1973 oil crisis (and a second oil crisis a few years later) caused panic across the country, with the result that the lines at gas stations never moved. Some stations even started displaying colored flags: green meant they still had fuel, and red warned customers they weren’t there. Every trip with the family in the 1970s felt like the last.

Things That Were Popular In The 70s

But that didn’t stop you from traveling! When the family packed up the station wagon for a long cross-country drive in the 1970s, the kids didn’t have the entertainment they enjoy today. There were no iPads or smartphones to move us around. The only way to kill time is to see how much we can torture our brother or sister sitting in the back seat. He was upset or angry, the latter demanding justice, but he did not forget about your parents who tried to ignore you two in the front seat.

Top 10 ’70s Romance Movies

If you wanted to see Bugs Bunny, Fred Flintstone or one of your favorite cartoons, you only got it once: Saturday morning. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it, and those happy hours are gone forever (or at least until next Saturday). It taught us a great lesson on procrastination. At that time, it was not possible to see all the cartoons created in one click.

Even if you’re not interested in politics, everyone knows that at least something bad is going on in Washington. It was the topic of every party, and the evening news reported every new detail, such as whether Watergate could lead to the collapse of democracy. Seeing the disgraced Richard Nixon leave the White House for good and board a helicopter was one of the most memorable television viewing moments for nearly everyone in the country in the 1970s.

The 1970s was the last decade where people could wake up one day not knowing who Darth Vader was, and that night went to dinner with the dark side, black helmet and lightsaber. The world suddenly splits into “before” and “after” Star Wars.

And nothing will ever be the same again. For more 70s movie magic, turn on 17 songs from the 70s movie Every Kid Loved.

Do You Remember Eating This Candy From The 70s?

In the 1970s, the world was less dangerous for children than it is today; our parents weren’t too scared. Many of us are not warned that any unusual shape can cause harm. So we made friends with almost everyone, even adults we didn’t know.

There was very little high-quality children’s television in the 1970s, so when something resonated with us, it burned into our subconscious.

It provided many of these key memories. Even now, years ago, when we were constantly spraying toys, we still remember Ernie’s magic with rubber ducks.

Things That Were Popular In The 70s

Rarely in the history of fashion has a style of dress been accepted by both men and women. But that’s what happened in the ’70s with shorts and skinny jeans, even though no one was good at wearing them. Think about it, these are knee socks and pants

Recipes That Defined The 1970s

Don’t have a car? No problem! Just stick your thumb in and wait for a friendly stranger to come out and offer you a ride. It seems unimaginable now, but for the free spirits of the 70s who didn’t have the money to buy their own car (or were too young to drive), hitchhiking seemed like the best option when your legs couldn’t hold you up. . Over there

Some kids always root for Jaclyn Smith, while others only see Kate Jackson. But most of us got excited about Farrah Fawcett, not because she had the most famous poster of the 70s (and probably all time). Whichever you choose, they’re the cutest crime-fighting trio on TV and proof that these women can kick criminal ass just as much as men.

Currently, most healthy people do not leave the house in the winter without protecting their exposed skin from the sun. But in the 70s you could go shirtless on a hot summer day and no one would think to ask if you were wearing sunscreen. Wait, I mean sorry

. In the 1970s, sun protection was limited, only creams to help you get a tan. And when it didn’t tan, it was sunburn, and no one took it seriously. There’s a lot we don’t know about long-term results.

Tech Advancements From The 70s That Changed The World

Thanks to the Conversion Act of 1975, we are all ready to start measuring in meters, liters and grams instead of feet, kilograms and litres. It’s hard to imagine what it was like in the late 70s, especially when you were a kid. In school, we were inundated with pro-metric movies that tried to get us into Metric Marvels adventures. You don’t see kids stressing about changing their birth certificate today, but in the 70s we all lived in fear that at some point we’d have to be ready.

The playground in the 70s was as simple as today’s adult race track. Of course, there were not many wires, but the device is unforgiving and not brutal. The monkey’s rods were made of cold steel that could break bones mercilessly. Everything from slides to swings, swings to curtains, was built to withstand military assaults, and no kid from the 70s used them unless they were looking forward to it, sometimes bleeding wounds.

When it hit theaters in 1975, it’s hard to say exactly how much of an impact it had on our collective psyche. It wasn’t just that we were afraid to go into the sea; even the lakes, ponds, and boardwalks seemed to hide shark fins. We looked for sharks almost everywhere, certainly waiting for their hard claws to bite us hard on our toes and pull us into the water.

Things That Were Popular In The 70s

Before most doctors stopped administering the smallpox vaccine in the early 1970s,

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