Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

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Faith Sue has worked in the digital beauty industry for over 10 years and is currently the Group CEO of Buzz Digital. He was the editorial director for seven years.

Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

Skye Kim is a salon worker with over ten years of experience. He currently works at Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

Ways To Keep Your Curls Overnight

When we think of our ideal sleeping environment, we conjure up images of soft comforters, rows of soft pillows, and soft music lulling us to sleep, because the benefits of a good night’s sleep are real (even if eight hours can seem difficult at times). However, wet hair is nowhere to be seen in this dream setting – as we all know, but in real life, maybe.

If you shower at night and suffer from dry hair before bed, there is still hope. We spoke to celebrity hairstylist Creighton Bowman for his advice on how to sleep with wet locks.

To end the regret. Keep scrolling to see her advice on the best way to sleep with wet hair.

Creighton Bowman is a popular hairstylist in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been featured on Laura Dern and Kate Beckinsale, as well as on the covers of Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle.

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“You can’t sleep with completely wet hair,” Bowman begins. If you are confused, we feel you – but here is the reason: “The problem is that there is not enough time to put your hair and leave it in the morning.” However, if you are comfortable waking up to damp strands and blow-drying or air-drying them, you can proceed with drying wet strands with caution. First you need to buy a satin pillowcase. “This allows your hair to move freely so you can toss it over a pillow when it’s wet, which helps prevent frizz,” she explains.

Another way to try to prevent hair loss while you sleep? Use a scrunchie that won’t leave marks or dents, Bauman says. Wrap the hair on top of your head in a safe box. Don’t have a lawn? “Cut off the top of the sock and use it as a hair tie,” says Baumann.

Bowman recommends turning your head upside down—it dries faster this way—and blasting it with hair conditioner so it’s dry, damp. Then, twist your hair into four loose buns (secured with scrunchies), and call it a night. If you have naturally straight hair, a bun will give you an easy wave. For those with curls, braids can be a great protective style. “You can braid your hair instead of twisting it,” says Bauman. “I recommend a loose French braid that starts at the back of the front of your head. Your inability to create a perfect braid or a perfect curl comes in handy when you style before bed,” she says. “This is what makes the result look fun—don’t worry about making it fancy or perfect.” Here at Boilerhouse, we are experts in all things hair, and one thing we always ask your hair is how to protect your hair at all times! Don’t worry after killing!

Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

However, don’t worry because the experienced team at Boilerhouse has your back! Use these tips to protect your hair while you sleep and make sure you don’t have unnecessary breakage…

Sleeping In Braids: A Step By Step Guide To Protect Braided Hair

Thinking of investing in a silk pillow? From cotton pillowcases to premium silk, even though it’s an investment, your hair will thank you. Silk is a softer fabric than cotton. The small fibers of silk pillows prevent your head from serious damage and pulling, especially if you toss and turn throughout the night.

Your hair is more fragile when it’s wet, so sleeping on wet hair makes it more prone to breakage. Make sure your hair is dry before going to bed.

Have you heard the old story about brushing your hair 100 times before bed? Well, maybe 100 times multiplied. However, there are certain truths to make sure your hair is tangle-free before bed.

Sleeping with your hair in a messy bun or high ponytail may seem harmless, but the stress of keeping your hair up for hours on end can put stress on your scalp and eventually cause hair damage. Instead, lay it down, or if you want to tie it back, go down with a ponytail or a loose braid below the neck. Try pulling your hair up with a soft scrunchie instead!

Ponytail Headache: Why It Happens And How To Get Relief

If you are going to sleep with your hair up, make sure you use a scrunchie. It’s not as tight as a bobble, so it won’t damage your hair!

Too much moisture and shampoo is the worst thing for your hair as it strips your hair of its natural oils – causing breakage. Applying dry shampoo at night can help as it absorbs natural oils and sweat while you sleep. This means you don’t have to wash your hair!

If you want hair out of your face, you can wrap it in a silk scarf. It’s like sleeping on a silk pillowcase, but it holds your hair without tying it with an elastic.

Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

Take your beauty sleep to the next level by sleeping in a luxurious satin sheet. Like a silk pillowcase, a scarf can help protect your head and keep your hairstyle in place. That’s right! Even if it’s just a hair day or two, wearing a satin scarf while you sleep can help protect precious curls or braids and prevent “just waking up.” A silk hat or turban works well.

Why Does My Hair Stick Up?

Apply an oil treatment to the ends of your hair to help condition and moisturize while you sleep. Even if your hair is weak when wet, use it on dry hair, then rinse and leave in the morning.

We hope you enjoyed reading this to ensure your locks are perfect for your morning routine! Here at Boilerhouse, we offer a range of hair and beauty services in our Jesmond and Ouseburn salons! If you are looking for more professional hair advice or want something new check out the services on our website or call us to make an appointment today. Call us on 0191 281 348 for our Jesmond salon, or 0191 341 0070 for our Ouseburn salon. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze website usage and support our marketing efforts.

Dacey was previously an editor and is now a skin care contributor. Her work has appeared in Who What Wear, WWD, InStyle, and Bustle.

Sophia Emmanuel is an IAT Certified Trichologist and Licensed Cosmetologist based in New York. She owns and operates Crown Worthy Beauty Salon in New York City.

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Sleeping beauty, as a term, doesn’t just apply to your skin. While we put a lot of time and effort into investing in a nighttime skin care regimen, preparing our locks for sleep is an often overlooked step. How you wear your eyeliner can have a huge impact on the condition of your hair, so before you hit the hay, take care of your hair by making sure your beauty routine prioritizes healthy hair. The first step is to break bad bedtime habits that we are all guilty of.

When you sleep, your hair is exposed to many dangerous factors. As we go through the REM cycle, our hair is not protected from its environment – room humidity, temperature and moisture.

You connect him with all the additions of his condition in the morning. While we’re not saying you can avoid bed head altogether, we do recommend taking a few steps to make sure your hair looks its best when you do get it.

Sleep With Your Hair Up Or Down

These are the bedtimes to consider if you want to wake up with healthy, beautiful hair.

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Your pillow has the ability to make an impression – literally. “Cotton is known to wick moisture away from hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Ashley Wahler. They suggest switching your current pillowcase to silk to prevent breakage and keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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