Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

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For a long time we have been told to cover the salt that goes into our pepper. But there is gray these days

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

– especially when it is well cut. Luckily, a number of prominent women are rocking the shade like it’s nobody’s business (hello, Jamie Lee Curtis). For more inspiration, we asked seven celebrity hairstylists to share the 30 best gray hair hairstyles for all you silver foxes.

Of The Best Grey Hairstyles For Every Length And Hair Type

Not only is this cut easy to style, but it’s also incredibly flattering if you have a slightly boxy face with soft features like Curtis’s. “This cut leaves some length on top for movement and texture, while the sides are softer and shorter to complement facial features and bone structure very well,” says Lliguin. To lift the style, Lliguin also recommends using texturizing paste (or hair gel) along the ends.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Consider undercutting like Halle Berry. Longer pieces on top give you more styling flexibility, while flared sections below add a little extra flair (and keep your neck cool).

Lobs are always flattering and easy to maintain. The layers add body, and the fact that it doesn’t look too “done” makes it one of the more playful options for gray hair. “This hairstyle shows off new gray hair growth beautifully, and the length adds volume,” says Lliguin. The stylist recommends using a sea salt spray to enhance your natural texture, along with a leave-in treatment to smooth split ends.

Prefer to show some length, body and movement in your mane like Helen Mirren? This hairstyle is especially suitable for those with an oval shape or a long face (and can be accentuated by adding some loose cascading waves).

Cool Gray And Silver Hairstyles For All Hair Textures

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option for curly hair, consider Cynthia Erivo’s cropped locks that let her vibrant grays shine. “A buzzer cut is a great canvas to show off your money. This shade can look almost transformative on very short hair, which is so cool,” says Tang.

Want to be shorter than your usual pixie? Take cues from Melissa McBride and ask your stylist to cut the top a bit more for a gradual finish.

While this dread cut made waves in 2022, Jane Fonda was one of the first to sport this bob/pixie hybrid –

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

Before it was considered fashionable by the younger generation – and we can see why it’s making a comeback. “The top layers in this style add volume to the hair, especially when complemented with a side part, while the length around the neck frames the face beautifully,” explains Lliguin.

Flattering Short Haircuts For Older Women In 2023

One of the big problems people have with gray hair is that it is more prone to frizz. Instead of fighting texture, embrace it like Blythe Danner, whose loose locks and bangs look polished.

As Glenn Close shows us, no hairstyle is complete without adding some bangs to the mix. For a similar look, ask your stylist for angled pixie pieces with slightly curved pieces on top.

This long, layered look sculpts loose curls, which helps reduce frizz and also accentuates your natural texture. On that note, Cruz notes that it’s important to work with your curl pattern by following a hydrating wash routine (for example, shampoo, conditioner and styling cream).

Skip the classic bob and try an angled bob instead. This fine cut gives the illusion of fuller hair, even on thinner strands. Add a deep side part like Linda Fargo and add even more dimension to your mane.

Modern Hairstyles With Extra Zing For Women Over 50

“This hairstyle is short, especially on the sides and back. The length on top can vary, so you can cut it short if you want, or a little longer to show off the layers (like Maye Musk),” says Cruz. Hot tip: Use a blow dryer, brush, and set wax to perfect the above style.

If you have 3p to 4p hair, this cut offers a rounded shape. It’s also pretty low maintenance and doesn’t require much maintenance as your growing spools arrive.

“A bob can be stylish and fun and chic, especially with gray hair,” Cruz said. “I like the ‘box bob’ because it looks like a classic bob, but with less layers and a sleeker silhouette.” The stylist adds that hair serum and hair spray are essential for keeping hair shiny and voluminous between treatments.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

When it comes to nailing this cut, it’s all about precision and volume. Ask your stylist to trim the hair just below your eyebrows before using a round brush and blow dryer to create a nice bounce like Keke Palmer above.

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 To Try In 2023

“Grey hair can often be more resistant and have a different texture than non-gray hair, so this cut is a good option for keeping some weight while adding movement in the layers,” says Ellis. For more fullness, consider adding soft bangs to frame your face. To keep your hair straight, use a styling cream on the lengths and ends.

This cut adds layers just below the chin and gives the illusion of a larger body. Tip: Apply a little gel to the strands (lifting them at the roots) to get this wet look. It’s stylish, but also good for styling gray hair, which tends to be coarse and prone to frizz.

“It’s a timeless cut that accentuates facial features perfectly,” explains Ellis. While some bobs don’t require a lot of finesse, Ellis recommends having a flat iron on hand for this particular style because it “helps get that polished look and makes for a smoother cut.” On that note, you’ll also want to invest in a heat protectant spray to boost shine and reduce frizz.

Lady Emma Thompson’s elegant cut features soft layers. It also sits just above the ears, so she can show off her sparkling earrings.

Short Hairstyles For Wavy Gray Hair Computer High, Haircut Hd Phone Wallpaper

“This shape combines softness and strength, which is exactly what natural gray offers. [With this cut], the top is intentionally long and the ends are pulled back behind the ears, which softens the overall shape,” says Smith.

There’s nothing like a classic – and this French bob run by Grece Ghanem is proof of that. Trimmed just above the jawline, gray hair will look fuller. Long, side bangs also help to soften facial features and add style to the body.

The shag cut has been booming for a few years now and works particularly well on silver locks. “This cut has so many face-framing layers that it can make your eyes pop,” says Cisneros. “It’s a bit rock and roll, but still very feminine and allows you to keep the length.” To emphasize your cut even more, use a flat iron on the ends of your hair, then apply a styling conditioner to add shine and definition.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

To shape and define your mane, ask your stylist to add layers that don’t dilute the curl pattern

Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50 To Look Younger In 2023

“I love this style for gray hair because the silver highlights accentuate the layers,” says Katz. “Also known as the ‘G-Bob,’ this graduated cut is layered diagonally towards the nape of the neck so it forms beautifully.” To replicate Rita Moreno’s feathery finish, you’ll need a texturizing spray.

When you’re bored with your haircut, but not ready for a drastic change, a fringe can breathe new life into your look. Go for full fringes like Daša here or try a curtain fringe.

“The inverted layers are cut to frame the face while adding movement to the strands. It’s best for medium to long hair because it helps break things up,” says Katz Since volume is key with this cut, Katz recommends applying mousse to the roots and using a blow dryer and brush round to lift and soften the ends of the strands.

The blunt cut gives a flat look without sacrificing your length. For Joani Johnson’s simple yet sophisticated style, keep your toes straight for the classiest look possible.

Youthful Hairstyles For Women Over 60 With Grey Hair

For short to medium hair, consider a cut just below the jawline to accentuate your features. As Katz says, this look is a winner for thin hair because “blunt ends can make hair look thicker.”

The Pompadour is one of our favorite low maintenance looks because you get a lot of height at the top, but the rest of your hair isn’t too long, so you can spend less time looking in the mirror .

A deep side part will add spring to your curls. As head stylist Gregga Prothero previously told us, this cut is a great option for curly hair, but it’s also a solid choice for those with longer face shapes because it draws attention.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Gray Hair

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