Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

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Juliene Derrick is a hair care writer. He has over ten years of experience as a writer and editor.

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

Sky Kim is a hairstylist with more than 10 years of experience. He is currently working for John Frieda’s Serge Normant in New York City.

Great Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

As icons like Halle Berry, Angela Bassett and Helen Mirren have proven time and again, women over 50 can create a variety of beautiful hairstyles. Whether you like long waves, simple styles, or short hair, 50 (and beyond) is a great time to have fun. Today, we’re exploring free options that can eliminate everything. Whether your hair is thick, coarse, curly, fine or straight, there is a short cut that is right for you. “Short hair is low maintenance and can be styled for any woman, regardless of lifestyle, face shape, hair texture and weight,” says professional hairstylist Sanda Petrut. The right cut complements the features you want to accentuate.” Previously, Petrut spoke with beauty entrepreneur Savannah St. Jean about the best short haircuts for women over 50.

More glamorous pixies sport long side-swept bangs, like EGOT-winning actress Viola Davis. This is especially good for fine hair types as it draws attention to the weight of the bangs.

One of the most popular short hair choices for women over 50, the pixie hairstyle can flatter your face and accentuate your best features, as Holland Taylor attests. Low maintenance is relatively different from occasional maintenance. Rinse and go, or give your body a quick pomade finish.

Cute hairstyles like Angela Bassett’s are a fun way to change up your look. Skip the spikes and let them fall naturally to soften them, or add volume with a blow-dry brush and hair. With this cut, you have great length to change your style every day.

Best Haircuts For Women Over 50

For decorative design, St. Jean recommends a heavy-duty spray wax, like Kevin Murphy’s Touchable Spray Wax ($37). “It works like a traditional cream, except it comes in a spray, so it’s easy to control the amount of product you use,” she says. “Just spray and run your fingers through your hair.”

A textured pixie is a very sleek, natural style. The Halle Berry look can be achieved with short or long hair. Use a small amount of pomade to separate the hair pieces and add the skin.

Ellen DeGeneres looks effortless and feels great as a disheveled, dirty blonde pixie. For a more textured look, use a highlighter or your fingers to make it sparkle.

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

The edgy pixie worn by Tyra Banks has no age limit. Anyone can do it. Wavy bangs add a modern edge to the look, while matching heeled accessories complete the look.

Greatest Short Hairstyles For Round Faces Over 50

Many people with naturally curly hair, like Tony Braxton, opt for a pixie cut to remove excess weight from the hair and reduce drying time. Baby hairstyles add sparkle to your look.

As seen with actress Emma Thompson, subtle layers and tousled styling add dimension to this short hairstyle for older women. British stone. A lightweight, wax-based texturizing spray will “carry but give you the dramatic look you want,” says Jean.

To use a styling spray, spritz lightly and run fingers through hair to style.

Vanessa Bell Calloway’s pixie afro style is timeless. Curl mousse or curl cream work best for this look. When it comes to makeup, you can subtly accentuate your features, or pair your cut with bold eyes to take your look to the next level.

The 7 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Keeping layers longer adds volume to your pixie, which is best if you have fine hair like actress Nia Long. We’re also digging wispy bangs.

She recently swapped her short hair for a bob, but Kris Jenner’s pixie cut will always be iconic. All eyes are on the thick, messy texture. With the right product, you can easily find personal success. “This style works well on straight, wavy, fine or thick hair,” says Petroot.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s brushed back hairstyle is a modern take on the classic pixie hairstyle, giving it a sophisticated look. A little volume up front is cool and edgy, but not too much. For extra protection, style with a spritz.

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

Janet Jackson’s short pompadour might look complicated, but it wasn’t easy to do. “This cutting method is versatile and low-maintenance,” Petruit said. “It’s great for straight hair with small parts and swept bangs that can be brushed back or blown forward.”

The Most Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50, According To Celebrity Stylists

Tilda Swinton upped the ante with her undercut pompadour combo, adding a modern twist to a classic style. Relatively low maintenance and easy on the body, this look has an “I just woke up like this” vibe. Root powders like Kevin Murphy’s Puff Puff Volumizing Powder ($35) can do wonders, says Jean: This.

Soft bangs can freshen up even the toughest hairstyles, as they add light and volume in a matter of minutes. If you want to create Helen Mirren eyes, opt for a pull-down hairstyle that immediately grabs attention.

J. Short hair, short hair is a natural look, whether it is day or night, suitable for people of many ages and face shapes. With the layers in place, the middle remains shiny.

Lisa Rinna’s bouffant hairstyle is perfect for thick hair with a little natural wave. If highlights are your thing, this style definitely adds an extra dimension. You can also opt for a balance beam for a natural, sun-kissed look.

Modern Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Bright and sparkly actress Alina Cho’s classic bob hairstyle is perfect for any age. Turn the ends inward for a different feel, or down for a softer look.

For thinning straight hair, actress Cicely Tyson’s short bob hairstyle is a great choice for all ages. This length adds volume to straight hair so you can wear it every day. The center section is sleek and the side sections add volume for a day-to-night style look.

“It’s a great hairstyle for women of different textures (straight, wavy, or curly) and weights (from fine to thick hair),” says Petrout. “It goes from conservative to messy, and can even be flat.” Iron on to accentuate the trim and texture of the ends. “

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

Multiple layers provide bounce and volume to a full-length bob. See how this brief marvel looks like Vivica A. Fox. Add some highlights for extra dimension or stick to one shade for a monochrome look.

Short Natural Haircuts For Black Females Over 50 (2023)

This vintage Hollywood bob from Elaine Hendrix proves that curly hair can look great no matter the length. To stay hydrated, keep your curls fresh with a weekly mix of leave-in conditioner and water on hand.

A straight bob is both stylish and timeless. Just ask Maya Rudolph, who has changed styles multiple times. Apply volumizing mousse to wet hair and blow dry with a round brush to volumize and straighten. “The secret to this style is keeping it smooth and straight,” says St. Gene said. “To do that, you need a product that prevents moisture and frizz.” She recommends an anti-moisture spray, like Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-moisture Spray ($42).

Bobs are great for thick curly hair. Alfre Woodard’s bob hairstyle for a long face is elegant and sophisticated, while bangs and short layers add extra interest.

The deep side part of the bob is unobtrusive. Add dramatic character by adding a little curl to your bangs or bangs, as seen in Monica Bellucci.

Flattering Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50

Once in fashion, the long bob, also known as the overcoat, is all the rage. Sandra Bullock, seen here, is a great option for women who want to keep their long hair easy with flexible styling options. Dress it straight up or dress it up loose and vintage.

Holly Hunter’s handsome dress is super cute. Grow short hair long for a sleeker look, or tuck one side hairstyle over the ear for a playful touch.

We love sleek lobs, but Lisa Kudrow’s voluminous version looks to turn heads. To do this, let your hair air dry a bit before drying it with a blow dryer.

Short Haircuts For Women In Their 50s

Adding some beachy waves to your lob can instantly transform it from a limp and fast hairstyle to a messy bob. For tighter curls, use a smaller curling iron and reverse the direction of the curls.

Natural Hairstyles For Black Woman Over 50

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