Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s – Big news recently arrived: Steve Madden is relaunching the classic platform sandal. If you lived in the 90s or early 90s, you probably had these puppies. If you haven’t, everyone you know has and you’re ahead.

It’s a time to be happy, of course, and a time to celebrate all the amazing shoes that came out of this fashion season. From hippie sandals to platform sneakers and more, join us, won’t you?

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

Luckily, these bad boys are back so you can remember what it’s like to have really nice, sweaty feet.

Sneakers That Epitomized 90s Fashion

A Jersey bird told me you can’t get off the top alive without those cones. I can see why.

Some stupid guys might make fun of you saying the V stands for virginity, but EVEN THESE ARE AWESOME.

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Spice Girls Platform Sneakers Are Making A Comeback

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We’re ready for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and fall fashion, but the weather doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. So, as the heat passes, we start our fall wardrobe to be ready when the leaves start to change.

When it comes to this season’s trends, you’ll continue to see ’90s styles dominate. The preppy, school, retro vibes will keep you on track. To achieve this look, we recommend stocking up on loafers, vintage sneakers, and platform shoes to complete your fall wardrobe. We can’t wait to see these looks with high socks, tights, mini skirts, blue jeans, trousers and blazers.

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

Celebs and gals are starting, rocking these styles and giving us all the fall inspiration we need. Scroll below for the trendiest shoe styles you’ll see everywhere and keep looking this fall.

Shoe Brands Everyone Had And Wanted In The 1990s

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Are we calling this the fall 2022 shoe style? We think you’ll also see platforms and lounges everywhere. Pair them with a high sock for a modern take on the schoolgirl routine.

This adidas style is trending right now and selling out fast. Get them before they sell out to rock this fall.

It’s almost fall, which means it’s time to break out the combat boots or invest in a new pair that you’ll wear forever. We recommend these $33 boots that you can find on Amazon.

Performance 90s Sneakers

Here’s another great shoe that will never go out of style, and it’s perfect for the casual ’90s girl. Pair with high socks, a plaid skirt and a blazer for the ultimate fashion look this fall.

Before the weather gets too cold, these platform sandals are the perfect way to rock the ’90s trends this season.

You may have noticed that this Vans style is trending again. It comes in 36 colors and will go with many different outfits this fall.

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

The classic white sneaker gets a retro update with an extra chunky platform. They’re similar to the Nike Air Force 1s we know and love, but they’re a step up for next season.

Top 10 Most Popular Sneakers Of The 90’s

Our ’90s child should pair these blogs with a pair of light jeans, a simple t-shirt and a leather jacket. The best part; for sale Were you a kid with a pair of shoes that never worked? A goth kid who had a million buckles on his black boots? The boho guy who thought Birkenstocks were cool and cool?

Whoever you are, there was a shoe that represented your style and personality. So let’s take a look at some of the most iconic shoes from the ’90s that you know you had at least one in your closet.

What about 1990s fashion? Don’t worry, there’s a post for that: 15 Hella Flea Fashion Trends from the ’90s

Yes, Dr. Martens. You were both cool, trendy and edgy if you were rocking Doc Marten boots. And you probably also had a pair of sandals (they were comfortable). The rare shoe that transcends gender lines, Doc Martens is back today.

Dc Shoes Is Bringing Back Iconic 90s And Early 2000s Era Silhouettes

Doc Marten also had a version of Mary Janes in the 90s, but even if a girl didn’t have Doc Marten style, she probably had some MJ kicks, especially if she was the preppy type.

Were the gel shoes comfortable? No no. Were they good? Yes. Every girl wanted to have some kind of jelly shoes, regardless of whether they cut her feet and smelled on others.

In the 90s, the lights of LA were an absolute necessity, especially if you were a boy. Walking around, seeing your heel light up with every step, was one of the best things of the season, honestly.

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

These two shoes really belong in the same family, even though you’ve probably only owned one or the other. Jack Purcells was for preppy kids who just wanted a classic white shoe that still looked cool, while Chuck Tailors had a minimalist aesthetic with high tops and a wide variety of colors. Both are Converse shoes, however, they are just two sides of the same coin.

Coco Gauff, New Balance Unveil Modern Vintage ’90s Signature Tennis Shoe

The chunky, long platform shoes were the same, though frankly they looked more like celebrities than the average person. Like, the Spice Girls were into stage shoes (those are their feet in the photo above).

Go to a ’90s high school dance and you’re bound to see a lot of girls rocking these Steve Madden wedges, or at least variations of them. It’s much better to show off some shiny finger polish, you know?

If you were more of a hippie or bohemian, or, let’s face it, head, then Birkenstocks were your jam. Although we can talk about wearing them with socks? What is that? It’s sandals, come on.

If your high school didn’t have a small group of goth kids, was it a real high school? In addition to dramatic makeup, hairstyles and black clothing, goth kids also need long, black button-up boots to rock the party.

Nike Air Max 90 Men’s Shoes.

Oh yeah, you know you remember those Adidas slides. They always look like your feet hurt, but everyone has had a pair hit the aquatic center or outdoor public pool.

Technically, these are two different shoes, and you’ve probably had both, but at least you’ve had one or the other. Rachel Green rocked both styles on Friends and everyone wanted to be Rachel in the ’90s.

If you didn’t wear a platform outfit to prom, you might have paired your dress with a sharp, short, strappy heel.

Shoes That Were Popular In The 90s

Gone are the Reeboks pumps. It was the first sneaker with an inflation system where you could adjust the foot to lock around the ankle. Has anyone used pumps for their intended purpose or just to feel cool?

How Reebok Is Turning 1990s Nostalgia Into Sneaker Sales

A relative of the clog, it took the Stephen Madden-esque cover to the next level by covering the toes, although the soles were often made of wood. This was always confusing, sometimes good, sometimes not.

If you rocked those sparkly brogues with tights, a mini dress and a turtle neck and your hair was up, then you were totally into ’90s style.

Laced up or laced up, everyone had at least one pair of Keds, if not more, especially in the early 90s before Jack Purcell and Converse started taking over.

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