Names Of 70s Hairstyles

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Names Of 70s Hairstyles

Names Of 70s Hairstyles

Skye Kim is a hairdresser with over ten years of experience. He is currently working under Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York.

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We blame Gucci for reviving ’70s hairstyles. Since Alessandro Michele took over the Italian fashion house’s designs in 2015, we’ve seen more bobs, curly hair and ’70s-inspired hippie maxi on the runways, as well as more celebrities wearing feathers and free-spirited modeling. cut. Think Billie Eilish’s blonde hair or Miley Cyrus’ rock mules: We welcome this fun, sparkling decade with open arms, because it really was one of those hair eras.

Diana Ross’s disco-inspired afro look has plenty of hot girls to inspire you. Not only that, but these styles are very important today. We think you’ll be wearing them as often as ever, and they’ll look just as stunning. To prove just how amazing this decade’s hairstyles can be, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite looks.

Scroll through our selection of ’70s hairstyle inspiration for Saturday night frenzy.

Celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo says the coolest “cute babies” of our time are as bright and unique as the ’70s. “Since its inception, this model has been broken and reformed in many ways,” he said. Billie Eilish’s platinum sandals are causing an internet sensation in 2021, and we love the sleek layering with ruffle detailing.

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, so in that decade (and the 80s), everyone wanted this hair. In fact, this beautiful hairstyle is still loved today. To recreate this look, you’ll need a good bucket brush (we like the Double Pint Dry Stick Round Ceramic Brush, $42).

Bright feathered bangs (aka Birkin bangs) are one trendy French hairstyle we didn’t know we needed, and we love how they look on Jourdan Dunn. According to celebrity stylist Michael Duenas, today’s version is slightly longer and can be worn either pushed to the side or worn in front. “Ask your stylist to place the comb at the beginning of the hairline and move it toward the back of the head,” she says. “Where the comb goes up is how thick your bat needs to be.”

If you think the day when mulberries will be resurrected will never come, you’re not alone. However, ’70s sandals are always smooth enough to feel fresh. Miley Cyrus is always keeping us on our toes, paving the way for new and shocking things that keep popping up in salons and on Pinterest.

Names Of 70s Hairstyles

The 70s were pretty much all or nothing. The hair on one side is full of shaggy hair, while the other side has the same length of hair. “Modern bobs are usually blow-dried, ironed, with straight ends or slightly tousled,” explains Doonas. “In the ’70s, most people used round brushes. “You had more volume and a tapered end. Duenas recommends Aloxxi Volumizing Serum ($27) for finer hair and Aloxxi Essential 7 Repair Serum ($37) for thicker hair.

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Quick question: do you follow Goldie Hawn on Instagram? If not, I suggest you do so now. Horne is forever beautiful, thanks to her amazing acting skills, but her ’70s hairstyle doesn’t hurt her. Celebrity stylist Corey Aaron Scott explains how to create the perfect voluminous honeycomb: “Blow-dry and flip your hair to create volume.” To make it even better, you can follow along Roll your hair in half-inch increments, and don’t forget the bouncy hairspray.

Duenas explains that ’90s braids were high, while ’70s braids were all low, loose, light, airy, and untouched. To recreate it, she recommends starting with a blow-dry or blow-dry, then creating a mid-section. “Comb all the hair up to the parietal bone, then part it slightly from the crown to the middle of the nape,” she says. “Put it just below the earlobe and secure with an elastic band to maintain volume at the crown.”

The 70s obviously loved their beehives. The understated design became popular in the ’60s with the iconic Brigitte Bardot, but people are still raving about this sweet goodness for the next decade. But can you blame them? Apparently eternal magic is going on here.

Scarves, bandanas – anything that wraps your hair – the 70s (and 80s) lived in this carefree, fun hippie vibe. To be fair, the same is true of us today. Check out how cute Alana Morrison looks in her hijab-embellished dress.

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If you asked anyone who went there in the 70s, they’d tell you they had long, flowing locks. According to Tardo, “70s glamor hairstyles were known for their glamor and elegance at the time.” The style is nothing if not glamorous and cool.

When it comes to pure hippie chic, there’s only one man we can emulate and that’s Stevie Nicks. Woodstock rock and chic two-piece hairstyles, like the classic ankle-length cut, really worked for us.

The feathers and tousled hair of the 70s are back in modern circles, and elegant drapes are leading the way. “I think openers will always look stunning,” says Scott. To recreate it, she recommends using a round brush with a lot of tension and a good blow dryer. “I recommend blowing out these areas of the face, warming up the brush, then letting it cool, and finishing with a spritz of a pliable polish.

Names Of 70s Hairstyles

For an Aroker vibe, look no further than Tina Turner. The singer was and still is known for her heavy metal vibes, but in the ’70s she kept things layered and lively.

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Another hot thing that came out in the 1970s was the unkissed straight short fur on top of the eyebrows. They are usually bulkier than a Birkin, but sometimes they come in different sizes. To say we’re obsessed with Ducky Tot’s ’70s hairstyles would be an understatement.

This decade has seen the rise of different ankle shapes, our favorite being the wrapped ankle. In recent years, seen on models such as Khadijha Red Thunder, Zendaya, Alanna Arrington and Sandra Oh, layered hairstyles are complemented by simple curls. According to Scott, let your hair grow out and expect it to bounce and shorten as it dries.

Whether it’s placed in front or loosely scattered through the hair, if that doesn’t scream ’70s capitals, we don’t know what will. “Knitting is fun and quirky,” says Scott. “I love how you can tie the ends of a classic braid and pull it out so it’s messy and tangle-free.

The sleek, long and straight trend is enjoying a renaissance, says Tadeau, who “immediately brings to mind Cher in the ’70s and her perfect mane,” noting that the Kardashian family often champions the look. “Ask your colorist for a rich brown gloss or an all-over gloss. This will add shine to your hair, give it the perfect silky finish, and let you live out your mid-length hair dreams.” For a DIY option, Tardo recommends Ica Lu Natural Instincts ($8).

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When it comes to hairstyles in the 70s, one cannot fail to mention Queen Diana Ross. For a decade, Rose dominated with her music and became the first black woman to co-host the Academy Awards. Although she’s known for all kinds of hairstyles, her natural Afro has always been one of our favorites.

If anyone can pull off a ’70s ponytail, it’s Ariana Grande. Plump and massive is the only way to make a pony, and his sides are just the cherry on top.

Meryl Streep proved once again that there’s nothing she can’t do, including a great ’70s blonde. During this decade, the actress rocked natural images. It’s right next to a very feminine side part. All kinds of not loving? ’70s hairstyles are making a comeback, and these celebrity-approved hairstyles will cheer you up once and for all.

Names Of 70s Hairstyles

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