Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs – Who says short hair isn’t cute? All you have to do is find the perfect length, shape and color. A trendy bob with bangs will seal the deal.

Bob with Bangs 2023 can reach everyone’s heart. Follow our selection of ideas and get inspired for your new hairstyle.

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

1. Long bob with side parted bangs. Basically subtle waves and volume make a long bob look classy yet casual.

Bob Hairstyle Inspiration

2. Beachy Blonde Bob with Winged Bangs. Short hairstyles and wispy bangs suit women of all ages. The fringe adds a touch of mystery and sweetens the look.

3. Wavy bob with sheer bangs. This hairstyle is simple yet beautiful. A layered cut looks great with subtle beach waves and a slight brow that skims the forehead.

4. Pink bob with wispy bangs. This bob with bangs can make you look fresh, elegant and sophisticated. Choose the length and type of bangs that best suit your face shape and hair type to show off the hottest hairstyles of the season!

5. Bob haircut with side bangs. Side bangs add more volume and vibrancy to an otherwise simple bob.

Best Bob Haircut For Each Face Shape

6. Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs. This bob haircut with bangs is perfect for wavy and curly hair. The warm chocolate brown color, soft short waves and straight edge to feed the eyes make for a very attractive look.

7. Very short bob with bangs. Some short haircuts can make women look childish. Details like sleek brow-skimming bangs, crisp ends and tousled finishes put the beauty of your hair back the feminine way.

8. Tousled Bob with Bangs. This medium bob with bangs looks great. The sun-kissed highlights have a lot of texture and depth and the tousled waves make them look more attractive and alluring.

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

9. Straight Bob with Side Parted Bangs. This bob haircut with bangs is perfect for thick hair and a striking look.

Layered Shoulder Length Haircuts To Bring To Your Next Salon Visit

10. A very short bob with short bangs. A jaw-length bob and short bangs are paired with subtle waves. A slightly brown look with beautiful boho-style earrings is bold and eye-catching.

11. French Bob with Choppy Bangs. Throw yourself back to the good old days with this pretty French bob with bangs. You look young and strong with hair that frames your face well. Add some messy bangs to your bob and you’re all set for any occasion!

12. The popular bob with sheer bangs. Get extra style with this cute bob cut with bangs! To show off the hottest hairstyle of the season, choose wispy bangs that suit your face and hair type.

13. Jaw-dropping Red Bob with Bangs. Gives a nod to the old days. Keeping your hair out of your face will make you look younger and more confident. Your bob will look great with fuzzy bangs and textured ends.

Medium Haircut Inspiration For 2023

14. Choppy bob at the neck. Here’s a chic bob with tousled ends and a swoopy fringe to complete the look. After all, bangs are the most important part of your hair. Sheer fringe adds a flirty vibe to any look.

15. Short Wavy Bob With Bangs. The wavy bob hairstyle with bangs is all over Instagram and you can easily see it on the street. So, try a bob cut with bangs and always look, look and feel confident.

16. Wavy bob style with bangs. If you want a simple cut, this is the hairstyle for you. A nice angled bob at the right length will give you an attractive vibe. Pair it with choppy bangs for a French vibe!

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

17. Long Wavy Platinum Blonde Bob. Surprise everyone with this new hairstyle! Platinum blonde is already beautiful – what more could you ask for when you have trendy hair with bangs?

Rock Layered Haircuts With Bangs With These Ideas

18. Platinum red bob with bangs. Bangs add incredible dimension to blunt bob haircuts. The central strands of iced gold scattered across the sides create a stunning beauty that is almost heavenly.

19. Layered Long Bob with Side Bangs. Keep it classy with a shoulder-length bob. The swoopy bangs give a great look! Go for light colors for the lengths and dark roots for a complete transformation.

20. Classic French bob with bangs. Are you afraid to experiment with your hair and try new hairstyles and cuts? You can never go wrong with a classic bob cut and fringe that skims the brows. Enjoy the hairstyle you’re used to, but add something like baby fairy lights or cropped locks for a new look!

21. Wispy, Shaggy Bob with Bangs. Fringe can be styled in many ways, for example these fringe curtains create an airy look. Bangs aren’t just for fine, flat hair. This is a must-have for anyone who loves their hair and wants to try trendy bangs.

Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs And Layers

22. Layered bob with side parting and bangs. This guy bursts into rolling with his stick. A long bob with side bangs and feathered layers adds another dimension to the look which makes it complete and unique.

23. Platinum Blonde Bob with Side Bangs. Your new hair will amaze everyone! It’s hard to imagine what else you could want when your platinum blonde hair boasts long rooted hair.

24. Classic Bob with Pieced Bangs. Want an awesome hair change? You will never look boring with a bob haircut with bangs. Add a ruffled top to complete your look and be runway ready anytime, anywhere!

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

25. Beachy Wave Bob and Bangs. A deep, thick fringe that completely hides the forehead looks even more attractive when you complement a chin-length bob with prominent features.

The Curly Bob Is The Cute Cut We Keep Seeing Everywhere

26. Long Brown Bob With Bangs. Side bangs are a great way to finish off your long bob haircut. Its versatility in length and texture makes this style ideal for medium length hair.

27. Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs. The change is amazing. The beauty is amazing. If you are wondering if you want to cut your hair with bangs, the rich and bourgeois girl in the photo dispels any doubts.

28. Red Blonde Hair with Bangs. Long bangs look great on braids, as you can see here. Rely on bangs to beautifully sculpt your face and draw attention to its beautiful features.

29. Brunette Bob with Center Parted Bangs. You can make your bob style unique with bangs to show your unique taste and trendy style. Full bangs with a center parting can add a quirky and mysterious edge to a bob haircut.

Gorgeous Medium Length Layered Haircuts For 2023

30. Bob with delicate curtain bangs. Interestingly, swapping out your bob for bangs can transform your hairstyle from simple to striking. Even if you don’t like bushy bangs, the beautiful effect of minimalist bangs will blow your mind.

31. Short Layered Auburn Bob with Bangs. Face-framing bangs and voluminous layers make this neck-length bob look full. Dramatic light and dark red hues add dimension to the highlights and lowlights.

32. Wavy and Shaggy Bob with Bangs. Do you already have colored hair? No problem. Have fun and accentuate your sophisticated hair color with a wavy, shaggy bob. Wear waves and highlights for a breath of fresh air!

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

33. Short Bob Hairstyle with Feminine Bangs. The most effective way to cut short hair with bangs is to use deep, neat bangs. This look is soft and elegant.

Trendy Medium Layered Haircuts With Bangs

34. Medium Length Hair with Layers and Layers. Root volume adds vibrancy to short bangs and long, wavy bobs.

35. Lip-length bob with wispy bangs. A voluminous brunette bob with partial blonde highlights and wavy bangs. What could be a surprise? All attention will be on you.

36. Messy Curly Bob With Bangs. Curls, curls and curls – here they are shown with both bangs and bangs. There is no denying that they look amazing, the color gradually changes from the dark brown of the roots to the natural golden color of the tips.

37. Spotted Shaggy Bob with Neat Bangs. A messy, bold bang and voluminous roots create a well-shaped bob for beautiful hair.

Sexy Layered Bob With Curtain Bangs And Undone Wavy Texture With Balayage

38. Bob with Short Crescent Bangs. A rounded arched edge can cover a large forehead and a small face. Combine it with waves in the center of the shaft and dimensional highlights on the sides.

39. Blunt Blonde Short Bob with Bangs. It is a classic short bob with bangs that almost touch the eyebrows.

40. Side Bob with Long Bangs. If you don’t want to wear bangs, sweeping the front of your hair to the side will give you the look of a mesmerizing bob cut with bangs, without bangs. These types of faux bangs look best on heart shaped faces.

Medium Length Layered Bob Haircuts With Bangs

41. Neck Length Bob with Bangs. Hairstyles with bangs are ideal for small strands when cut short to medium length. Pairing the lob with bangs that go over the eyebrows gives your bob hairstyle a bold and expressive look.

Best Bob Haircuts For Women 2023

42. Highlighted shaggy bob with jagged bangs. This bob cut has wavy bangs, shaggy layers, and a dark brown to bleach color gradient.

43. Classic blunt straight bob with long bangs. A long blunt bob with side bangs is the epitome of beauty and glamor in short hair.

44. Not in the family

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