Makeup 70s

Makeup 70s – If the saying is to be believed, the 70s is definitely a time to define everything under the neon haze.

From their groundbreaking music to their short-lived but ever-popular style, the 1970s started like a whirlwind and changed the future of show business.

Makeup 70s

Makeup 70s

If you are a fan of cosmetics and want to go back in time through the glittering street of the 70s, beware.

S Makeup Inspiration From Huda Kattan

This detailed article will help you understand everything about 70s makeup style. So, keeping this in mind, we have provided jump links to different sections of the post for easy navigation.

If we can point to a time in the history of creative change, the 70s is the decade to talk about!

From new fashion trends to women’s emancipation, makeup in the 1970s showed everything important and direct.

It’s a new beauty where traditional apple cheeks and feminine figures are transformed into an extravagant disco.

Year Rewind: Top Makeup Trends Of The 70s

From skinny pants to long flowing hair to bold, bright lips, the 70s had a variety of unique design rules.

This season marks a shift from the traditional, vintage “winged line” look to subtle but dramatic eyes.

Differences can be seen in eye makeup techniques using white eyeliner, bright colored lids, exaggerated brows, etc.

Makeup 70s

When it comes to eyebrows, a strong structural change can be observed in decades. But the ’70s certainly mark a period of thinness.

The Iconic Era That Inspired Angela Bassett’s Makeup Look At The Naacp Image Awards — Exclusive

Retro divas and on-screen fashionistas have turned to well-defined, rounded, thin brows. They used the most delicate methods of making brows to fix the brows.

And unlike today’s thick, raised eyebrows, the shape was rounded. However, there was also a trend for thick eyebrows.

Look, well, apple-red cheeks have always been a thing in fashion trends. But as we know, the 70s brought some new trends and made iconic fashion sensations.

From celebrities like Diana Ross to Farrah Fawcett, many ’70s divas rocked sun-kissed cheeks.

Summer Makeup: 15 Nostalgic Beauty Muses To Inspire A 70s Inflected Makeup Look

The law-breaking divas of this glamorous era grabbed all the attention with bright, full lips. Thus, lip gloss made a permanent place in the emerging fashion industry of the 1970s.

Whatever is in pop culture, it is based on the inspirations of that time, such as music, movies, and other social and cultural contexts.

In the 1970s, different types of music emerged and took hold in popular culture, such as rock and roll, punk, and disco. Each of these brands came with its own style of fashion.

Makeup 70s

From sunglasses to cabaret makeup, from bright lips to today’s “no makeup” look, time has seen many trends come and go.

Top 70s Makeup Looks For This Fall

While new makeup trends were common, many women eagerly experimented. Makeup styles from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s kept coming back into fashion.

Films like The Great Gatsby (1974) or period films like The Boy Friend (1971) explored the desire for a polished-looking look, doll faces, thin eyebrows, etc.

Highlights of ’70s makeup revolved around glosses, nude lipsticks, dark-toned foundations, charcoal liners, bronzers and more.

Women in the 70s used matte foundations to match their skin tone. To create dark shadows, the foundations were very clean and natural light.

From Peachy Shades To Frosty Eyes: 70s Makeup Is Making A Return

Today, you can use an oil-free cream-based foundation to match your skin, or you can adjust the BB cream.

The colors are bright and the product gives a velvety tan finish. For warm tones, use copper or terracotta tones.

70s makeup featured the use of liquid black eyeliner, matte black kajal and heavy use of white eyeliner. Eye makeup that is beautiful but beautiful was for heavy eyes.

Makeup 70s

Today you can line up your lower lash lines with LakmeAbsolute Eye Pencil in the shade of white. You can also try their range of metallic pencils to experiment with your 70s makeup look.

The Revival Of 70s Beauty Has Arrived

Bobbi Brown has a wide range of metallic and shimmery powder eyeshadows available today. For bright pastel eyes, you can rely on Huda Beauty.

The ladies took an eyebrow pencil and put a sharp and very curved line on it. Consider Donna Summer’s brows.

Also, brave and impudent women of that time created a stunning look with extended false eyelashes.

Today you can recreate these amazing eye makeup looks from the 70s with Pooplunch false eyelashes. You can also try some of the best false eyelash styles.

Top Beauty Trends Of Each Decade Of The Past Century

Bright pop lips in red, bright pink or bright neon made a difference in the style of makeup.

You can add ’70s drama to your lips with MAC Cosmetics’ shimmery gold shades. These lip colors are perfect for a dewy, natural, but makeup look.

Name Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Allie McGraw or Cher, many women of the 70s turned hot with their different full and shiny lips.

Makeup 70s

Thick, glossy lips are also a thing these days. So you can choose lip gloss or lip gloss balms from Urban Decay.

These ’70s Inspired Makeup Trends Are Back And Better Than Ever

So here we are giving you a detailed step-by-step guide to creating a special 70s makeup look.

In this episode, we’ll explore some of the best ’70s makeup looks from the pages of recorded history.

On the other side of the spectrum was the natural matte and beachy makeup of the 70s.

Women in the 70s were comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, a tan on the beach was a thing back then.

Makeup In The 70s Hot Sale

However, in the design focus of the 1970s, women indulged in a glamorous eye with defined creases lined with dark eyeliner and extended false eyelashes.

Aside from the familiar areas of glitter, shine and glitter, the makeup of the 1970s stood out from the norm in many other ways. Indeed, this time celebrated all things unusual.

Gone are the days when only fair-skinned women appeared on the show. Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and many other women of color emerged as pop culture divas in the 1970s.

Makeup 70s

Well, when dark skinned women started making waves, bronzed skin became the buzz.

Watch Blésnya Minher Recreate Donna Summer’s ’70s Glam

From the discussion so far we have been able to distinguish some perspectives from the 70s that are present today.

So here’s a list of must-have makeup looks from the 70s and how you can recreate them.

Eye makeup with sharp cut creases is vintage and bold at the same time.

From the dive of the 70s to today, women with quirky makeup ideas often blend their crease lines with different liners and shadows.

Best ’70s Makeup Trends To Try

To create this look today, you need to use the following products and follow the steps below.

The ’70s no-makeup look was about daring to capture beauty and eye-catching shine.

This dewy, natural look was perfect for daytime and was easy to create.

Makeup 70s

To create this minimalist and natural 70s makeup look today, you need to grab the following products and follow the steps above.

S Makeup On Sale

The disco glitter makeup look of the 70’s came on trend and started other makeup trends.

To create this retro 70s makeup, just play with a touch of color.

Bold and bold lips are paired with plenty of shine and sheer. However, sheer lip makeup was complemented by a soft face and eyes.

An era of dance queens and hippies, 70s makeup and fashion tells us to celebrate every moment like there’s no tomorrow.

Every Time Cher’s Makeup Inspired Us To Go Bold With Beauty

With women liberated in the show and carefree and confident fashionistas around the world, the 1970s witnessed the golden age of design and fashion.

If you’re looking to create your own ’70s look, take some time to research shades and tutorials before diving in. Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are still out of costumes (or any ideas, for that matter), we would suggest dressing up as a fashionable woman of the 1970s. The 1970s were not only a decade full of the best trends of the time – from ties to corduroy – but the aesthetic continues to inspire trends to this day.

Launching a real nightclub Studio 54? Channel Diana Ross with extra lash extensions or Bianca Jagger full brows. Or, if you’ve just had curtain bangs, take a hippie, bohemian approach and dress like Farrah Fawcett or Stevie Nicks. Either way, keep scrolling for your simple and stylish outfit.

Makeup 70s

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