Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair – In honor of New Year’s Eve, author Janice Minot recounts the DIY journey of knitting a box that took her from “weak to strong.”

Growing up, I had one of those moms who could do anything. She cooked chicken, made shelves, and most importantly, she knew how to weave cloth. When I was young, I sat on the couch in front of the TV and her skilled hands combed her hair. After the marathon

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

In just a few hours, it leaves behind a plump pillow, soft skin, and shiny tips.

Everything You Need To Know About Box Braids

At that time I was not interested in what was happening. I loved looking cute and seeing terrible couples break up (Phoebe and Cole forever.)

When I moved to Toronto for school and saw the lack of beauty talent for black girls, I never thought about doing my own hair. In fact, I suffered without fever for several years before I met my favorite artist, Stephon. His style has never failed and I have never failed.

In March 2020, hair care became difficult again. When stylists started canceling appointments due to COVID-19, I started to feel powerless and powerless. In addition to the chaos of layoffs and layoffs that took place around me, the terrifying thought was that even my appearance was now out of my hands.

That summer, while everyone else was baking bread, I decided to put my new skill to use: the knitting box. This is how I did it.

How To Maintain Your Box Braids While Keeping Your Own Hair Healthy

As much as I love my mom, I’d rather swallow a jean jacket than have her teach me how to knit over the phone. Instead, I turned to the screen as my best tool and watched a lot of YouTube videos. Arnel Armon’s first attempt appeared.

But let’s be real: Arnel is an Aquarius who is known for his charm, and I’m a shooter who doesn’t know how to put himself on the edge. I knew my first visit would be more messy than hers, but I learned as much as I could, like using apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and using pre-stretched hair to save time. Every tip made me feel like I was in something special that only black girls know about. Soon I began to feel powerless.

After storing my supplies—six hair packs, foam wraps, gel, and a ponytail comb—I was ready to go. It turns out it’s not as difficult as I thought. It was very difficult. My organs were a mess. My braids were loose. My hair didn’t look like synthetic hair like I expected. With sore fingers, I would finish the terrible weaving, and then watch it flow.

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

After the first four hours I felt like I gave up. But with the help of bags of pizza and lots of Phoebe Bridgers, I pushed forward and somehow managed to look up.

How To Cornrow Your Own Hair, The Easy Way

My friends said she looked good, but… I was proud of myself for trying, but I also knew I was rocking a look that would put a lady at the bottom of two charts.

In the fall, salons began to reopen and I returned to Stephon with a new price. As I said, her knitting is not to be missed.

However, the following summer, I felt like I should try again. I changed things at work

These large gold braids. They fit my style, my creativity and I created them with my own hands. I received many compliments from my friends and even from strangers on the street. I would enjoy the look of wonder when I said, “Thank you, I did it myself!”

How To French Braid Your Own Hair Tutorial

The barrier that had always stood between me and my favorite form of defense disappeared. Although I considered shaving my head once or twice during the process, I now knew that I could braid whenever I wanted. In my opinion.

Plague restrictions finally showed me that you don’t have to be a perfect stylist to be a good stylist for yourself. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially if it makes you feel instantly empowered and boosts your self-esteem. What is more beautiful than that? Want to learn how to braid your hair in French? yes then you are in the right place!

In this post, you will learn how to do a French braid step by step. French knots are all the rage right now and I can see why! This is a beautiful hair, and a very useful hair!

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

French braids are easy to do and perfect for second or third day hair. The bonus of French braids is that if you sleep with them in your hair at night, you’ll have beautiful waves the next day!

Waterfall Braid Tutorial

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When you do a French braid, you cross the hair at the top and middle. When you do a Dutch braid, you cross the hair down the middle. The only difference between braids is that you cross your hair up or down.

So if you know how to do a Dutch braid, French braiding your hair will be easy! For a complete guide on how to do a French braid, keep scrolling!

Understanding the technique of French braiding is one thing, but moving your hair while braiding is another thing entirely and probably the hardest part!

Different Ways To Learn How To Braid At Home

So I made a new video showing you how to do a French braid, but this time I’m going to explain how I hold my hair and which fingers are involved! The video is at the link below!

: Leave the hair down and divide it into two equal sections at the nape of the neck. Use a hair clip or a rubber band to secure one side so you don’t have to worry about braiding.

Take a section of hair and divide it into three equal parts. You now have 3 strands of hair like a regular braid

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

Now take a small section of hair above the strand. The two will be merged

Sleeping In Braids

Now cross the upper strand + the hair you just took from the top and middle. (You can also cross the upper middle strand first. Then add a section of new hair. Both methods give the same result)

Now repeat this on the other side. So take a new section of hair under the strand. The two will be merged

: Now cross the bottom strand + the hair that you just lifted up and in the middle

Repeat steps 5-8 until there is no extra hair. Then braid the rest of your hair like a regular braid. Then fasten the knitting with elastic bands. Make sure the screws are the same length

French Braid For Beginners

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Essential cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. This group only includes cookies that provide the functionality and security of the site. These cookies do not store your personal information. The quality of black hair depends on avoiding risks. The weather, your pillowcase, and even your fingers can reflect your goal of healthy hair. Our best shield against damage is a layer of protection, usually a bob, two-piece braid, or a braid – which we change every two weeks. We call it “protectors,” but these masks also promote hair growth, strengthen ends, and look great. About

Learn How To Braid Your Own Hair

In the Black Hair Guide, black hair YouTuber William Humphrey (WillOnAWhim) explains how to create braids while maintaining all the moisture your hair needs. This is the first step to protecting your hair and an important part of the journey to dark hair.

Learn How To French Braid Your Own Hair

Play for yourself,” says Humphrey. “Making things from the last day of washing makes your parts look like tiles.” Use your fingers or a towel on your head – or ask a friend – to apply a few strands to your scalp and hair.

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