Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday

Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday – Read it. How much makeup, if any, do you wear at work every day? But more importantly, why do you think you’re wearing it?

Sounds like a pretty simple question, right? But when we asked 37 women to find out, the answer was… complicated.

Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday

Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday

Additional Notes: The makeup artist explains exactly how to shape your brows for well-groomed brows every day. Posting continues after the video.

I’ll Never Understand Why Women Are So Concerned With How Much Makeup Other Women Wear

For some, wearing makeup at work is mandatory (or optional). Others think that the full face of the foundation only hinders their work. Then there are women who use makeup as a tool to feel professional at work, who use it as armor every day.

If you’re wondering how other women do (or don’t) do their makeup for work, keep scrolling to see 37 Australian women’s gorgeous, unfiltered looks and read about their work makeup routines. Their thoughts are very fascinating.

Work makeup for me is a full face because I have to. I’m a flight attendant, so I’m expected to dress up and take care of myself all day, which is pretty annoying. So I try to wear as little cream as I can, avoid cream products and look for products that are good for your skin to keep my skin hydrated.

I would say makeup is not an expectation in my role. I’m an engineer for a construction company, and other women in the same role wear anywhere from no makeup to a finished look, depending on preference. We also sometimes have to be on location, which makes doing makeup a little impractical. I find creams and BB/CC creams too heavy and uncomfortable for 10 hour days, so I wear a light layer of concealer where I feel redness or unevenness. Skin tone and spot corrector. I use powder to highlight the face and under the eyes. Brows are a must and I use eyeshadow a lot because I love eyeshadow. And always mascara.

Skincare Rules To Follow If You Wear Makeup Everyday

This is my work face. I don’t wear makeup at work except for a green color correcting primer to reduce redness. How I think about it. Why waste time on makeup when you can sleep?

I am 33 years old and have been working in childcare for 14 years. I didn’t wear makeup those days. Every morning I cleanse my face, apply moisturizer and my trusty sunscreen because I’m outside most of the day and…well, I go to work. Sometimes I feel like I need to wear makeup, especially when I’m broke, but then I remember I don’t. For example, where does it say in my job description that I have to apply makeup and change the appearance of my face?

I work in real estate and I’m the only woman in the office who wears absolutely no makeup to work. A few years ago I put on most of my makeup (the worst) at once and a few days without makeup turned into everyday. I loved how easy my mornings were, so I never went back. Sometimes I wear makeup at my high-end house openings, but I’ve become more confident with my bare face.

Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday

I’m a police officer and I wear a mask every day. Foundation, concealer, translucent powder, contour and eyeliner. I also have eyelash extensions. Of course, being in a role is not expected and the last thing on my mind, but the makeup makes me happy. It’s a hobby. I love to try and collect and I love to buy. And when it comes to things to see and do, I think I should allow myself to be excited to put on my makeup every morning and still feel good and confident.

Makeup Is For Everyone

I never wear it. I tried it for a few days at my first job a few years ago, but then I realized it was a waste of my time. It was inconvenient and took me extra time in the mornings to eat breakfast. Also, my office was mostly male, and none of them needed makeup, so why should I work harder than them to look “present”? So I wasn’t worried and felt better about it. At my current job, I work remotely, so I’m the only person in my office, and that’s not necessary for me right now.

I’m a stay at home mom and like to wear makeup five days a week. No matter where I am, the ritual of getting up, showering, doing my hair and putting on my makeup gets me ready for the day, feeling “on” and ready. I love the application process and the way my skin looks plays a big part in my confidence throughout the day. I would say I wear whatever I want, whenever I want, depending on the day. If I’m feeling particularly sad or gloomy, I can flip it and go Kardashian or just do a minimal ‘your skin but better’ look. It all comes back to how I feel and doing it for myself, not for anyone else.

I wear minimal makeup, just because my mornings have been busy since having my baby two years ago. I was wearing full face makeup. Now I devote more time to skin care and beauty procedures. I use CC cream, lip gloss and eyelash lift, and I shape and pluck my eyebrows every four weeks. I really feel like I should be natural, but I look radiant.

I’m a zookeeper, so I work outside all day. hot and sweaty. I wear minimal makeup, usually just sunscreen, BB cream, something in between brow color and mascara.

Beauty And The Bloke: Why More Men Are Wearing Makeup

I’m a high visibility HR manager in the mining industry and every day I hit steel to make a full face of makeup look ridiculous. When I go underground, I don’t carry anything because we are going underground. I use fake tan drops on my face to at least have some color. If I’m working on the surface, I just wear a CC cream, translucent powder, a bit of bronzer and a tube of mascara.

I wear full face makeup with all the trimmings because I like it and I wouldn’t be me without it. I’m an emergency room nurse, so makeup isn’t really expected. I have dry skin, but for work, super hydrating skincare, moisturizer and then a matte powder works for me.

I am a structural engineer and work in a male dominated industry. At first I felt embarrassed or criticized for my makeup, nails, etc. I don’t care anymore after a few years. I love wearing makeup and bold lipstick and it makes me feel confident and empowered when I go to a meeting or a venue and tell them what to do. I think they’ve learned not to judge and I know what I’m talking about at this point.

Is It Okay To Wear Makeup Everyday

This is my default work face. I basically do the same makeup every day and have managed to get it down to a 10 minute routine. I wear a full coverage foundation and concealer to make me look more awake than I am (a must for work), then set on a translucent powder to keep it from looking pale and then finish with bronzer. As for the eyes, I like to keep it really simple because who has time for a cat eye in the morning? I’ll also use lipstick, which is my secret weapon for making it look like I’ve put more effort into my makeup than I actually have. I don’t wear makeup because I feel like I should, I just love to wear makeup, why not? We’re not really expected to do this at work, and of course there are days when I just run naked to work and feel great about it.

What Happens To Your Face When You Wear Makeup Every Day

I’m a freelance writer, so I work from home, but when I have a big day at work, I do makeup, even if I stay home. If I don’t put it on and put it on my face, I won’t feel ready for the day. If I’m in PJs and no makeup, I don’t feel productive. In order to feel like I’m “at work” when I’m at home, I have to act like I’m at work, otherwise I procrastinate.

I’ve always been natural at work and prefer minimal makeup. But because I’m old, I’m 54, I need makeup every day. I look as natural as possible, but at 54, my skin isn’t as flawless as it used to be, so I feel better when I cover it up.

This is my usual routine

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