Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday – MiraLAX is generally not recommended for children because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve its use due to a lack of clinical trials in children. However, some randomized controlled trials have shown it to be safe and effective for intermittent pediatric use, so in some countries physicians may prescribe it for the treatment of constipation in children based on clinical guidelines. Abdominal pain, loss of appetite and bloating in children with constipation. Defecation less than three times a week for several weeks is considered chronic constipation (1). Children with constipation can change their diet and take laxatives such as MiraLAX. Read about the safety and side effects of Miralax for children here.

MiraLAX is a brand name for generic polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350). This substance belongs to the category of osmotic laxatives that act as stool softeners by retaining water in the colon, thereby increasing stool size and stimulating the defecation reflex (2).

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

PEG 3350, drug component MiraLAX, electrolyte-free solution; it is odorless and carries no risk of electrolyte imbalance. It dissolves readily and is absorbed in small amounts from the gastrointestinal tract (3).

Daily Otc Pearl: Miralax (polyethylene Glycol 3350)

Polyethylene glycol, the active ingredient in MiraLAX, is chemically derived but contains no gluten, sugar, or preservatives (4).

According to a research article published in the Canadian Family Physician, the PEG 3350 active ingredient in MiraLAX is a safe and effective long-acting laxative for the pediatric population. However, the study adds that little is known about the safety of this drug in children under two years of age (3).

It should be noted that the MiraLAX manufacturer only recommends it for children over 17 years of age. For use in children under 16 years of age, a doctor’s consultation is required ((5).

Additional studies (6)(7) indicate that PEG 3350 is safe for children and infants under 18 months of age to relieve chronic constipation. However, in 2017, some families claimed that MiraLAX causes psychological distress in children. This incident led to several petitions to the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) asking for a safety assessment of MiraLAX in children (8).

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The USFDA then commissioned a study at the Department of Gastroenterology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to determine if PEG 3350 or its components could cause neurological disorders in children.

The hospital says they are in the first phase of a study. He also recommends that parents discuss the use of MiraLAX with their child’s pediatrician until conclusions are drawn about the effects of PEG 3350 on children (9).

Another research paper analyzed multiple sources of data, including surveys by the USFDA, Google Trends, and US pediatric gastroenterologists. It could not be determined whether the suspected symptoms had previously existed in the children or were due to MiraLAX. The researchers also noted that changes in the behavior of non-verbal children can be perceived as neuropsychiatric disorders.

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

The study acknowledged the limitations of data sources. Because historical studies and anecdotal evidence are conflicting, the safety of MiraLAX remains in question until the completion of the CHOP study. That’s why it’s best to talk to your pediatrician before using MiraLAX on your child.

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The data show that PEG 3350 is safe for infants and children and does not cause an increase in glycol in the body. It is also non-addictive and non-addictive for autism spectrum disorders (16).

If you notice that your child is constipated early on, your pediatrician may ask you to try non-drug methods to relieve constipation. However, if the constipation is severe, the child may need to have a bowel lavage followed by MiraLAX. You will need to follow the MiraLAX regimen prescribed by your doctor. Thus, children can take MiraLAX if dietary changes do not help (11).

If your doctor has prescribed MiraLAX for your child, here are the instructions for using it.

Your doctor may prescribe a different dose than what is described above, or even what is listed on the MiraLAX packet. To avoid overdose, follow the dosing method recommended by your doctor and inject the prescribed dose.

Miralax 45 Once Daily Doses Value Size. 26.9oz. Exp 04/2024 41100568007

Polyethylene glycol with electrolytes is used for bowel movements before medical exams and procedures such as colonoscopy (14). It is not intended to be a regular dose for the treatment of constipation in infants and young children.

According to a University of Michigan Health System brochure, MiraLAX may have the following side effects (15):

Ideally, even though MiraLAX is available without a prescription, you should not use the drug without consulting your doctor. Before prescribing MiraLAX, your pediatrician may ask about your child’s medical history. However, before prescribing MiraLAX, tell the doctor about any specific medical conditions or allergies your child has.

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

According to the Forest Hills Pediatric Associates (Michigan Pediatric Medical Office) Constipation Brochure, below are non-drug ways to relieve mild to normal constipation in various age groups.

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Teach young children the correct position for going to the toilet; that is, the knees should be at the level of the hips, the feet on the floor or on a stool to free the hips (17).

The above methods do not replace MiraLAX, but work as an alternative. If your child has a food allergy or a tendency to allergies, check with your doctor before giving him any food to help relieve constipation in general.

MiraLAX should be used as directed by a doctor. It may take up to three days for a child’s bowel to clear after MiraLAX is administered. During this time, stools may be frequent and unpredictable (11).

The dose of MiraLAX is determined by your child’s age or weight (11) (18). Check with your doctor to determine the exact dose your child needs.

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MiraLAX can be mixed with any hot or cold beverage such as water, tea, coffee, iced coffee, orange juice, coconut water, smoothies, infant formula, baby food, or mineral water (2).

MiraLAX for children is a laxative that is mainly used when a child has chronic or severe constipation. You may need to take medication and change your diet to treat constipation in children. Therefore, if you are considering giving MiraLAX to your child, you should check with your doctor to confirm it is safe for your child and prescribe a dose to avoid side effects.

This publication is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Do not use any medication without consulting your doctor.

Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

Changing the diet and drinking enough water may be enough to relieve mild constipation in children. Although laxatives are available without a prescription, they should only be given to children on the advice of a doctor. The infographic below lists laxatives that can be used for children.

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If your child is constipated, you can give him a dose of Miralax to relieve discomfort and pain. Before taking such measures, be sure to watch this video to clearly understand the risks before using this drug.

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Bayer Miralax Laxative

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Is It Okay To Use Miralax Everyday

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