Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down – Curls are amazing. We love the way they look, we’re proud of them, and yet there’s one question that everyone asks themselves at some point:

Especially if you follow the curly girl method, it can be quite difficult to wash and define your curls. A labor of love, sure, but still a lot of work.

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

So who can blame us for not wanting to do this every morning? Wouldn’t it be so nice if we could leave our curls overnight?

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(By the way, this works for natural curls, but it also helps if you’re wondering how to keep your curls overnight!)

Since this is really a common question, there are many methods that you can try. Some are very easy, others may take a little longer. But they will all help you sleep peacefully without ruining your curls.

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The most famous way to sleep in curls is to “pineapple” your hair before going to bed. ​​​​The method got its name because of its characteristic shape, which resembles a pineapple.

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If you don’t have very long hair yet, you can easily do a pineapple. Simply gather the hair at the crown, right in the middle, and tie it with spiral elastics. (If you don’t have them yet, get them here!*)

The spiral hairband prevents any pilling and creasing that regular hairbands leave behind. And you definitely want to protect your curls from them!

The biggest benefit of pineapple is that your curls don’t get in the way at night. If your “pineapple” is right on top of your head, you won’t be lying on top of your head. In this way, you will not damage the curls by pinching them between the body and the mattress.

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

In this case, you can turn your pineapple ponytail into a messy bun by securing the curls with another tie. Or you can choose any of these pineapple methods for curly hair for a bed that is hair

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Since my hair is too long to put in a bun, my favorite sleeping bun for curls is bobby pins. I love it because it works on all hair lengths and is a great way to style your hair for bed.

So that I can sleep in a bun and keep my curls, I make a bun very similar to the one in the video below. The only difference is:

In my Curly Girl Guide, I previously covered how to help shape curls while blow drying using a technique called ‘spitting’.

To detangle your hair, you place a piece of fabric, like a t-shirt, on a flat surface, bend it over, and gather your hair in the middle.

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Then you bring your head closer to the fabric so that your curls can “fold” in. When your head touches the fabric, you wrap the fabric around your head to keep everything in place.

To sleep on curls without damaging them, you can use this method. Simply apply some gel to your locks (find girl-approved gels for curly hair here!), and otherwise follow the steps above.

See if you can find a light cotton t-shirt for this, as a microfiber towel can be too hot to sleep on and easier to slip off.

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

SLAPs or bonnets are another very popular way to hold curls overnight. I personally prefer SLAP (get it here*!) because it looks much better, but both will work equally well.

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If you have enough time and patience, you can also do the “pin method” to hold your curls. This can give you great results as it will not only preserve your curls but also strengthen them. But… you need time for that!

Here’s how you do it: You take each curl individually, twist it to a certain size, and then pin it to the head to hold.

If you want, you can knead the jelly beforehand. Once you have all your hair curled like this, put on a scrunchie, beanie, or other fancy hat.

Also, pay attention to where you pin the curls, because you will have to sleep on it anyway. You don’t want to be stuck with pins all night!

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In the morning, remove all the pins and gently shake the curls. They should look pretty obvious!

People with straight hair sometimes sleep with a bandage on the curling iron. If you are not too attached to the round natural shape of your curls, you can use this method too!

Just grab a hair-friendly band (bonus points for satin or silk!), put it on before bed and wrap your hair around it strand by strand. See the image below for a visual guide on how to do this.

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

If your hair is long and/or thick, DO NOT do this on wet hair. It won’t dry completely by morning, so you’ll end up with less-than-stellar results. Lanzhire Heatless Hair Curler To Sleep In, No Heat Curls Headband Soft Sleep Tie Scrunchie Silk Lazy Rollers For Long Hair Overnight (rose Tie Dye)

Another way to save curls in the evening can be braiding your hair before going to bed. You need a “strong” curl structure for this to work, so it’s best for hair types 3c and higher.

Just a classic braid three-strand braid before going to sleep. Be careful not to tighten it, as this will have a creasing effect and may interfere with your natural curl pattern.

Also consider the position of the braid. Depending on how you sleep, you can start braiding the top of your head so that your hair doesn’t disturb you while you sleep. Basically like a top knot, but this time it’s a top braid. (Probably. That’s a weird word.)

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Tips To Help You Sleep With Curly Hair

The Invisible Lioness is a typical introvert, but she loves to share everything she learns on the way to becoming a better, healthier and happier person. For that reason, she started blogging and hasn’t looked back since. If you’re one of those people who lets your hair down every night before you hit the pillow to keep it from tangling, it might be time for a big change.

That’s because a hair expert has revealed that you should never let your hair down in bed, as it can seriously damage your locks.

A hair expert shares his thoughts on why sleeping with your hair down can damage your hairCredit: Getty

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

The advice TikTok account Your Best Hair, or @yourbesthair, recently asked, “Why should you put your hair to sleep?”

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She quickly replied, “When you sleep with your hair down, tossing and turning, the friction of your pillow will cause frizz and breakage.”

Instead, she encouraged her 123,800 followers on social media to try the exact opposite – and reap the rewards.

She went on to explain, “Letting your hair down will protect your hair from frizz and damage.”

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How To Sleep With Curly Hair

When her followers asked for more reasons why it’s important to wear your hair down, Your Best Hair reiterated that it’s important to keep your ponytail very loose.

She continued: β€œIt will only lead to breakage if you wear your hair very tightly for a long period of time.

She also said that she prefers a very loose top, also known as ‘pineapple’.

Is It Better To Sleep With Hair Up Or Down

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When some asked if she had the best advice, she replied: “In my defense: I have over 30 years of experience and I research every subject.”

The hair expert also said she’s a fan of sleeping with silk pillows as a secondary way to ensure you don’t wake up with frizzy locks.

A hair expert has revealed the reasons why you should wear your hair while you sleep. Credit: TikTok / @yourbesthai Do you sleep with your hair up or down? This is a question that many people have been discussing for years. We all have our own opinions on whether loose hair prevents damage or is better worn to avoid disrupting the natural flow of waves and curls.

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Hair is made of protein, which is also found in other cells in your body. It is important to take care of your hair while you sleep as it can cause breakage, shedding and excessive shedding in people with long hair. Combing your hair will help preserve its natural shape, preventing tangling

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