Idk What To Do With My Hair

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Sky Kim is a hairdresser with over a decade of experience. He currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York.

Idk What To Do With My Hair

Idk What To Do With My Hair

Whether you’ve had the same look for years or just a few weeks, you may feel like it’s time to make a change. When is the right time to change your hairstyle, you ask? When you want. But if you don’t particularly like the way your hair is styled, pull it every day, or feel it looks “dull”, it’s a safe bet that a change could be good for you.

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When changing your hairstyle, it’s important to choose a stylist you can trust. If your stylist cuts your hair well, but you don’t trust them to transform your look, it’s time to get a new one. Getting a new look requires putting your trust in someone else’s hands, and you want to find a stylist who matches your vision for yourself. Ask friends, colleagues, or family members with great hair for recommendations, scroll through the Instagrams of local stylists, or use a site like Yelp for guidance.

When you go to the salon, as with anything else, it’s important to know what you want and where your limits are. See photos of hairstyles, save them to your phone or print them and bring them to your appointment. A picture gives a much better explanation than words ever could. It’s also really important to listen to your stylist and give them some leeway to make suggestions – they’re here to work with your unique features and guide you to a new style you’ll love.

Have you experimented with bangs yet? Some have been trying fringes for a while, while others (like Zooey Deschanel) wear bangs as part of their signature style. “Bangs can add a youthful, fun, edgy look to almost any haircut,” says Cleveland. Changing your bows might be just the ticket to a big hairstyle.

Bangs, when done well, are stylish, however they are also a lot of work to maintain. “Since bangs usually lose their style and shape about four weeks after a cut, it can be a bit high maintenance for some. Also, if you decide you’re not feeling the look and want to grow it out, it can be quite frustrating,” she adds.

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People make the big mistake of telling their stylists not to layer. “Layers provide movement and texture to an otherwise flat look. However, you have to be careful that the texture of your hair is suitable for layers. For example, cutting naturally curly hair with layers can create a very round shape, so if that’s not your desired look, you can be left with a mess,” Cleveland explains.

Plus, layers can frame the face in a way that complements and creates depth, tones the body and defines the desired shape in your hair. When layers are cut correctly, they can also make thick hair more manageable and give thin hair a fuller look.

Enhance the look of your natural locks with some passionate twists. These can be dressed up or down. “I love the versatility [of this look] and how it gives a curly look at the same time. Passion twists are a crisper way to wear a two-strand twist for a more bohemian look,” explains Bergamy. “This method is usually done with curly curly hair or loose natural non-synthetic hair with a wave,” she adds.

Idk What To Do With My Hair

Do you have a bow? Change with a new cut. But Cheka advises treading lightly with the scissors if you decide to cut yours. “Cut dry and without tension. Always remember, less is more! You can’t glue the hair back, but you can cut more if you want to,” she says.

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The bob haircut isn’t going anywhere and can be as edgy or sleek as your personal style. “A bob cut can be very flattering if it’s cut to accentuate your face shape. For example, if you have a prominent jawline, you may want to avoid having the weight line of a bob cut right above that area because it will draw attention,” notes Cleveland. It’s also a great style to consider when you want to try something shorter but don’t want to go “too short”.

Calling all blow dry fans: Try styling your hair with some Afro-curly French buns. “This can be done with little or no heat (without beating) if you’re an air lover…the versatility is endless,” says Bergamy.

When creating this look, she says a well-moisturized mane and careful braiding technique are important. “Make sure the hair is well moisturized. To do this, I use Contents Skin & Scalp Conditioning Cream so that the hair is moisturized from root to tip.

Instead of opting for a ponytail, why not pair it with a favorite ’90s hair accessory: the scrunchie. The number of looks you can create with this hair tie is endless. Once you’re familiar with a scrunchie, Ceka says messy buns, top knots and side ponytails are great places to start.

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Short hair can be sexy, edgy, romantic and beautiful. When you’re ready for something easy to style with a lot of personality, short hair is often a great answer. If your hair has always been long, short hair can be a really refreshing new start. There are also many different ways to cut your hair. Be sure to discuss your ideas with your stylist. Ask them to help you decide which type of short haircut will best complement your face shape, hair type and individual style.

Bergamy recommends upping your game with a two-strand bun. Ahead, she explains the process behind this look:

To add some texture and volume to your ‘do, add some loose waves. “For those with naturally wavy, textured hair, it’s very easy to create loose waves with a curling iron or flat iron. With a curling wand, wrap half of the hair twice around the barrel, hold for a few seconds, and quickly pull the ends,” explains Ceka. However, don’t be discouraged from creating this look if you don’t have curly hair – loose waves can also add definition to thin, straight hair.

Idk What To Do With My Hair

Update your bun with a messy bun. In four easy steps, you’ll take your bun to a whole new level. Below, Cheka walks us through the process:

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Switch things up with some crochet braids. Not only do they add volume to your hair, but Bergamy says they “give hair a break while protecting the ends [from] any breakage.” If you’re not sure what crochet braids to choose, Bergamy recommends choosing crochet or butterfly stitches.

To prevent hair breakage and pulling, Bergamy recommends keeping these looks intact for no more than four weeks.

Nothing can change your look like a fresh new color, bright facial reflections or low lighting to add depth. “Also, subtle chocolate tones can be added to basic brown hair to enrich the tone and make it pop. Warm tones reflect more light and increase the pop factor. You can also go for something more dramatic and add some high-fashion colors,” explains Ceka.

Explain to your stylist which shades and colors you like and which you don’t. Do you like red? How red? Does the thought of blonde hair make your stomach turn? Here comes the darkness. Make sure you and your stylist speak the same language when choosing your color. Their definition of copper and yours may be very different.

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Swap out a ponytail for a fishtail braid to create a pony with a little more style. Here, Ceka explains how to make this braid:

Maintaining your new look can mean the difference between getting something you love and something you hate. Talk to your stylist about regular cuts and color maintenance to keep your look fresh. Is this new look budget friendly? Do you have the products and tools you need to style your new look?

When you completely change your look, it takes some getting used to, especially if you’ve had the same hairstyle for a long time (or since the beginning of time). Work and adapt to your new style and try not to fall back into the same habits that prompted you to start over. Note the things you like about your new style, if there are things that don’t suit you, and keep in touch with your stylist. It could easily take a few appointments to get every detail right, but it’s better than being bored. Above all, enjoy your new,

Idk What To Do With My Hair

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