How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

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Many of my clients come to me confused about what to do with their work. They say so

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

But, after a few phone calls, some reveal secret dreams they’ve had for years or recurring thoughts they’ve been resisting.

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I’ve heard a lawyer admit that he loves privacy in interior design, a government consultant share his enthusiasm for his business acumen, and an HR manager.

Believe it or not (including themselves), at some point they knew what they wanted.

Remember when we were kids? It would be easy to say that you want an amazing life doing interesting, important and creative things.

But as we all grow older, restrictions and responsibilities and “belongings” begin to pile up. When we admit that we are looking at something dangerous or unusual, we start to get strange looks and negative comments. We had to get decent grades and a steady 9-to-5 to pay the rent.

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Sometimes these strange dreams are in the back of your mind, rushing to you for attention. And sometimes these feelings are so repressed that you “forget” all about them for months or years.

How can you tell if you’re having a secret dream that you’ve denied? Underneath the doubts and second guesses, here are 4 questions to consider to see if you have a good idea of ​​the job you want.

Question 1: What would you do with your life if no one knew about your work?

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

A common dream killer that creates all kinds of self-doubt and self-doubt is worrying about how other people react to your career choice.

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For example, my client Maddy was on her way to becoming a nurse and then a doctor. All his family and friends are very proud of his great goal.

However, as he talked about this, it became clear that his heart was not in medicine. But, when he came up with the topic of nature and good health, his whole personality shone.

The same goes for my client Emily. As a child, he liked the idea of ​​being a reformer or an important businessman. It seemed like a very interesting job, and it suited his personality and natural abilities.

But as he grew up, he felt pressure from family and society to be “good” rather than a personal assistant. He also felt that people hated him for being a “private” person and he thought that he should be a person who wants to change his life and make his mark on the world. So he gave up on the idea and went back to high school to get better, even though he wasn’t really motivated.

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In fact, he still wants to be a personal assistant. He was attracted to her as a child, and realized that the only thing stopping him from becoming a teacher was his fear of other people’s judgments.

Emily told me on a recent phone call, “Years ago, before I invested so much money and time, I would have given permission to be an assistant. But I’m glad I’m finally on this path.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the same way I did when I was 4 and woke my parents up at 2 am because I was so excited to go to bed with Christmas presents.

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

I have all kinds of things I want to study, but if I had to choose, I would go back to school and major in psychology. It just proves that I am now in the right profession, because as a teacher I am already in the whole world of psychology.

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But, if you’re not nervous like me, the thought of school can turn you off. So you can change the query to:

“If I could be a student and learn from someone I admire, who would I be?”

The point of this question is not to make you feel like you have to go back to school. (I have a lot of thoughts on whether or not to go back to graduate school, and most of the time you don’t need them.) It’s about renewing your interest, attraction, and conviction.

Have you ever found yourself doing something—reading, drawing, researching, laughing with friends, playing with your dog—and when you finally look at the time, you wonder?

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Or maybe it’s different. Maybe you are talented and can do two hours of work in 15 minutes.

The types of movements you make over time are very important. When time becomes strange and fluid, be careful what you do, because these are things that come from you and that come naturally to you.

For my client Amy, I am writing creatively. At 2:00pm on Saturday she sits down to write for an hour and doesn’t come out until her stomach starts grumbling because it’s 7:00pm and she hasn’t eaten since noon.

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

Amy doesn’t really want a career in writing (unless her drama and stories make it big, of course) because it’s Triver who doesn’t want to force her passion to give in. Finances. But he wants to find a job that inspires the same kind of creativity he feels when he writes.

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Question 4: If you received an inheritance with enough money to take care of your needs for the rest of your life, what would you do with your time?

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question before, or maybe you’ve thought about what you would do if the money was spent in a different way, but I want you to think about it more than you ever thought before.

If your immediate answer to this question isn’t something as familiar as “not working” or “traveling” or “hanging out with friends and family,” ask yourself the following questions to find out more:

Directly link to a specific career path (or maybe open some more obvious options), but it may not be the same. So you have to be creative and how to combine your charms and secret dreams at work.

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Or, for my fellow Thrivers out there (like my client Aimee), think about how your work can benefit you by spending as much of your non-work time as possible doing things that make you shine.

For those of you who come up blank when answering these 4 questions, don’t worry! This is completely normal. These questions are designed to help you decide.

But it is normal not to know what you want right now. This doesn’t mean you’re broken or lost – it just means you’re just getting started.

How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

A process that requires you to define what you value most is to give yourself permission to explore deeply what makes you happy.

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Bottom Line: One of the most common things that make people feel lost and frustrated is shutting down their dreams before they have a place to set up and become a real opportunity. So use these 4 questions to give your mind a chance to breathe.

Comment below to share your answers to one or more of these questions! There is real power in sharing your secret dreams with other people – saying them out loud makes them come true.

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How To Tell What Career Is Right For You

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