How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

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Last week the New York Times published an analysis of men’s hairstyles in America. Decision? The condition of male bread is stronger.

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

So what are men’s buns and what do they mean? Where did they come from? And most importantly, why, just… why? While the most attractive and mysterious hairstyles of 2015 may not be endless, we will introduce you to the basics of the men’s collection.

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That’s because the man bun is an incredibly versatile hairstyle that incorporates many different elements. It is easy to say what a man is.

This includes: hair on the top of the head, tied and not hanging loose (as in a ponytail).

But almost everything is lost after that. As you can see from the graph below, technically all men look very different:

Mostly in the last two years. A useful metric is Google Trends, which shows people’s interest in 2013, increased interest in 2014, and then continued growth in 2015.

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It’s a good sign of public interest, but it’s not the first time the phrase has come up. Men’s buns appeared in the trending section of the New York Times in January 2012, and one of the first tweets about the bun appeared in 2011:

@PrincetonBrooke: How I picked me up today lol #TeamBlackAndFilipino #LongHairDontCare

So, male bread has been around throughout history, but after 2012, it’s safe to say that male bread has come into its own.

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

This is debatable. In early journalism, Muffin often featured famous people who influenced his popularity. Notable evangelists include Jared Leto, Joachim Noah, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom.

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But others point to more low-key sources of inspiration, including Brooklyn bartenders and other hipsters. As with all trends, clear lines of influence can be difficult to trace.

Not sure. This is certainly a popular belief, possibly inspired by John Belushi’s portrayal of the samurai.

But photos and woodcuts of real Japanese samurai show a wide variety of hairstyles. Some samurai wore a tonka-like appearance, but others performed chōnmage, which involved shaving the front of the head:

However, today’s men’s buns are not a throwback to samurai fashion. Most modern men’s curls are combined with a stylish shirt, beard, cool pants or other fashion items. A male bun is more than just a loaf of bread – it’s part of a larger lifestyle.

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5) Can I take a break for music? Better yet, did the man sing “Man’s Bun” in falsetto?

When men’s buns became popular, they took over pop culture. Like any direction, they inspire parody. But several factors make the muffin ideal for instant distribution: it has a catchy name, it came at a time when the Internet’s influence on culture has grown, and, most importantly, it’s about Everyone has an opinion.

There are many parodies of man buns on the list, but they include celebrities wearing photoshopped man buns, satirical guides and janitors cutting man buns.

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

Let’s take a look at the previous trendy hairstyles. This hairstyle is called “high and tight” or less sensitively “Hitler Youth” (named for its resemblance to a popular German hairstyle of the 1930s). Still popular in many places, it involves lengthening the top and neatly shaving or trimming the sides, as on Macklemore (one of the many celebrities who wear this style):

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The men’s bun, especially the undercut bun, is a simple extension of this look. Make your hair a little longer and you’ll suddenly have enough to make a top knot. Really popular men’s hairstyles often appear on the timeline – a new trend is successful if it easily adapts to the old one. After all, there’s a following for “high and hard.”

An equally useful haircut also works on a variety of hair types: NBA player Joakim Noah was one of the first major stars to wear it, and many black men sport braided or braided hairstyles. (With a change of direction, it is like other men with turbans).

Joachim Noah didn’t always wear menswear, but he was one of the first to popularize the trend. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Curly twists are also common, but may require slightly longer hair. The convenience of men’s braids means that anyone looking for a great trendy hairstyle can achieve them surprisingly quickly.

My Step By Step Hair Bun Tutorial

At a time when it’s harder than ever to break out of the status quo, the man bun symbolizes something new and bold. Since then, short fair hair has been the norm.

Alternatively, you can think of menswear as the latest in a series of gender definitions, as men wear clothes that are traditionally considered feminine styles. This is not news. From the fashionistas of the 18th century to the long-haired hippies and “metrosexuals” of the early 2000s, men’s fashion trends have often been interpreted as pushing the boundaries of traditional masculinity.

So when will so many people die? No one can predict it. Maybe the Caesar section of the 1990s will come back into fashion – now that would be a radical step. But then, so is the shaft, or the mullet, or the colorless end.

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

Are you the kind of guy who needs to wear a thong? Only you know the answer to this question. Shutterstock

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If you also believe that everyone deserves access to reliable, quality information, why not make a gift today? Any amount helps. What to do with my broken hair, which is already the third day, I don’t trust the easiest hair ever: the half bun. Sure, it might sound simple, but when I slow down my laundry day a bit, half the work is my secret. I’m not alone, with many celebrities relying on more than just these (looking at you Kendall Jenner, Yaro Shahidi and Halle Bieber).

So basically, you officially have an extra reason to feel good about wearing your hair in a half-knot for the fifth day in a row. This

If you want to learn how to change your hairstyle or look, I’ve put together some of the easiest tutorials ever.

How To Put Your Hair In A High Bun

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Get Your Hair Shining In 5 Steps

Yes, although half up hairstyles looks very intuitive, they actually do require some skill. Instead of grabbing your hair and immediately putting it in a bun, first pull the top half of your hair into a tight ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Tip: If you want a little more volume, gently tug on the tail to add some height before moving on.

Then gather the ponytail with a comb (this will make the bun look bigger) and wrap the loose hair around the base. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray and you’re done. did you see? It only took 20 extra seconds and the payoff was huge.

Making traps is more difficult, but still possible. Start with a semi-do by dividing the hair into two sections along the temples. Then gather the top section of your hair (I think from your hairline to the top of your head) into a high ponytail. After securing your hair with an elastic band, tie small sections of the ponytail to hide and create a cute bun.

Don’t worry, you don’t need the next level of volume to separate your hair (it’s called movie magic).

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