How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun – Styling curls can sometimes turn into a struggle, but this is where our simple hairstyles for long hair come to the rescue. Mastering at least 3 quick styles that are both date and red carpet appropriate is highly recommended. The great thing is that we have 30 of them!

Scroll down to see the gallery of amazing easy hairstyles for long hair that you can do at home now and start practicing right away.

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

1. Trendy hairstyle with a bow. It takes some practice, but everyone will be amazed at the end. Basically, all you need to do is comb a low ponytail, secure with a loop and secure with a hair tie.

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2. Chunky side braid. Braids are one of the most popular easy hairstyles for long hair and this option only requires a little care in braiding and wrapping the ends in a loose side bun.

3. A light formal hairstyle. Some hairstyles today may not look like straight hairstyles for long hair, but they are. For an elegant yet casual feel, let your hair down.

4. Easy to work cinnamon bun hairstyle. For this you will use all the pins you have. Just make sure to secure each section so the end bun doesn’t fall apart.

5. A quick wedding hairstyle for wavy hair. A few simple steps and the hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone here helps you. Especially if you have a long day. Everything must be perfect.

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6. Simple Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle. There are many step by step videos on YouTube with easy hairstyles for styles like this, but they are pretty self-explanatory and won’t take more than 10 minutes.

7. Easy Everyday Braids and Ponytails. Among the many easy hairstyles for long straight hair, this one adds a lace braid to your regular ponytail that is super easy to do.

8. Cute and easy long boho style. An elegantly fuzzy crown made of two thick braids is always popular. It works well on both naturally wavy hair and flat curls.

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

9. A simple romantic hairstyle. Inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast, this look is easy to recreate. Do a simple half squat. Make another one at the bottom and draw the first pony. Tie this faux braid with a ribbon to match your outfit.

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10. Messy halo braids for thick hair. If you don’t mind adding a boho touch to your look, do a quick hairstyle for long hair based on a messy halo braid, complemented by cascading strands.

11. Gently curled, semi-loose hair. You don’t need to be a braiding pro to create a simple long hairstyle where a few strands are gathered together in a loose braid around a slightly raised crown.

12. Mermaid waves with a slanted crown. Deep braids are another favorite way to create an easy hairstyle on long hair that can be wrapped around the head instead of hanging down.

13. Easy Simple Space Buns. Make, twist, wrap and tie a pair of high ponytails and you’ll be ready to either fight your ex or run for president.

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14. Simple hairstyles for long hair with a low bun. Are you a fan of simple hairstyles with all kinds of low buns? We have a secret tip for you. For a more textured and beautiful bun, spray hair with surf spray and create soft curls with a flat iron.

15. An Imperfect French Twist. If you have straight hair and prefer straight hairstyles, this beautifully tousled French roll loosely tied at the back will be your next inspiration.

16. Low double buns. Some cute easy hairstyles for long hair are versatile. For example, these two low buns can be the perfect styling option for a boho-themed wedding or a great addition to a relaxed evening look. Add shiny accessories for the holidays!

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

17. A quick and easy low bun. It’s as easy as creating a half low ponytail and then wrapping the rest of your hair around a tie.

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18. Semi-braided crown for long hair. If you want voluminous braids, go for the Dutch version. If not, stick with the French version. Make two braids and join them at the back, hiding the ends. Add neat waves with a curling iron and your princess hairstyle is ready!

19. Looped Bun and Braids for Long Hair. Here’s how a few details can transform a simple hairstyle for long hair into a unique look – add a loose side braid and tie your hair into a loose bun, leaving the ends sticking out.

20. Lazy half up haircut for medium length hair. If you’re short on time but want something special, a half updo with a short twisted knot is the best option.

21. Back to school with a low ponytail. You have complete freedom with them. Opt for either a bubble tail or pull out pony. Leave the ends loose, wavy and playful.

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22. Elegant braids and ponytails. This hairstyle may not seem like an easy long hairstyle, but it only takes five minutes to complete. Accessorize it or leave it as it is – cute braids and wavy ponytails will still turn heads.

23. A simple hairstyle tutorial for long hair. Are you looking for quick hairstyles for long hair for special occasions? 4 Make ponytails, tie them as pictured, make a cute bun and add an embellishment. These cute hairstyles are perfect for weddings and proms.

24. Elegant hairstyles for long black hair. Make them jealous of how shiny your wavy, thick curls look with a high ponytail and curved front detailing.

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

25. Low Ponytail with Weave. A fluffy low ponytail is a great base for creating a sleek, easy hairstyle, no matter what your hair texture, but you can amp up the volume with full-length waves and a side braid.

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26. Abundant light long hairstyles with braids. To get a stunning effect like this photo, you need to do some manipulations to add volume to your long hair. If your stripes are thick enough, proper care is enough. For fashionable “fluffy” hairstyles on long hair, buy a good hair care line that gives it volume.

27. Textured bun with a modest side braid. You can do a very quick loose side braid and wrap it around a low bun, removing a few strands for a completely unfinished look.

28. Romantic waves with a braided bun. Now we want to expand our collection of simple hairstyles with beautiful braids held high enough and neatly wrapped buns to grab attention.

29. A rich crown with a graceful weave. Rocking an elegant hairstyle for long hair, this talented girl styled the top of her head in lush braids and complemented them with loose waves.

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30. Any half braid with a scarf. Follow the latest trends and weave an elegant silk accessory into a travel-ready semi-finished product.

There are so many chic, cute, easy hairstyles for long hair and you deserve the best. Are you ready to try it all? Which one did you fix? Leave a comment below!

We are a creative team of hair freaks who can’t imagine a day without surfing the web for new hairstyles and hairstyles, amazing hair colors, new coloring techniques and life-saving hair hacks. To share it with you, of course. Make yourself comfortable! I don’t know about you, but I often dread cute “easy” hairstyles. You see, I have very fine hair that likes to tangle – no amount of hairspray will keep it in place.

How To Put Your Hair In A Cute Bun

Instead of fixing my hair first and then trying to fix it with hairspray, I do a fix before fixing my hair.

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When combined, they create a texture, so my hair stays put – no hairspray necessary. It works so well that every style in this post starts with these two things.

(Although, I must say, beware of the irritating brush – otherwise things can get very 80s very quickly. :))

Today I am going to share five casual everyday hairstyles for summer. You can read step-by-step instructions or just watch one-minute videos and you’re done. Every step is quick, easy and possible for a common man like me.

And! Not all heated – no heating tools required. And that’s a good thing because I’ve been using my curling iron a lot lately and I’m balancing the heat damaged areas. To help, I’m now trying to heat my hair less. 🙂

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Tell me, how are you wearing your hair this summer? Do you have an easier way to share? And do you have any tricks for those of you with thin hair? Participation! I’ve always been strict when it comes to my hair – I don’t even own a blow dryer. It’s a little ironic that I’ve recently opted for low-maintenance bangs. Since then, I’ve been trying to fix them, but there are still days when my bangs get greasy, frizzy, or just plain annoying. I asked with this in mind

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