How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail – Aside from twists and braids, another popular natural hairstyle is the perm stick bundle. This hairstyle is as beautiful as it is romantic

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to braid, twist, or cornrow, you’re in luck because perm stick kits don’t require you to style your hair.

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

All you have to do is cover your hair with the perm rod, let your hair air dry and remove the perm rod when your hair is completely dry! How easy!

Perm Rod Set On Short Natural Hair With Embrace The Natural You

In this post, I go into more detail about perms, how to create them, how to care for your hair to make it last longer, and the products and tools you need to create it.

And as always, I’m sharing forty different hairstyles for different natural hair textures, hair types and lengths.

So, when you choose this hairstyle, you can clearly imagine how your hair will look

Perm sticks can be considered a safe hairstyle as long as you don’t control your hair too much and avoid the ends from rubbing too much on your shoulders.

Natural Hairstyles For Black Kids With Short Hair In 2023

Since this hairstyle enhances the natural curls of your hair, you can be sure that your curls will stay healthy while wearing this hairstyle.

Depending on how you condition your hair at night and how you protect your hair in the shower, a set of perm rods can last two weeks or more.

Perm hairstyles are very easy to maintain All you have to do is moisturize throughout the week with a curl refresher spray

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

It’s important to use a leave-in spray so you don’t damage your curls by trying to apply cream-based lotion directly to your hair.

Great Short Hairstyles For Black Women To Try This Year

Don’t forget to put your hair in a bun at night, it’s a very puffy afro It keeps your hair in place so curls don’t bother you when you sleep at night If you have short hair, you can put your hair in 2-4 loose mini puffs and keep the curls together.

Use a satin bonnet to hold your curls together and sleep on a satin pillow if the bonnet comes at night.

For more flexible hair overnight routine tips, check out this video from De La Soul detailing her ten-day night routine.

There are many video tutorials on YouTube showing how to make a perm rod You may need to choose a tutorial with a vlogger who has a similar hair texture and length so that you can accurately predict how your hair will look.

Breathtaking Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

But after searching YouTube, I can recommend this tutorial by Jasmin Jane, who shows how to get the best perm rod using Kantu Coconut Curl Cream.

A good haircut starts with a good wash day Make sure to wash and condition your hair thoroughly before styling This picture shows how to do the best stick bun hairstyle

If your hairstyle doesn’t look good the first time, keep trying Many YouTubers try a hairstyle several times before making a video about it

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

And sometimes it’s hit or miss depending on the products and techniques used That’s why I wouldn’t encourage you to give up if your hairstyle turns out to be curly instead of fluffy.

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Most YouTubers leave the perm stick in their hair overnight, which is eight hours on average. Also, if you don’t want to lie on your hair with rollers, you can sit under a hooded dryer for about an hour to dry your hair.

The number of strands required depends on the desired look and most importantly the thickness of the hair On average, you need about 40-50 rolls, because more is better than less

After removing the rollers, if you blow dry your hair, the hairstyle may become frizzy. It also depends on the products you use to style your hair

I find that using cream based hair products can make your hair puffy and frizzy So for a smooth, silky, defined look, it’s best to use a foaming mousse like SheaMoisture Curl Mousse for frizz control. Also, avoid lifting your hair too much so that it doesn’t get too frizzy

Twisted Natural Style For Black Hair Using Flexi Rod

The desired curl size determines the size of the removable perm rods For example, if you want dense curls, you buy smaller rods, but if you want curls to be fuller and more voluminous, you can use larger rollers.

Depending on the size of roller you use will determine how tight or loose your curls will look

Also, if you use smaller rollers, you’ll need to use more rollers because you’ll fit as much hair in them as you would with larger rollers. The @jascoloredcurls picture below shows the difference in number of curlers needed depending on the size you choose.

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

It’s also worth noting that shorter hair lengths require smaller rollers, because if you choose a larger roller, you should be able to attach the rollers to your hair.

How To Achieve Defined Curls Every Time

There are many ways to style a perm rod set hairstyle For the first few days, you can just wear your hair low and when it starts to frizz, you can put your hair in a bun, add a rubber band to the top, front or side, or twist the front part of your hair.

Which hair product to use will determine the final result you expect Generally, perm rods are more readily available and can be found almost anywhere

Flexi rods are relatively new to the market and are not as widely available as perm rods, plus they are more expensive. I’ve also heard women complain about how uncomfortable it is to sleep with a flexi rod compared to a perm rod.

However, if you are looking for the best option for you, I recommend trying them out to see which one is right for you To see what the final results look like, this side-by-side comparison of Sumatra Reed shows you what to expect.

Original Moxie: Perm Rod Set

As with any hairstyle, you need a good shampoo, conditioner, conditioner and styling product. What’s unique about any stick hairstyle is that you need a mouse to help your hair dry quickly and keep your curls shiny.

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All these images are from Pinterest To credit your personal image, please contact me and submit a clear image and I will take care of it. This post also contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

If you want a funky look, you can use two same size perm rods like Tammy.

How To: Use Flexi Rods On Short Natural Hair!

This fluffy hairstyle is the result of healthy hair that has been thoroughly conditioned before being styled.

These curly curls were achieved using medium sized rollers It’s difficult to recommend rollers based on color because there are so many different sizes on the market, so you need to choose the best size for your hair length and desired look.

When styling the hair, you want to curl the hair towards the hairline

You’ll need: medium-sized rollers or flexible rods, foaming foam, a brush for detangling, and oil for lifting and separating curls.

Hottest Natural Hairstyles For Black Women In 2023

You’ll need: medium-sized rollers (use smaller rollers for shorter hair), foaming foam, a brush to separate and release oil.

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You can curl your wig with this perm rod And you can quickly change your wig style to short natural – cute, attractive and fun. And very versatile! The right tricks and tools can transform your short locks into a different look for every occasion From a simple twa (amazing afro) to grassy spiral curls and spiked bangs for a faux hawk look, it’s up to you. When you need a little style

How To Put Short Natural Hair In A Ponytail

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