How To Put Product In Curly Hair

How To Put Product In Curly Hair – Gels…something every curvy girl has tried at some point. It’s always associated with that rough, crunchy, sticky feeling that brings back so many memories of the 90s.

Every curly/wavy girl knows the feeling of sticky, frizzy curls after trying your best to style your hair with gel.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

For the longest time I stayed away from it, for me it’s just a bad product!

Be Curly: Products & Styling For Curly & Natural Hair⎮aveda

Today I’m going to highlight a few things you should do when using curl hair gel, as well as share 5 things you can do to dispel the misconceptions about curl gel. You might be wrong.

Which got me thinking… what if the gel isn’t the problem? What if gel wasn’t so bad for curly hair?

When it comes to caring for curly hair and choosing the right products, there are 3 classic mistakes people make that can damage their hair and cause frizz.

I remember a bottle of LA-looking gel in my backpack in high school. At that time, no one knew anything more than curly hair.

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Fast-forward to 2020, and not only are we going for faster, curlier curls, but we’ve completely ditched the gel for those who sported them in high school.

Almost every day I get comments on my Instagram account about how the gel can be used on curly, natural hair and looks like an extra fluffy chicken wing after application. So I decided to write an in-depth post on the topic.

So for those of you who put your gel together because you only have one experience in the negatives and the 90s. I feel like I can vouch that the gel isn’t that bad.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

A mystery that blows my mind. I have had it for the past 30 years and didn’t know it!

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If you struggle with dull, lifeless, damaged or thinning hair, check out our in-depth workshop on how to treat your hair from the inside out.

It’s like a toothbrush. When used correctly, your toothbrush reflects the health of your teeth.

When used in the wrong way (like on dry hair) or for the wrong things (like adding moisture), it can dry out your curls.

But when you use the right gel, the right styling method, and its purpose (i.e. locking in moisture and maintaining your curls), your gel will make or break your look.

How To Properly Clarify When Following The Curly Girl Method

When it comes to styling curls, every product plays an important role and therefore serves an important purpose.

Each step in the styling process is intended to complement and build upon the final step. Think of it as an ecosystem. Each unit depends on the other to form a complete cycle.

The purpose of the gel is mainly to lock in your curl style, to hold the curls together (bonding in a way that minimizes frizz) and to lock in moisture.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

It’s great if you have a moisturizing gel, but if you don’t establish a good protein moisture balance before applying the gel, your curls will be lacking.

Secrets Behind The Curly Girl Hair Method For Wavy Hair

When you try gels in the past, you may conclude that they are not for you. Maybe you think it’s just bad luck and blame the gel.

However, it looks like user error, and I know it is. What you need to know about gels is that it really depends on taking care of your curls and developing healthy habits.

You can’t put gel on your hair and expect it to look good if you don’t take care of it.

Get the gel out of bed! 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Using Curly Hair Gel

How To Prevent Stringy, Dry, Crunchy Curls Ft. Curlsmith

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The gel’s purpose is to lock in moisture and curls, so it’s best applied to damp hair.

…..your hair is smoothest when it’s really wet because the humidity and water pressure has a way of pulling your natural curls together, right?

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

So it can be said that the sooner you wash your curls after getting out of the shower, the more likely you are to lock in moisture and reduce frizz.

Gel Cast 101 & How To Scrunch It Out

As with all things curly hair, there is a level of experimentation, as every curl is different and every gel is different.

You can sometimes get away with using gel on wet hair, but generally, it’s best to use gel on very wet hair.

Each product line is different, so it’s important to read labels and follow directions. When it says “use on wet hair” it’s not just a recommendation.

A rule of thumb is to use a generous amount of gel on wet hair, then check when your hair is dry and if you need to use less.

A Professional Stylist Explains How Much Product To Use On Natural Curls

Sometimes the reason gels aren’t working for you is because you’re not using enough or you’re using too much.

It’s an easy mistake to make and you’ll have to experiment a bit in the end with curling and kissing everything. The type and texture of your hair, and which gel you use, will completely change the gel you use.

A good way to determine how much gel to use is to start by applying a generous amount of gel to every 2-3 inch section of your hair. This is a great way to spread the product evenly.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

Then check again when your curls are 30% dry. If they need more weight or definition, don’t be afraid to add a little gel. Check again when your hair is 60% dry, then 90% dry, and if you need more product, add a little more to your curls.

Curly Hair Products Australia: The 10 Best Products

Note: I check every time it’s 30%, 60%, and 90% dry, and if I need to add more product, I thin it out a bit with water.

Keep a detailed record of what type of gel you are using, how much you are using, and how you are using it. This will help you determine what your hair needs.

Great curls have a lot to do with knowing what your curls like and don’t like.

Have you ever wondered why some people have soft shiny hair while others struggle with unmanageable frizz?

Is Gel Bad For Curly Hair? 5 Things To Avoid When Using Gel On Curly Hair

Take this 60-second quiz to find out what you’re doing wrong for your hair loss.

Rough curls are easy to touch, rub, and twist during drying. But this is a big mistake.

When styling wet hair, you usually end up with amazingly beautiful curls. But as you continue the drying process, your hair goes through a frizzy, tight phase.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

I can’t tell you how many times I thought my bum was going to be horrible, but ended up with the best wash day ever!

How To Layer Hair Products

Once you have your hair styled, don’t worry too much. You can add a little more product when testing using methods 30, 60, and 90 during the drying process.

There is a way to choose the right type of gel for your tips, which I will share in this post.

The secret to choosing the right curly hair products is understanding your curls. The health of your hair, your hair’s luster, and your hair’s texture play an important role in choosing the right product.

Before buying any product, do your homework and educate yourself on what works best for your particular curl type.

How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturized Between Washes

When it comes to gels, cream foundations are my favorite type. A cream-based gel adds moisture and keeps frizz free.

My favorite cream-based gel is EVOLVh’s Super Curl Cream. I love holding onto this product because it makes my thighs look soft and light.

Evolve also has a curling kit that I love because it gives you all the products you need to get started and makes your curling routine simple.

How To Put Product In Curly Hair

This is called curl casting and is a good sign that your gel is doing its job of locking in moisture and maintaining your curl pattern.

Top 10 Curly Girl Method Approved Curly Hair Products

After applying the gel to damp hair, checking and adding any product, and then allowing it to dry completely, it’s time for the emergency release (SOTC).

Take your favorite oil, rub it with your hands and gently rub or pour this gel. This creates the soft curls we’ve always wanted.

I’ve listed one below

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