How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

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Distribution of feather hair! They are in fashion this season! For the past two weeks, my daughter has been perfecting colorful ways to pull your hair up. So last Saturday we went to our local shop…but being a hair transplant dentist for years and wearing hair extensions myself, I was eagle eyed to know all about it.

How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

After doing a little research on where to get the equipment and an idea of ​​how it works… (Wow, that’s easy) I’ll show you how it works. Salon on this kills and nothing for it! How can this be!

Women Flock To New Feather Trend

And now the most interesting! Think about where you will place your feathers. Do not get too close to the ear, so as not to leave hair behind it. Little girls usually wear them near their hairline and are very colorful. Many women wear them under their hair on both sides, very pretty in white, brown, black, red and stripes, so that when the hair moves they are visible.

To apply the beads, select a section of hair, remove another section of hair from the area you are working on, and hold a small pea-sized section of hair at the crown of your head.

Take the bead and drop it onto the end of the needle. Take the hair and tie it at the end of the needle and take it by the small hook at the end, pinch it firmly, add salt, then take the hair firmly and pull the hair out of the braid. Due to the silicone in the beads, not all hair will be absorbed. Yes, just make sure you have the right amount of hair braided in, otherwise the weight of the hair extensions will pull them out and cause permanent shedding.

Therefore, the hair should be tightly tied with a good amount of hair. This process takes a little practice. If you think this is too much for you, buy an extension cord (a small latch hook) and give it a try. It has wide holes for holding and hanging hair.

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If you have braided hair, simply place the stiff end of the hair under the braid on one side or above the hair. Place the balls in the hair close to the scalp… 1/2-1 inch from the scalp for children, 1/4 inch or more from the scalp for adults, close to the scalp May cause pain during sleep. Also, if you have thin hair, style your hair in a thick section, not close to the hairline. It can also cause burns.

Then take two nose needles and break the bead evenly so that it sits right on top, as tightly as possible. And that’s it!!

Now to get this out of the way: Don’t pull the pearls out of your hair!! You will lose your hair or have a real break! Just take a spoon, pick up the bees and squeeze the two flat ends to free them from the hair and pull the bees out. So easy and fun and you can insert and remove it yourself! They can last up to 3 months. They can be eaten, straightened and dried! Very interesting and easy! I’m sick of my hair, it’s white and brown and I never dye it because I love it when my skin adds a pop of color!

How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

I bought 5 soft purple feathers which cost around £12 online. After that I grabbed a “clip” which is used for hair extensions near the head.

Feather Hair Extensions Are The Hot New Trend At Kasia! — Beauty Ecology

You will need a clip, soft hair, locking beads, pliers (not pictured) a small metal loop (I took mine from an old one)

Once you’ve threaded the duck loop and wire through the lock post, secure it with pliers. Then put a pin with a metal loop on the clip. Done!

I love the rush of blood from the black hair! It’s very easy to do, you can buy it already made with a clip, but I think it’s cheaper and more fun to do it yourself. There are so many colors and variations you can make!

Their ability to cut and cut your hair will help it last longer since you don’t have to wash, brush and condition it. It is much easier and cheaper than doing it in a salon. All you need is a piece of wire, a silicone crimp bead, some feathers and a pair of pliers.

The Best Feather Hair Extensions To Buy On Amazon

It will also help to have a comb and hairpins so that the hair does not get in the way. I took some pictures when I showed you the feathers in my hair. here we are!

Take the rope and fold it in half. String the nuts and set aside. You should have a large loop at one end.

Decide where you want the hair and pull back the top layer of hair. You don’t want to put the extensions on top of your head because then you’ll see a crease. Then separate a small section of hair to attach the wings.

How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

Now pull the hair through the loop into a braid. Pull the corrugation from the strand down and pull the hair through the braid. Place the braid near (but not near) the head, then tuck the end of the feather into the crease. Pour salt with spoons.

Feather Hair Extensions Craze Leads To Nationwide Shortage, Rooster Genocide, And Women Banned From Fly Fishing Shops

Beads and feathers must be securely attached to the hair. You can wash them, dry them and heat your hair so as not to damage them. (I’ve tested them and they color quickly. I’ve never had a problem with the color smudging or fading.)

Feel free to add more than one (I have four!) The hair can stay in your hair for up to 4 weeks while the hair grows back. To remove, you simply cut the salt on the outside. Because the beads are attached to the silicone, they shouldn’t damage your hair.

Then style your hair as usual! I like to hide mine so that just a little bit of color shines through. You can’t see them all the time. It’s so easy that you can change them as often as you like. I think this would be a fun activity for a girl’s birthday, just grab a piping bag and some feathers and you’ll have enough for all the girls! I even gave one to my daughter. We even have synthetic hair extensions in several different colors if you’re feeling really fancy. Do you remember the craze for colorful hair extensions? Good news, it’s back and it’s more popular than ever!

When it comes to fashion, design comes and goes like any other aspect of business. Do you remember cutting your hair, scrunchies, and rolling up your jeans during the day? I don’t want to brag about getting old, but many of these fads have come and gone repeatedly.

Diy Feather Extensions

Putting feathers in your hair might seem strange at first, so you might wonder why anyone would want to. Well, I’ll give you a few reasons why you (or your daughter) might be interested:

They come from bird feathers. However, they also make a lot of synthetic hair that is not bird hair! So they are cruelty free and look great!

Of course, there is nothing more beautiful than bird feathers, but it all depends on what you like.

How To Put On Feather Hair Extensions

Not only can you visit your local hairdresser, but you can also do it at home! You’ll need a few simple materials and you’ll be using hair extensions in no time.

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You can choose between 2-5 styles for your extension. The more wings you have, the fuller it will be.

For a fun twist, add more colored feathers. This is especially true if you’re adding them to your school colors or celebrating holidays like Halloween and Christmas!

Choose a spot that is easy to see or hide it so they see it more often. With hair and on top

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