How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions – Starting from the lower back of the head, use a tail comb or an index finger to separate the hair on the lower part of the head (horizontally), that is from one ear to the other.

BELLAMI clip-in hair extensions should be worn from the bottom. Starting at the lowest point of the hairline, create a section where you want to cut the hair using a tail comb or your index finger.

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

Tie the rest of your hair around your head to keep it out while you wear the scarf.

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Get your first weave from the BELLAMI clip in hair extension kit. The first scarf should be wide enough to sit behind the hairline. Then remove all the clips so they are ready to be attached to your hair.

Then take one of the larger braids and put the clip in the middle open at the bottom. Attach the thread to your hair, not your scalp. Close the clip to hold your hair. Repeat with the remaining clips.

Release the hair in the middle and create a new part. To do this, comb a layer of hair with half an inch between each layer of braid. Pin the extra hair on top of your head every time.

Now place the remaining scarves as above. Repeat the process with a new section on each tie extension.

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Now that the BELLAMI clip-in hair extensions are attached, run your fingers over the weave and make sure it rests on your head the entire width. If there is any gap, straighten it, lift it from the hair and place the weave so that it is flat.

Place and place 4 side pieces to frame the face and blend with your own hair.

To remove BELLAMI clip in hair extensions, twist all clips and gently lift them away from your hair. Never attempt to untie the loom until you have loosened all the staples. Five guests and five types of extensions from Bellamy Hair. All are installed and styled by our professional hair extension experts. Read on for more details.

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

WHAT: Tape extensions are applied to natural hair “sandwiched” between two bundles of Bellamy hair using a medical grade adhesive. WHY TAPE-INS? Heidi’s extension specialist used the tape extension method as it provided maximum coverage as it lay flat on top of Heidi’s head. Heidi has no problem maintaining the spots, which require her to visit the salon every four to six weeks, depending on her natural hair growth cycle. He likes to reuse hair; At each maintenance visit, the extension specialist will remove the tape extensions and apply the adhesive closer to the scalp.

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WHAT: K-Tips, also known as keratin protein tips, are individual extensions that are applied to natural hair using a heat fusion technique. A silicone additive is used to create a layer and protect the strands from damage while providing free movement and a natural layered texture. WHY K-TIP? As a fitness model and mom, Stephanie has a very active lifestyle and wanted a quick and easy setup. The colorist used K-tips so Stephanie could easily put her hair in a ponytail or braid and do color services between color services. K-Tips are the most durable extensions, so you can easily color them, sweat as much as you like, and more!

WHAT: I-Tips are individual extensions applied to sections for maximum versatility and movement. They are installed without the use of heat or glue; Each I-Tip is spun into a bead with a thread in the guest’s hair, then the bead is wrapped around the hair. WHY ADVICE? Robyn tried K-tips, no braids (see #5 on this list) and now uses I-Tips. Like Stephanie, she has an active lifestyle and wanted something that would make her hair easy to put together. But the extension specialist knows that Robin likes to change his mind; Unlike K-Tips, which are permanently attached to the hair until removed by a professional, I-Tips can be easily removed and reused.

WHAT: The scarves are constructed by creating a beaded base and sewing in weft extensions for full volume coverage. This method allows for easy removal and re-application of the guest’s hair. WHY HORSES? Amy wore clip-in extensions every day; she likes her height but still wishes she was fuller. Her stylist decided that a braided updo was the ideal option because it immediately covers more of the hair to complement the hair’s natural texture.

WHAT: Bellamy Clip-in Extensions are a temporary application method that can be applied and removed daily. WHY CLIP-INS? Tivona was not ready to practice extensions that had to be done in the salon, so the clip-ins are the perfect option, making it as versatile as it is! Bellamy x Hair Loft is a great way to create hair. want to win There is a program that matches your hair type and hair goals, and uses four different methods. Because we partner with Bellai, using only the best clean cut nails, using 100% heat treated human hair, it’s your beauty investment that makes a big difference.

Inch Curled U Clip Extension

Bellamy Hair Tape-In was installed by Hair Loft Stylist Amorette Melero. BELLAMI Tape is a unique polyurethane adhesive tape for hair extensions developed with…

BELLAMI Tape is a unique polyurethane adhesive tape for hair extensions that has been developed and tested for 3 years. The goal was to create a safe and comfortable scarf for guests to wear and provide easy removal and reapplication for the stylist.

When applying, “sandwich” the natural hair between the braids to ensure installation. Guests with thin hair have the option of using a single weave with a one-way tape that creates real and natural density.

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellamy’s hair extensions fitted by Hair Loft stylist Kayla Thompson.

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BELLAMI Beaded Row Hair Extensions are ideal for coarse, curly or thicker hair. No tape, glue or heat needed for this voluminous look. Stylists apply rows of beads using a BELLAMI ring tool, BELLAMI beads, BELLAMI micro-bead guides, nylon-based thread spools, and a sewing needle. Install with the chosen method beads or woven to create a safe base.

Bellamy I-Tip Extensions are installed in one application without the use of heat or glue, making them a great application for those with thinning hair, especially around the hairline.

Application is done by threading each I tip and a hair of the client’s hair through a BELLAMI ring bead in the BELLAMI ring tool and then pressing the bead into the client’s hair. Bellamy uses high quality copper beads with a protective silicone coating that is gentler on hair.

Bellamy Keratin K-Tip Installation by Hair Loft Stylist Kayla Thompson Bellamy Keratin Type (K-Tip) extensions are installed using a heating element that strengthens the hair…

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Bellamy Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions are attached using a heating element that safely melts the Keratin tips into your own hair. This Keratin tip is made in part from the same natural proteins in your hair.

The silicone insert on the K-tip helps create a protective layer for your natural hair. K-tips are tightly attached to the roots of your hair, ensuring your stylist has enough room for your hair to move freely while maintaining the natural layered texture and feel of your hair. Creamy and dreamy, this blonde is sensual. three lightly pigmented natural blonde color with a fresher feel. Wear these blonde extensions and make her feel sexy.

Bellamy Volume Weft hair extensions are perfect for coarse, curly or thick hair. No tape, glue or heat needed for this voluminous look. Certified BELLAMI stylists apply Volume Stitch Wefts using BELLAMI Loop Tools, BELLAMI Beads, BELLAMI Micro-Bead Thread, Nylon Core Thread Spools and Bending Needles. Install with the chosen method beads or woven to create a safe base.

How To Put On Bellami Hair Extensions

International customers (outside the US) are responsible for all import taxes, duties and local taxes charged by your country. As we cannot advise you on the amount of these fees, we recommend that you check with your country’s customs or tax office for fees and tariffs for packages originating outside your country.

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BELLAMI has the highest Equity Value (EMV) of any hair care brand in the world for two years in a row!

We have the highest quality control standards that guarantee the consistency and quality of each package of human hair cuticle scraps.

As BELLAMI, we stand behind our products, we believe in our products and we offer a 3 month warranty on all Professional Hair Extension products.


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