How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

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Tape-in ​​hair extensions are great if you want to temporarily add length, volume or highlights to your hair. These are relatively easy to install and do not require special heating equipment.

How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

Tape can be installed at home without the help of a stylist. We’ll show you how to install your own hair extensions in 6 easy steps!

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To start, call your friend and prepare your workplace: tape, brush, rat tail comb, hair clips and finally your favorite styling tools.

Part the hair horizontally at a distance of about an inch from the nape of the neck. Use bobby pins to secure all the hair above the parting. Just make sure it’s completely safe. You don’t want your hair to fall and get in the way when you attach the extensions. You apply extension near the line created by the part. This way the top hair hides the bands. Our tape-in ​​hair extensions are perfect for fine hair too!

Take a thin section of hair from the uncut section. The layer of hair you add to the middle should be very thin, about 0.3 cm (1⁄8 in). In this way, the adhesive tape on both sides can be glued together through the hair. If your fingers can feel each other through your hair, you’re good to go!

Before gluing the first extension in, measure the section of hair you just cut. This way you can determine how many pieces you need to add to that section of hair. Do this for each section.

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However, you should avoid sticking the weave too close to the top of the head so that you have enough hair to cover the last row of plaits.

Pro tip: To make sure the bands aren’t too tight in small areas like around the temple line, cut the weave in half to increase the movement of the strands that frame your face.

You have to be careful when applying the straps as they can get very tangled. Brush your hair more often and spend more time in the shower. Use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner!

How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

All you need is a good quality tape stripper to remove the tape extensions yourself. You can take a special oil or just take your favorite heavy hair oil. Straight I Tip Human Hair Extensions For Women Yixing 100 Grams Pre Bonded Keratin Fushion Stick Silky Straight Hair Extensions I Tips Natural Black (100 Strands/pack)10inch

Once you have successfully removed all the tape from your hair extensions, your natural hair will feel sticky and smooth at the same time. Wash your hair and use moisturizing conditioner. It will also help if you brush your hair consistently from root to tip, giving hair a chance to soak in and absorb the conditioner. Check out this guide on how to care for your hair extensions.

Now that you’ve removed all of the tape from the hair extensions, put the extensions aside and remember that you can still reuse them. All you have to do is change lanes and follow the same process!

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Hand Tied Vs Tape In Hair Extensions

Ski Kim is a hairdresser with over ten years of experience. He currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York.

Hair extensions offer a lot of variety. You can try different hair lengths, colors and styles in one package. In addition to the different hair choices, there are also many different techniques used to apply extensions. Some common practices are pinning and sewing, but another popular method used by salon stylists is hand-tied hair. If you’re attracted to intricate beauty techniques, you may have spent some time scrolling through videos to see the satisfying technique of hand-tied extensions.

This method may also be completely new to you. If you’re thinking of trying hair extensions, this process might be interesting if you’re looking for an extension fitting process that keeps your hair healthy by adding length and fullness as well as preventing breakage (of course , when used correctly).

How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

We talked to beauty expert Brittany Johnson to learn the basics of hand-tied hair extensions and how they differ from tape-in ​​extensions.

B 4c Afro Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

“Hand-tied extensions are a method where the stylist attaches the beads to the client’s natural hairline, similar to the beading method,” explains Johnson. The elaborate process is ideal for those who want to add more volume and length that looks natural without putting too much stress on the scalp or hair.

Hair braiding is a set of strands of hair woven into a thin strip of fabric, which can vary in width.

The difference between the two techniques lies in their names, which Johnson helps us to understand. “[With hand-tied hair extensions] the difference is that the stylist adds the weave by hand-tiing the row of beads with cotton or nylon thread,” explains Johnson. “The number of rows and braids used depends on the density, length, and overall desired end result of the client’s hair. They differ from taping because taping uses medical tape to “sandwich” pieces of the client’s natural hair. Between the two extensions. The two tab tabs join and they create a cut in the ribbon and this is repeated throughout the head.”

As with hand-tied extensions, the number of tape packs used will vary depending on the thickness of the client’s hair and their hair goals. Apart from the technical difference, both these processes differ in time. Ultimately, the amount of time spent in the chair will depend on the unique characteristics of your hair, but in general, you can expect a hand-tied session to last two to two and a half hours, while taped appointments last longer. Can Now. in one and a half hours.

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The cost of a hand-tied installation depends on your location and hair goals, but typically starts around $200. This cost does not include the cost of the hair. You’ll typically need 4-8 braids if you’re aiming for volume, and those with thinner hair can expect to use up to 10 braids (meaning you’ll probably need to buy two packs of hair extensions). will be). Maintenance is generally a small investment over time, starting at $100 to pull (aka tighten) a single row and increasing in price depending on the number of rows that need tuning.

You have options when it comes to the cost of your hair. Glam Seamless offers eight individually woven 20-inch hand-tied tissue bundles starting at $399. Dallas-based Lustro Hair also offers hand-tied bundles in various lengths starting at $145. If you’re not sure which haircut to invest in, talk to your stylist. They can guide you to appointments and even give you a haircut.

Johnson recommends hand-tied hair extensions for those with straight or wavy hair textures because the beads lie flatter against the scalp and the underside of the beads can be untangled closer to the root. Tapes work well on straight to wavy hair and produce natural-looking results. For curly hair textures, she recommends a see-in weave.

How To Put In Your Own Hair Extensions

Unlike clips, if you are interested in hand tying techniques it is in your best interest to see a professional. “While you can figure it out at home, it’s best to leave hand-tied extensions to the professionals,” she advises. “The stylist certified in this method understands how to properly comb the hair, how many braids you need and the proper method of removal.” By leaving it to a professional, you’ll ensure that it not only looks great and lasts a long time, but it also keeps your hair healthy if you do it right.”

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The longevity of your style depends on how you care for your hair after the scan. “Typically, hand-tied extensions can last for about six to nine weeks before needing a redo,” says Johnson. But she also says that the time between appointments can depend on how fast your hair grows and whether or not you take the time to properly care for your hair. “If cared for properly hair extensions should last a long time and can usually be reused for around six to eight months.”

You should also make sure to schedule proper grooming sessions to reduce the stress on your scalp. “By lifting and detangling at the right times, you ensure your hair isn’t under too much tension as it grows,” says Johnson. This encourages detangling, cleansing, and proper moisturizing of your hair, even when you wear hand-tied extensions.

If you’re looking for products to keep your extensions looking great, there are several tried and true hair care steps to follow,

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