How To Put In Extensions With Clips

How To Put In Extensions With Clips – Hair Extension Tutorials | Unlike others…

Hair Extension Tutorials | Unlike hair extension applications, clip-ins usually take 5-15 minutes at home. Clip in hair extensions are also less damaging as they do not use any chemicals, heat, pressure or other styling methods – they simply attach to your hair without damaging your natural hair. This is one of the many reasons why it is one of the most popular types of hair.

How To Put In Extensions With Clips

How To Put In Extensions With Clips

Clip in hair extensions can be applied in minutes by professional hair stylists. All you need is your favorite clip, a rattan hair comb and a few large bobby pins, and you’ll look street-ready in no time.

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1. Cut the hair from the top. Using a rattan comb, make a horizontal part from your head, 2 inches above the nape of your neck. Use large curls to keep the hair above the part.

2. Place the hair and tie the clips. To attach your natural hair, attach to the base of the hair with a clip.

3. Mix with your hair. Loosen your shaved hair and blend the extensions into your natural hair. If you’re using human hair or heat-resistant synthetic extensions, styling your hair with a straightener, curling iron, or heat dryer can help create a polished look.

Many girls and women are worried about getting hairstyles, because not many people are familiar with them. But after reading this post and watching the video, you’ll see for yourself that it’s easy to style your hair into long, voluminous locks without damaging your hair. Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s get started. Watch the video now or scroll down for text instructions.

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Don’t worry about perfecting the clip the first time you try. Remember, clip in hair extensions are only temporary, so you can take them out and reapply as often as you want to get the right look. For the most natural look, we used 100% human hair in a lighter shade than natural. a color that matches the times. Extensions come in a variety of colors, can be washed, heat treated and cut for a custom look.

We used the SHE SO.CAP.USA 9 clip in the expansion kit because our goal was to add volume. The pieces come in a subtle wave mixed with natural hair texture. Wash the extensions like your natural hair and lay them flat to dry.

You will be working from the bottom, so cut your hair and keep most of it from the top of your head.

How To Put In Extensions With Clips

If your hair is freshly washed, use dry shampoo to condition your roots before using conditioner. This gives the clamps a firmer grip so they don’t slip.

How To Make Clips In Hair Extensions At Home

Divide the hair into small sections and use a comb to comb the roots where the clips are.

Hair pieces have two to three pieces (very small pieces to fill only one). Start with a hole with three camps and open all the camps.

Move the clip to the mock position and close the clips. Keep the ends of the hair section close to your head.

Comb the hair at the roots, being careful not to damage the cut section.

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Place the clips over the ears, placing the clips far enough away that they won’t be visible after taking your hair down (a good tip is to avoid putting them in front of the ears). If the pieces are bunched up, that’s fine, just attach them to your hair instead of growing them out.

Once you’ve added all the sections, take the rest of your hair from the crown and part it for a backcomb. It adds more texture to the hair and hides parts well.

After brushing the top of your hair, spray it with hairspray to keep it in place all day and hide your extensions. Since the extensions are made from human hair, you can use any product or heat treatment that is compatible with your natural hair.

How To Put In Extensions With Clips

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