How To Put In A One Piece Hair Extension

How To Put In A One Piece Hair Extension – Whether you’re still growing out your summer hair or want longer and thicker hair, you’ve probably already used extensions. We’re here to help you with your new obsession. -share with cashmere hair extensions and why they are. hair

What is a clip-in extension? Tape-in ​​extensions are an easier and healthier alternative to permanent extensions such as tape-in ​​or bond extensions. The hair is attached to the fabric or silicone, and the small clips are attached to the sling to gently attach the hair to the hair. Cashmere clips are specially designed to hold hair in place to avoid the damage that other types of hair clips/extensions can cause. Also, hair is made of 100% human hair, which makes it prone to breakage.

How To Put In A One Piece Hair Extension

How To Put In A One Piece Hair Extension

The quality of 100% Remy Cashmere human hair is unmatched for its softness, natural look and hair health benefits! After 2-3 weeks of wear, non-remy hair can become rough and matte, causing damage and bleeding between strands. Cashmere Hair Extensions are lab tested and certified to ensure the highest quality 100% golden human hair available. In remy hair extensions, all the hair strands are moved to one side, giving a completely natural look. It is also collected to maintain the natural direction and straightness of hair.

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What to do: Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Don’t: Use a mild shampoo/conditioner. This instantly dehydrates the hair and makes it brittle and dry. Come on!

Tip: Thinly cut hair ends when it is dry or shows signs of breakage. This will keep your tips healthy and strong!

Don’t: Use hair oil before heat styling. Oil will literally fry your hair! (Warning: There are special oils for using heat. Always, always, always double check!)

What to do: Get new extensions every 6-8 months, depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them.

What Are The Easiest Extensions To Use?

Don’t: Don’t use normal hair products like hair spray or texturizer on your hair. These products are often alcohol based and are extremely drying to hair extensions! The advantage is that they keep their shape well. You will never run out of styling products.

After reading a lot of good reviews about cashmere hair extensions and realizing that they can be styled, we wanted to try some products. When they arrived in the post, we couldn’t believe how natural they looked and felt! Since cashmere hair extensions can be used with heat tools, I thought I would style my hair using Cuvée Beauty’s Treatment and Styling Balm.

Styling Balm: A lightweight, creamy styling balm that provides volume and non-stick hold all day to create your own style.

How To Put In A One Piece Hair Extension

Well this extension feels very soft and smooth. It was easy for us to style and the extensions held the curls well without falling out during the day. We didn’t worry about washing the product after the expansion, but with the right technique, our parts were as good as new.

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