How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail

How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail – Not everyone knows how to style their own hair, including me. Even if you don’t have the time, skills or motivation, we can all benefit from the help of artificial hairdos. I appreciate ponytails, buns and wigs because they guarantee me a great hairstyle in no time. In 2021, I’ve really perfected how to wear ponytail extensions, buns, and even wigs, which I have a tutorial on. This quick and easy bun and ponytail tutorial works for any hair type or length. I’m going to explain how these extensions work so you can style your hair at home in minutes.

I want to start the ponytail extension tutorial with some information. First, I buy all my synthetic hair from Insert Name Here. The quality is incredible and you will be able to wear all of their items countless times.

How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail

How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail

Most of their tails look like the picture below. You will see a set of metal teeth, velcro, a long hair tie, and a piece of lace with two pins. I will tell you how to best use all these features for you.

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For me, the most confusing part of wearing a ponytail wig is what to do with my real hair?! Chances are, your real hair is a different length, texture, and density than the artificial ponytail. Even if you choose the right color, your real hair will hang back and be very noticeable. It is almost impossible to prevent him. Also, if you want to make the ponytail a different color, say hot pink. It’s not good when your real hair is hanging down. The tutorials here at Insert Name don’t cover this topic, so I’ve developed my own method for rocking their ponytails and buns flawlessly, which you can apply to any brand.

Steps one through four are key to all the ponytail and bun hairstyle tutorials featured in this blog post. The first step is to brush your real hair and pull it into a ponytail. It would be a good idea to clean your ponytail and get it ready to go. The tail can be attached at any point of the head. Personally, I like to do mine at the crown, but ultimately you control where your bun or ponytail hangs.

The second step depends on your hair type. If you have short or thin hair, you can twist the entire ponytail. If you have long or thick hair, you should braid the entire ponytail.

Third, wrap your real twisted or braided ponytail around you to create a small bun. Then secure the bun with a hair band. As you will soon learn, the bun is very important as it will give the fake ponytail or bun something to hold on to, but your real hair will not be visible. Now you can wear a ponytail of any color, length, or texture, and no one will see your own strands hanging down your back.

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The fourth part of how to wear a ponytail is to attach the ponytail to your real hair. In my example, my actual bun is on the top of my head. So when I pull up the tail, the lace and metal prongs are left behind. If your actual bun is anywhere else on your head, your rule of thumb is to place the laces and prongs at the top of the bun. Bury these teeth into your real hair to lock them in place.

Next, take a long strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the tail as tightly as possible. Before you do this, you can secure a piece of velcro around the base of the ponytail with one hand and kind of wrap it up, but I’ve found that if you pull on that long strand of hair, it wraps itself up.

Once the long strap is all the way around, use the two pins provided to secure it in place. You can always use more than two if you need to, but I think this is enough and lasts all day. At this stage, style your hair as desired.

How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail

When it comes to how to do a clip in ponytail, it’s even easier! Begin by following steps one through four. Then pin the ponytail to the actual bun. This type usually looks better on any part of the head except the crown. I have an example of wearing a ponytail on my black tie wedding letter.

Women Short Afro Curly With Bangs Extensions Ponytail Hair Synthetic Heat Safe

Insert name here. The claw clips give you a mesh part that also holds your actual bun and string. You can not use them to style your hair, just clip them in and you’re good to go. I keep those extra claws in clips.

We can’t talk about how to make a ponytail without a bun tutorial! Below is what the bun looks like with the insert name inside. You get a full piece of mesh to wrap around your real hair, which includes two sets of metal and strands.

The first thing you need to do to create a fake bun is to follow steps one through four of the ponytail tutorial. You can also comb gently before applying the artificial bun. Starting with step four, place the fake bun on top of the real bun. Next, attach both sets of metal prongs to your actual hair. Ideally, one set of teeth is in the front and the other in the back.

To put on the fake bun, pull the string and then tuck the bun and it will stay in place. Hihelo Hair Pieces For Women Wrapping Ponytail Hair Extensions Bun Natural Wavy Ponytail 12 26 Inch Curly Ponytail Hair Clips For Black Women Messy Bun Hair Piece (color

Third, twist the long hair around the bun. The tighter you twist it, the more attractive and complex your bundle will look. Choosing a looser wrap will cause the thin ends of the linen to hang down and give you a dirty look.

A long strand usually stays secure on its own, but you can use bobby pins if you want. At this point, you are ready to style your hair however you see fit. I love wearing a big bun around my faux bun! It adds a lot of style, but also helps keep the hair in place.

Below are some examples of my real life wearing faux buns. I have more examples that you can see in my clothing mockup book.

How To Put In A Hair Piece Ponytail

The method of wrapping an extended ponytail depends on the method of its manufacture. Insert name here Many have a very long strip of hair that you wrap around the base of the tail. This, combined with the velcro strip, keeps the ponytail securely on the head, adding style.

Dirty Blonde Drawstring Ponytail

You can easily make ponytail extensions at home with a special kit. Most are designed to attach securely to your real hair in minutes without the need for glue or tape. They can be used again and again. Be sure to always comb your hair, and also proceed to the extension itself.

You can use a ponytail extension on short hair, as well as on any other length. Indeed, small can be easy! Start by pulling your real hair into a ponytail. Next, twist or braid your straight ponytail, then wrap it around you to create a small bun. Secure the bun with a rubber band, then add the elongated ponytails.

Finally, how to do a ponytail, the steps are super easy and anyone can do it! Up until this point, you may have been afraid of wearing faux buns and ponytails, but my personal experiment takes all the guesswork out of it. All you have to do is practice and trust the process. You’ll soon get used to these styles and do them more often! The last thing you can worry about is the weight on your head. Buns don’t add weight, but some ponytails are heavier than others. I quickly got used to everything, and weight is not a problem. Until next time, let your true beauty shine through.

Amanda Vitale is an SEO expert and obsessed with beauty and style. She unites and inspires women and men around the world to let their true beauty shine through with practical advice, honest reviews, affordable products and inspiring examples. Amanda’s passion for blogging has returned

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