How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

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Perfect hair growth! They are all the rage this season! For the past two weeks my daughter has been loving some of these colorful ways to spice up your hair. So last Saturday we went to our local salon…but as an esthetician in the hair replacement business for many years and wearing extensions myself, I was looking eagle-eyed to will know.

How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

With a little research, where to get the supplies and understanding how it works… (Wow that’s easy) I’ll teach you how it works. Salons make a killing on it and there is nothing for it! Here’s how to do it!

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Now for the cool part! Determine where to place your leaves. However, don’t go too close to the ear, so you don’t put your hair behind the ear. Most women wear it in front of the hair and near the more colorful leaves. Most women wear it under the sideburns, very subtle with white, brown, black, red and striped hair, so it shows when the hair is moving.

To place the bead, select a section of hair, separate another hair from the section you are working with, and hold a small pea-sized section of hair at the base of the head.

Take your bead and slide it onto the end of your needle. Take the section of hair and wrap it around the end of the needle and tie it in a small knot at the end, hold the braid tightly, slide the braid up, tighten the section of hair again and pull the hair through the braid. . Due to the presence of silicone inside the beads, not all hair is lost. Fortunately, just make sure there is plenty of hair, otherwise the weight of the extension will pull the hair down and cause permanent hair loss.

Therefore, the leaves should be secured with the right amount of hair. This technique may take some practice. If you think this is too much for you, go buy an extension hook (small clip hook) and try it. It has a wide hook to grab the hair and hang it up.

Feather Hair Extensions, Feather Hair Extensions, 100% Real Rooster Feathers, Long Pink, Purple, Blue Colors, 20 Feathers With 20 Silicone Microlinks And Loop Tool

Once you thread the hair through the pearls, just tuck the hard root of the hair under the pearl on the side or top of the hair. Place the bead on the hair shaft, close to the scalp…about 1/2 to 1 inch from the scalp for children, about 1/4 inch or more from the scalp for adults, so close to the scalp that it hurts. .can be done while sleeping Also, if you have fine hair, place the pins in a thick area, not near the hairline. It can also cause breakouts.

Then take a pair of needle nose pliers and flatten the nut until it is flat on top, pressing as hard as you can. And that’s it!!

Now for the removal: Don’t pull the beads out of your hair!! You will either lose your hair or have severe breakouts! Just take the pliers and close the nut and push the two flat ends to open and remove the nut from the ball. Easy and cute and you can put them in and out! They can last up to 3 months. You can still do it, straighten it and let it dry! Very interesting and easy! Hair accessories for children look great, but they can be expensive. Did you know you can put it on your baby’s hair yourself! You only need a few tools and ten minutes of your time. Yes, it’s easy!

How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

I want to try, good luck! In the following tutorial, you will see how we put the pin on the ball.

Peonies And Sweet Peas: Feather Hair Extensions Put Onto A Clip

I bought most of the materials at a local craft store. I used feathers from one of the old lady’s hair for the twins and real emu fur (from our moulting emu at work) for Mrs.’s hair. Possum. To make things easier, you can always buy this same kit with natural leaves (affiliate link).

Before you start, think about how you want to clean the feathers. Miss Possum is in school, so I want her paws to be very soft. To highlight the feather, place it near the middle part of the hair, or in the front, near the edge (bang). If you want a subtle look, cut the hair an inch below the natural hairline.

So far our feathered hair extension accessories have lasted over two weeks, swimming, spa, washing and brushing, and still having a blast! The girls love them and check every morning to see if they are still attached.

The funky look was perfect for Miss Possum’s hair and I moved on to Miss Platypus and Panda’s hair. I love that you can play it yourself.

Cruelty Free Feather Extensions!

I didn’t think adding hair extensions would be easy​​​​​​, but it really is. We are going to experiment with different feathers now and as soon as I get more emu feathers I will add some to my hair! I wonder if there are any other fun hair accessories for kids that we can try!

Penny Whitehouse is a mother of three with degrees in wildlife biology and elementary education and 12 years of experience as an environmental education officer. the world I will teach you how to put hair extensions on your hair. It is easier and cheaper than doing it in a salon. All you need is a piece of thread, silicone lined beads, some feathers and a pair of flat nose pliers.

It also helps if you have a comb and some hair clips to finish your hair. I took pictures while putting leaves in my hair to share with you. here we go!

How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

Take your wire and fold it in half. Place your pleated bead on the string and separate. There should be a large loop at one end.

Women Flock To New Feather Trend

Decide where you want your feathers and pin the top layer of hair back. You don’t want to put the extension on top of your head because you will see kinks. Then cut a small section of hair to place your hair.

Now put your hair in the ring on your stand. Sew the plait under the strand and pull your hair through the bead. Place the garland near your neck (but not right at the root), then tuck the ends of the petals into the crease. Mix the nuts with the forks.

The beads and leaves should stick tightly to your hair. You can wash it, blow dry it, and styling your hair with heat won’t damage them. (I tried them and they are color fast. I had no problems with color bleeding or fading.)

You can easily add more than one leaf (I have four!) The leaves can stay in your hair for about 4 weeks, until the hair grows back. To remove, simply twist the nut in the opposite direction. Because the curling beads are silicone coated, they won’t harm your hair.

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Then style your hair as usual! I like to hide my color to show a little color. You don’t see them all the time. It’s so easy to do that you can change it every time. I think this would be a fun activity for a girls birthday party, just buy a bag and some leaves to make enough for a whole group of girls! I also left one for my daughter. We also have synthetic hair extensions in many different colors if you’re feeling adventurous. I’m so tired of my hair, it’s plain brown and I never dye it, so I love the idea of ​​feathers to add a pop of color!

I bought 5 loose feathers in different shades of purple which cost £12. Then I took a “tight clip” used in regular hair extensions to clip close to the head.

You need a strong clamp, thin pins, a lock nut, pliers (pictured) a small metal ring (I got this from an old jeweler).

How To Put In A Feather Hair Extension

After threading your pin and metal ring through the lock nut, tighten it with pliers. Then attach the leaves to the clip using a metal ring.

A Feathery Frill

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