How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions – Whether you’re still growing your hair out in the summer or simply want longer, thicker hair, you’ve probably tried extensions before. We’re here to share our newfound obsession with cashmere hair clip-in extensions and why they’re the healthiest solution for thick, silky cashmere hair.

So what is clip extension? Snap-in extensions are a simpler and healthier alternative to permanent extensions such as tape or patches. The hair is attached to a fabric or silicone weave, then small clips are inserted into the weave to gently hold the hair extension pieces in place. Cashmere Hair Clips are uniquely designed to stay in place and avoid the damage of other brands of clip in hair/hair extensions. Plus, the hair is made of 100% human hair, so it’s less sensitive to wear.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions

The quality of Cashmere Hair 100% Remy Human Hair is unmatched for its silky texture, natural look and beneficial effects on hair health! After 2-3 weeks of wear, non-remy hair tends to tangle and tangle, which can lead to hair breakage and split ends. Cashmere Hair Extensions are lab tested and certified to ensure the highest quality 100% cuticle human hair available. With Remy Hair Extensions, the follicles move in one direction and create a completely natural look. It is also collected using a method that preserves the natural direction and alignment of the hair.

S Noilite One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions Curly Lebanon

Do’s: Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner Don’ts: Use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. This instantly robs the hair of its moisture, making it weak and dry. strike!

Do: Lighten your hair if you notice dry ends or signs of split ends. This keeps the ends healthy and strong!

Don’ts: Use hair oil before heat styling. The oil will literally fry your hair! (Warning: Some oils are specifically designed for use with heat. Always, always, always check!)

Do: Get a new set of extensions every 6-8 months, depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them.

Super Thick 16” 5 Piece Brushed Out Wave Clip In Hair Extensions

DON’T: Use regular hair products like hairspray and texture on your extensions. These products are usually alcohol-based and will make the length of your clip-in hair incredibly dry! The advantage of extensions is that they keep their shape very well – you won’t lose your hair styling products either.

After reading so many positive reviews about Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions and learning that they can be styled, we couldn’t wait to try them out for ourselves. When they arrived in the mail, we couldn’t believe how natural they looked and felt! Cashmere Hair Clip Extensions can also be used with heat tools, so we thought we’d style our hair with Cuvee Beauty Protective Treatment and Styling Balm.

Styling Balm: Our light and creamy styling balm helps you create your own style and provides volume and hold all day long.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions

Well, these extensions are so silky and soft. It was easy to style and the extensions held curls very well without falling out throughout the day. We were nervous about the extensions getting washed out after the product, but with the right technique, our pieces were as good as new.

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What do you think about our product reviews? Have you tried Cashmere Hair®? Would you like to see us review other brands? Comment below or let us know on Instagram @.1. Preparing your natural hair to apply is one of the most important tips for smooth results and will help your extensions become invisible! This involves blow drying the hair and straightening the ends to achieve maximum density so that there are no visible lines or breakage between the natural hair and the hair extensions.

2. Starting at the top of your head, separate a section of hair and use the clippers provided here to carefully separate the hairs and get them out of the way. Some people prefer to go back before applying extensions, but this is not necessary as the ZALA Clips are silicone backed for added protection and security of the hair.

4. Place 2 clips and 1 clip piece on each side of your head, 2 clips on each side of the head and each clip piece in the front to balance out the inner layers. natural hair.

5. Appropriate style! Remember to use heat styling tools on low to medium settings and always use a heat protectant before straightening or cutting. You can also chop and layer the new ZALA extensions if you want a tighter, more layered look.

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