How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

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Our clip-on hair extensions are available with 100% real Remy hair or our signature heat-resistant Fiberlite synthetic hair. Each row is hand-sewn with color-coded silicone pads, making it safe, natural, and easy to use in five minutes or less.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

Accessorize any outfit with our quick, easy-to-use barrettes. Tons of styling options and the right hair accessories make dressing up fun. These products are all handcrafted to ensure a custom fit.

Clips In Hair Extension Long Straight Women Clip In Hair Black Synthetic Hair High Temperature Fiber Hairpiece Extension

Our professional microbead hair extensions are handcrafted with 100% real remy hair. They come in a variety of coat colours, textures and lengths. We use microbeads on single yarns and leather wefts for safe and fast application within 1-2 hours.

LOX hair extensions are designed to be as strong, unique, and vibrant as the women who wear them. Our innovative designs are creating a premier stylist who works directly with hair extensions and hairdressing professionals nationwide. Understanding the client’s flexibility makes a LOX hair transformation one of those great experiences that fulfills the hair desires of women who truly live their lives. Together, they create and deliver the highest quality professional hair extensions, clips, pads and accessories.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the beauty community; offering product support, online tutorials on hair extensions and tutorials on popular hairstyles.

LOX online training is a unique interactive learning experience. Our online e-learning training will allow you to become a LOX licensed professional upon completion. The class is divided into individual hair extension sessions, allowing you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

How To Apply Hair Extensions

Our hairstyle tutorials allow you to easily achieve a variety of hairstyles, perfect for special occasions or everyday. Learn how to use or care for your extensions and how to style ponytails, buns, braids and more.

Healthy hair is always on the move! With the right hair care center featured in our blog, we can help you maintain low and luxurious lox levels. Here we also share interesting tutorials and latest hairstyles. 1. Prepping your natural hair for attachment is one of the most important tips for sewing products and will help ensure your extensions go unnoticed! This involves blow drying the hair for maximum volume and straightening the ends so that there are no visible wrinkles or folds between the natural hair and extensions.

2. Part the hair, starting from the root of the head to the base of the neck, then use the parting clips provided here to part and neatly cut short. Some people like to comb back before extensions, but it’s not necessary, because ZALA hair clips have silicone on the back, which can increase grip and protect your hair.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

4. Place 2 clips and 1 clip on each side of the head, 2 clips on each side of the head, and a separate clip in the front to balance any layers in the hair. natural hair.

How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

5. The right style! Remember to use heat styling tools on low to medium settings and always use heat protectant before straightening or curling your hair. If you prefer longer tapered hairstyles, you can also curl and cover your new ZALA hair extensions. Create your own hair extension clips! Made just for you, with the same L&B hairstyles as semi-permanent hair extensions!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to extend a specific time, a specific date, please contact us and ask if we can be ready on time.

Product Description Custom Clock Hair Extension Locks and Strap Clips Made just for you! Use the same hair we use for I-Tip extensions and semi-permanent tapes to create your own stunning color combinations!

They are made from the same L&B hair that we use for semi-permanent hair extensions such as tape extensions and I-shaped extensions. Most companies use lower quality hair to make bobby pins and don’t use them 24/7.

Inches One Piece Full Head 5 Clips Clip In Hair Weft Extensions Straight

Available in your choice of: – Monochrome – Piano mix of up to 3 colors – Virgin Cuticle or Remy Hair

Remember, the longer the hair and the thinner the ends, the more hair you’ll need to cover the entire head.

The difference between 100 grams of 12″ hair and 100 grams of 36″ hair for one installation is huge. 100g is enough for a 12″ head, but 100g is not enough for a 36″ head.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

The most common length is mid-back (bra strap) 18 inches, which is good for a mid-to-high torso. When clipped above the ears, the sides always appear shorter.

Us One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions Full Head Natural As Human Real Long Thick

When choosing a length, make sure you cut them long enough in case you want to cut them off to clear the ends.

When you select the length in the drop down box, you can see how many grams of hair are in your kit. Grams are the standard amount for this length and apply to 99% of our customers. However, if you would like more color gamuts for your kitchen, please email us! We usually take more hair if you want. The more hair you have, the higher the price…short hair costs less per gram than long hair. On average, approx. Additional $1.50 per gram.

You can also order colored rings and return them within 10 business days for a $28 refund if returned in original condition (shipping charges apply). For more information please email

Please note that as this is 100% real human hair, there may be slight variations in color from batch to batch. It is impossible to obtain the same color every time, every batch of human hair. We’re pretty close, but we have to mention the possibility. Additionally, displays and cameras can alter color perception.

Invisible One Piece Clip In 100% Remy Human Hair Extension 3/4full Head Long Us

Color #60 IMPORTANT INFO: #60 Lightest Blonde is not White Gold/Platinum. This is the lightest level of yellow. It can be toned to other light blondes with tonics if desired.

For bright stripes/spots, the color will vary slightly randomly with thin stripes, approx. 1/4″ wide or smaller…not thin strips. Ask us if you want thin strips.

If you want much more of one color than the other, for example yellow is much lighter than light brown, choose a mix of 3 colors and choose 2 x for 2/3 light yellow and 1/3 light brown #60 and 1 x #10.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

Or if you want a light beige go for 1 x #60, 2 x #10 would be 1/3 #60 and 2/3 #10.

Lullabellz Thick 22’5 Piece Straight Clip In Hair E

If you choose Roots, you’ll have even more color options. It has roots around it. Grain ends 1″ to 1.5″ long.

If you have any questions, please contact us before placing an order, we will be happy to help!

***IMPORTANT INFO: Depending on the condition of your monitor, the color of each photo may vary. Ideally, a colored ring would help. L&B is not responsible if the color is different from your inspection color. Since the hair is a 100% natural product, there may be variations between batches!

It may take approximately 14 to 20 business days from order placement to dispatch from our factory. Production times may vary depending on the number of orders we are processing.

The Best Custom Made Clip In Human Hair Extensions 12

This may not include your (customer) final shipping time as shipping depends on the method selected when placing the order. We will get them out as soon as possible!

Standard: Delivery time is 3-7 working days after delivery. Packages can be shipped via USPS First Class. We may use other service providers at our sole discretion.

Fedex 2 days: Delivery time is 2 business days after delivery. Note that orders placed on Thursday will arrive on Saturday, not all areas have Saturday delivery, so packages will arrive on Monday. Orders placed on Friday or Saturday will be delivered the following Tuesday.

How To Put In 5 Piece Clip In Extensions

FedEx Priority Overnight orders shipped Monday through Thursday will arrive the next business day, usually by 12:00 noon. Orders placed on Friday or Saturday will be delivered on Monday.

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FedEx Overnight Priority Service (Saturday Delivery) FedEx offers Saturday delivery for an additional fee. Orders placed on Friday with Saturday delivery will arrive on Saturday at 4:00pm. Not all areas have Saturday delivery, so packages will arrive on Monday. If you choose the Saturday delivery option and your address is not available for Saturday delivery, we will send you an SMS notification and refund the additional cost.

All packages come with a delivery confirmation. Locks & Bonds may, at its sole discretion, ship with signature verification. Locks & Bonds is not responsible for verified packages lost at final destination

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