How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

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One of the things I love most about being a licensed and certified esthetician is that I can color, lighten, and even cut my own hair at home. I used to do ballet from home, and now I do my own highlight at home!

How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

Remember, this tutorial is not a full weave or a full highlight because I can’t reach all the way behind my head! But if you have a friend who can help you, this tutorial will show you the right technique to do it.

How To Do Hair Colour Highlights At Home?

This tutorial is part weave or highlight that I do myself to keep my hair fresh and pretty, so I have to go to the salon once or twice in between. A year to get a top in my head! So this tutorial is perfect if you just want to add some copper color or if you want to save money and advertise your salon appointments!

If you’ve already read my “What I use to style my hair” article, you already know how much I hate box dye. As a licensed hairdresser, the worst thing you can hear from clients is that they are using box dye or bleaching their hair. It is very damaged and difficult to repair. Plus, it never looks like the woman in front of the mold.

Do nothing! If you want to do your hair at home, use professional products! Hairdressers and stylists will thank you!

But I use a protective product that protects my hair from breakage and breakage called Olaplaex, which requires you to reach a certain level in the developer, so I’ll use the 30 volume developer cream.

Which Type Of Highlights To Ask For In The Salon

I said it once and I’ll say it again! Olaplex is the fountain of youth for your hair! If you ever plan to lighten your hair, then Olaplex is a must!

Olaplex is a professional 3-step hair treatment to address the extent of hair damage when colored and lightened. Strengthens, extends and protects disulfide bonds, which means lighter and longer hair! This item is gold my friend. However, the only place to find one if you don’t have a license is online! It can be very expensive, but it is worth every penny. Amazon has a single-use treatment kit for $60. Get it here!

I highly recommend Olaplex to keep your hair healthy while you bleach it, but you shouldn’t do it to highlight your hair, so no big deal if you can’t afford it, just be careful when bleaching!

How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

If you touch the milk often, your fingers will start to burn and hurt! So make sure you use gloves or even a sandwich bag on your wrist!

L’oréal Paris Frost And Design Cap Hair Highlights, H65 Caramel

Be sure to use paint brushes and plates. I don’t know how you can make your top without them. Make sure your plate is plastic! (Most brushes and colored plates are).

This is a hair comb with a pointed iron tail. This is what you will use to weave the hair to make it white, to create a highlight. It’s really important to get one of these combs! You can get one here

You can use any aluminum foil for this. They have pre-cut highlighter sheets at the beauty supply store, but I just use the cheap ones you find at the grocery store and cut the paper 6 inches. They’re not all the same size, by the way, so just grab a roll and tear up.

When you color your hair, you add or remove pigments from your hair. For my hair I prefer a very light blonde. To do this, I use purple ink to remove gold or yellow from my blonde hair. For this I use Redken Shades EQ 9V Platinum Ice 2 oz

Ribbon Blond Is The Prettiest New Hair Highlighting Technique

Color ink. In order for this toner to work, I had to dye my hair very light, almost white. If you try this toner and nothing happens, your hair is too dark.

If you want the same matte copper color, try using the same 8V ink.

The ink I use needs a special developer, it won’t work without it. Developer is Redken Shades EQ Gloss Processing Solution.

How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

. The good thing is that you can buy the big stuff and when the hair needs to be combed again, you’re good to go!

Stunning Examples Of Summer Hair Highlights To Swoon Over

Purple Shampoo is a multi-pigmented purple shampoo that is just as effective as my toner. (Purple removes the gold and yellow pigments from my hair to make it look embarrassing.) After softening my hair, I washed it once a week with purple soap to avoid embarrassment.

You can also use a purple shampoo to lighten your hair if you like the removal method. Hair already, but you just want to keep it more embarrassing. Just use it as a regular toner (instructions below) and then use it for a whole month. I use this Shimmer Lights Purple shampoo.

When mixing the bleaching powder, work with 1 or 2 ounces of the lighter powder at a time, mixing as needed. This helps keep your bleach from pooling too much in the container and causing swelling.

Mixing: If using Olaplex: Add 1/8 oz of Olaplex #1 to 1 oz of lightening powder (bleach) mix, then add your developer. If you don’t use Olaplex, just add the developer. I never measure my developers, just keep adding a little at a time until your light says the consistency of Yoplait yogurt.

How To Disguise Gray Hair With Highlights & Other Techniques

One last thing before you watch the video, divide your hair into 4 sections. The upper part of your hair (from the middle of the eyebrows up and further back) on either side of the ears front and back.

Once your hair is treated to the color you want, just remove the paper or it’s almost time to mix the toner. You want to mix it properly before you dye your hair so it doesn’t grow too much in the bowl.

So clean your brush and plate or pull out another one and mix the same 1:1 ratio of ink (Shades EQ 9V) and treatment solution together in your container. I have a lot of hair so I use a full 2ml bottle of toner with a 2ml treatment solution. If you don’t have a lot of hair or don’t color a lot of hair, mix only 1 oz.

How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

Now that your toner is mixed, it’s time to throw away the paper. If you haven’t already, take a shower and rinse.

Gorgeous Types Of Hair Highlights You Can Try At Home

After the bleach washes off, squeeze more water out of your hair and use your hands to apply the tinted mixture to the bleached area. Get into these areas just as you would wash your hair and leave the ink on for 5 minutes or less. More than that. Keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not completely purple. When you see your hair, it starts to change color when it’s time to wash it!

If you use Olaplex after rinsing off the ink and adding a generous amount of Olaplex No. 2 from root to tip and you will comb your hair. Leave it on for at least 10-20 minutes, you can let the baby soak longer if you have damaged hair before. Then rinse.

Now you can wash your hair as usual. If you have Olaplex No. 3, keep it in the shower and use it as a conditioner once a week until it goes away. Apply to wet hair for 10 minutes, then rinse.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below!

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How To Put Highlights In Your Hair

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