How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun – Updo hairstyles make you more stylish. Needless to say, they are super comfortable, they help you look more elegant, and in many cases, you can do the beautiful updos you see in the photos yourself.

We’ve rounded up 50 ways to wear your bun to make you look fabulous in any situation. Check out the creative and modern updo ideas below!

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

1. Bun Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair. Bring out your beautiful brown locks with a sophisticated twisted low bun.

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2. Warm Waves Updo for Medium Length Hair. If you’re going to a fancy event and don’t have time to go to the hairdresser, tease your curly hair and pull it into a cute bun. you are good!

3. Low Updo with Braids. Opt for the braided bun if you’re looking for a romantic yet elegant addition to your everyday look.

4. Curly Hair Updo for Formal Events. Mix and match thick braids with wavy waves, and don’t worry about the mess. Make your hair super voluminous!

5. Reverse Low Bun Updo. When you want to look professional in a short time, this style is the one for you. All you have to do is twist three sections of your hair and bring them together, close the ends and secure them with pins and hairspray.

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6. Deconstructed curly updo for wedding. Feeling like a Disney Princess has never been easier with this cute updo. Sexy volume and romantic tousled locks, what more could you ask for?

7. Natural bun. Master the art of the perfect bun, and we promise you’ll win both the office and the office in a heartbeat.

8. Half Updo for Long Curly Hair. Updos that add volume to long hair are always a winner, regardless of the season.

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

9. Classic bouffant low bun. Regular hairstyles that you can easily do at home and leave the house beautiful. Tease your hair and wrap it in a low bun.

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10. Medium length updo for special occasions. Another version of the beautiful not so beautiful curled bun. For large pieces instead of spraying everything with a fine spray, do each section separately!

11. Short updos for blondes. The idea that you need long hair for a simple bun is not true. Style your blonde beach waves in chaotic twists for a dreamy finished look.

12. Hate Updo for thick hair. Your updates don’t have to be smooth and slick. If your thick hair has not been kept in a bun, simply comb your hair back, away from your neck, and curl it into a loose bun. Leave a few braids around and you’ll have a chic and voluminous bun perfectly suited for any event.

13. Quick update bun. An easy and simple updo that can work for any occasion. For those times when you want to host an office or a wedding party, scrunching your hair in a roll up bun is a great beauty idea.

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14. Dutch braid update. Add a Dutch braid to a hairstyle to create a beautiful romantic and seductive bohemian bun. A headband braid pairs well with a loosely woven braid.

15. Spooky Update. Beautiful hair is easy to pull off and doesn’t take much time to create. You still don’t have to be perfect, because the updates are very forgiving. You can see the beauty in the negative. That’s what it’s all about.

16. Simple low upgrade. When you want big hair, but you don’t have much time to rush to the salon, consider short hairstyles. Bun hairstyles both high and low are amazing for everyone. Pair with cute earrings and hair accessories for a more elegant look.

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

17. Lacy Updo for fine hair. Fine hair does not leave the party. You can style your fine hair into a beautiful bun of your choice. Place your hair in a bun and leave loose parts on both sides. Create a bouffant and place the bun next to it to add volume to your hair.

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18. Sleek bun. This is one of the most beautiful and stylish hairstyles ever. Brushed and polished, this is a feminine bun that adds to the “power dressing” look.

19. Updo for layered hair. You can download this cute bun on long hair. Use hardware to hold, root and sweep layers. Create a low bun and leave a few strands for a romantic and avant-garde look.

20. Chic formal hairstyle for long hair. Updo styles like this are usually best for women with naturally curly hair. Use texturizing products on your lengths and style your locks into a loose pony!

21. Cute updo ideas for blonde hair. We think you need to hear about “letting your hair down” to reveal its beauty. Now it’s time to wrap your hair in a cute bun to show off the beauty and elegance of your blonde balayage. Piling up your hair reveals your slim neck, giving you sensual vibes.

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22. Long hair with bangs. Make your luscious bangs the center of attention with a simple curly bun. The soft hair dryer in the front acts as a veil and gives a relaxed bohemian atmosphere.

23. Cute bun for curly hair. Follow your hair type and create updos that suit you. Curly curls are really beautiful. Your curl style contributes to the usual stress that is just enough to look at. Leave a few strands and the beautiful strands offer the shine that no other type of hair can beat.

24. Braided updo for blonde hair. Perfect for any event, whether it’s a party or a wedding, the thick Dutch braid that crosses the head is a winner.

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

25. Girl with a bun. “make” an elegant wedding that saves lives. The mess at the top makes it flawed while allowing you to reveal a few important locks. The twisted and tucked in now works perfectly for long and medium hair.

Cascading Messy Bun

26. Inverted French Braided Bun. Thick hair can have a lot of fun with updo hairstyles. Keep it cool and chic with this casual braid turned into a twisted bun that really shows off the power of your locks.

27. Women’s long hair updos with silver coins. Inspired by ancient Greece, the ponytail bun is perfect for women with curly hair. Rock it with loose front locks to create a clean look.

28. Pig Mohawk Fancy Updo. When you need to keep calm, but your inner punk just can’t keep quiet, it’s time to make a beautiful bubble braid for a charming look.

29. Thick High-Bun Updo for thick hair. Don’t fall for the stereotype that thick hair is impossible to put in a bun. If you are lucky enough to have the volume and length, be sure to use multiple pins.

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30. Twisted Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair. Are you a fan of the ocean? This wonderful curve and hairpin is for you. Short and long layers work in tandem to create a beautiful wavy look that can save bad hair.

31. Low curl ponytail. A great everyday look for college, work or just a date night. You can beat it in less than five minutes, so you will work on your intensity in a short time.

32. Updo Bun Hairstyle for Women. Your wedding hairstyle should shine light on you. After all, it’s your big day. Creating a beautiful hairstyle like this is not a bad idea. A high bun with face-framing strands will make a stunning wedding updo.

How To Put Hair Up In A Messy Bun

33. Tied updo for straight hair. Imagine the geisha style without any of this. It’s sleek, minimalist, and doesn’t involve a full head of curls like most modern updos. A great option to make your hair look straight and shiny.

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34. Trendy Updo with Bangs. There are many ways to style your bun and make it look super stylish. Put your hair in a high bun and pair it with a beautiful veil for an unusual look. The best updos you see on beautiful Japanese models.

35. Sleek loose updo for long hair. Mesmerize everyone with your complicated hair by braiding a small fishtail braid into a chain braid and tucking the end into your big messy bun.

36. Updo for fine hair. You will love how thin the hair can be. By creating a twisted crown, add volume to the top with a seductive dimension, especially if you have highlights and low or dark roots to show.

37. Sleek Bouffant Updo. Show up to the office in style with a sleek and shiny updo. The vibes you give off are associated with a sophisticated and stylish girl who knows how to stay cool and professional. You can’t go wrong with this innovation.

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38. Bun Hairstyle Long Hair. When there is a ton of hair to work with, a simple French twist with loose curly ends and a teased crown is just right.

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