How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair

How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair – Not everyone, including me, knows how to do their own hair. Whether you lack time, skill or motivation, we can all benefit from the help of artificial hairstyles. I love ponytails, buns and wigs because they give me a beautiful hairstyle in no time. I really learned how to wear ponytails, buns and even wigs throughout 2021, which I got a tutorial on. This quick and easy bun and ponytail tutorial works for any hair type or length. I’ll show you how these extensions work so you can style your hair at home in minutes.

I would like to start this ponytail extension tutorial by giving some background. First, I get all my synthetic hair from Insert Name Here. The quality is incredible and you will be able to wear all their products countless times.

How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair

How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair

Most of their tails look like the picture below. You will see a piece of lace with a set of metal tabs, Velcro, a long strand of hair and two hairpins. I will tell you how to get all these features to work best for you.

Curly Messy Hair Bun Piece Updo Scrunchie Fake Natural Bobble Hair Extensions Uk

The most confusing thing for me about wearing a ponytail wig is what do I do with my real hair?! Your real hair will likely have a different length, texture, and thickness than an artificial ponytail. Even if you match the hair color, your real hair will hang from the back and attract a lot of attention. It is almost impossible to mix. Also if you want to make the ponytail a different color, say pink. When your real hair is drooping, that’s not enough. The Enter Name Tutorials are not relevant to this topic, so I developed my own method for flawlessly curling their tails and buns that can be applied to almost any brand.

Steps one through four are the key to the ponytail and bun hairstyles tutorials in this blog post. The first step is to comb your real hair and make a ponytail. It’s nice to have your faux ponytail ready. You can tie the ponytail at any point on the head. Personally, I like to mine at the crown, but after all, you control where your butt or pony hangs.

The second step depends on your hair type. If your hair is shorter or thinner, you can do a whole ponytail. If your hair is longer or thicker, you should braid the entire ponytail.

Third, wrap your really twisted or braided pony around you to create a small bun. Then secure the bottom by wrapping it with a hair band. As you’ll soon learn, the bun is very important because it gives the ponytail or fake bun something to hold onto tightly, but your real hair is not visible. Now you can wear a ponytail of any color, length or texture so your strands hang down your back.

Synthetic Hair Hair Extensions

The fourth way to wear a ponytail extension is to attach the ponytail to your real hair. In my example, my butt is actually above my head. So when I take the tail, the lace and metal threaded part is in front of me. If you have an actual bun anywhere else on your head, your rule of thumb is to keep the laces and threads at the top of the bun. Stick your teeth into your real hair to secure it in place.

Then take a long strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the tail as tightly as possible. Before you do that, you can zip and wrap these velcro around the bottom of the pony with one hand, but I see that if you pull that long strand of hair tightly, it will come out on its own.

Once the long strand is fully wound, use the two included wire buckles to secure it in place. You can always use more than two if needed, but I think this is enough and lasts all day. At this stage, you can safely complete your hair as you wish.

How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair

As for how to make a clip-on ponytail, it’s even easier! Start by following steps one through four. Then clip the ponytail to your real butt. This type usually looks better anywhere on the head except the crown. I have an example of wearing a clawed pony with a black tie in a wedding post.

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Enter Name Here Claw Clips create a mesh section for your base section as well as a pull cord. You can forget about rounding and cutting your hair and it will work. I keep these extras inside the clip.

We can’t talk about how to make a ponytail without looking at how to use the bun hairstyle! Below you can see what Enter Name Here looks like inside. You get a full mesh section to attach around your real hair, including two sets of metal prongs and string.

The first thing you should do is follow steps one through four of the ponytail tutorials to get ready for the fake bun. You can also brush lightly before applying the fake base. Continuing with step four, put the fake bun on top of the real butt. Then attach two sets of metal prongs to your real hair. Ideally, one set of teeth faces forward and the other back.

Secondly, how to wear a fake butt, you need to tighten the rope, then you can stick the rope under the bun and it will stay.

Simple Faux French Braid Hair Style

Third, wrap a long lock of hair at the bottom. The tighter you wrap it, the more elegant and bulky your bun will look. If you choose a looser bottom, it will allow the thin ends of the top to hang down and make you look more messy.

A long thread usually stays safe on its own, but you can use multiple needles if you want. At this point, you are ready to style your hair as you see fit. I love attaching a big hairpin to my faux fur! It adds a lot of style but also helps hold the hair in place.

Below are some examples of how I wear fake buns in real life. I also have more examples that you can see in my overalls lookbook.

How To Put Fake Hair In Your Hair

How you curl a ponytail depends on how it is done. Many, including the ones in Enter Your Name Here, have an extra long strand of hair that you wrap around the base of the tail. Combined with the Velcro strap, it keeps the ponytail firmly on your head for added style.

Long Straight Synthetic White Blonde Brown Hair Wig With Bangs For Black Women

You can easily make a ponytail at home with a kit designed for this purpose. Most are designed to attach securely to your real hair in minutes with no glue or tape required. They can be used over and over again. Always start by combing your hair and the extension itself.

You style short hair as you would any length. In fact, shorter can be easier! Start by making your real hair into a ponytail. Next, twist or braid your real pony and then wrap it around to form a small bun. Secure the base with a rubber band, then tie a long tail to it.

To summarize, how to make a long ponytail, the steps are extremely simple and accessible to everyone! Up until this point, you may have been afraid to wear the fake bun and ponytail, but my personal experience dispels all guesswork. All you have to do is apply the process and trust it. You’ll soon become familiar with these styles and start doing them more often! As a last concern, you may be worried about the weight on your head. Buns don’t add weight, but some ponytails are heavier than others. I got used to all of them quickly and weight is not a problem. Until next time, let your true beauty shine through.

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