How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair – Have you ever wondered how Princess Jasmine’s bubble bun is so thick and soft, or how Elsa’s bun is so voluminous? Well, in addition to being animated, we’re here to share a special secret on how to create long, full, thick braids that would make a Disney princess green with envy.

The answer is hair extensions. Strategically placed individual braids when braiding your hair can completely transform your braids, giving them new life and lift. From a basic 3-strand braid to a fishtail or dutch braid, follow the step-by-step instructions to add hair to your braid and get those full, thick braids you’ve always dreamed of.

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

And in case you’re wondering, real celebrities, princesses, beauty bloggers and everyone else use hair extensions to enhance their natural hair, including our friend Kassinka in the tutorials below. Kassinka wears her Blonde Luxy Seamless Platinum hair extensions in braids for extra thickness and volume.

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For these exercises, you can use Luxy classic or seamless hair extensions, and Kassinka uses her platinum blonde seamless extensions because they fit the head perfectly. Not sure which kit is right for you? See the differences between our classic and seamless collections here.

When adding hair extensions to braids, the key to creating those long, thick braids is to have most of the volume towards the bottom and sides of the head, otherwise the ends of the braids tend to be stringy. Avoid cutting the weave at the temples like you normally do when letting your hair down, and try to keep most of the thickness and volume below the crown. In the next three tutorials, Kassinka will show you a safe way to cut extensions and add hair to a bun, allowing you to create three different buns.

Get your luxury hair extensions. Take the 4-loop weft and the 3-loop weft and fold them together by placing the 3-loop weft over the 4-loop weft. Next, part your hair below your ears and pin this mega updo.

Take 4 more loops and 3 weft loops and stack them on top of each other. Part the hair at the level of the ears and fasten the mega page.

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Take the texture of two clips, separate another section of hair above the ear and attach each of them to the left and right sides of the head. As you can see, the key here is to create as much volume as possible at the back and sides of the head.

Now grab all your clip light bulbs. Divide the hair at the top of the head and fasten the 1-clip on the left side and do the same on the right.

It’s time to start braiding your fishtail! Divide the hair into two sections at the top of the head. Take a small section of hair from the right side of your head and cross it to the left side. Then take a small strand of hair from the left side and cross it to the right side.

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

Continue this process down the head, adding a little hair to each side. Once you reach the nape of your neck, continue this pattern through the rest of your hair and secure with an elastic.

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By adding hair to your braid as hair extensions, you can see how thick and long your braid can be! If you want to go a step further, gently pull the braid in and out to give the braid even more density and volume.

Now that you’ve activated most of your warps, you’ve rearranged the wefts a bit to accommodate the dutch braid. Remove the 2 clips and the 1 clip you activated earlier. Then fold 1 weft loop and 2 weft loops on both sides.

Part the hair under the crown and tie a bun. This is because with a dutch braid, you want to focus most of the thickness in the middle of the head, while a fishtail requires extra thickness on the sides.

Start braiding. Gather a section of hair at the top of your head and divide it into three. Go to the middle part and cross the right part. Then take the new center section and cross it over the left section. Continue this pattern by adding more hair to the side braid. Be sure to keep pulling the braid you’ve learned to maintain its shape.

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When you reach the nape of the neck, braid the rest of the hair into 3 strands until they reach the bottom and secure with a rubber band.

Grab the braid and give it a little pull. This will also help hide any visible tissues.

Now that you’ve mastered adding hair to fishtails and Dutch braids, leave your braids as they are to create a classic three-strand braid. There is no need to rearrange the plot.

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

If you’re looking for a thick, mega voluminous bun, you can also activate your full set of Luxy Hair extensions and braid your hair into a small bun. The possibilities are endless!

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By adding hair to your braids with hair extensions, long, thick Disney princess-level braids are within your reach! Simply place each strand strategically and add hair where more thickness is needed, depending on the type of braid you’re creating.

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How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

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How To Faux French Braid

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Single weft appliqué attached with non-removable wires and clips. Two 2-clips are also included for even more mixing. When I had longer hair, the fake back braid was one of my favorite styles. It’s a great style that makes your hair look super thick, and I’ve found that I can still detangle most of my hair. result!

Updos that work on shorter hair are great if your hair is always “boring” like me. Boredom led me to the bob, but with a bob, you suddenly feel so limited when it comes to styling your hair.

But I started with this shorter hair (which is more ringlets right now!) and this style is a breeze – although it tends to be confusing when you’re trying to figure it out! But trust me, it’s easier than real braids, so grab a handful of rubber bands and bobby pins and let’s do it!

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Step Two: Take the top tail and divide it into two parts. Tuck the other tail between the two halves and tie it off temporarily.

Step Three: Your split ponytail still needs to be divided in two. Add hair to these two sections and tie them into a bun with a small rubber band. Now you will have two little tails again.

Step Four: Take the top tail and divide it into two parts. Again, bring the lower tail between the two halves and tie it temporarily.

How To Put Fake Braids In Your Hair

Step Five: Take the split ponytail again, add hair and secure with an elastic.

Simple Faux French Braid Hair Style

Step 6: Repeat the same process until you reach the bottom of the neck. Tie your hair into a small bun.

Step Seven: Carefully pull and bake each section for a perfect look. If your hair is shorter and you have layers, you need to do it gently. When pulling, the tail at the base of the neck

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