How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair – Ever wonder how Princess Jasmine’s bubble braids are so thick and fluffy, or how full of volume Elsa’s braids are? Well, aside from the fact that they’re lively, we’re here to let you in on a special secret to getting long, thick braids that would make any Disney princess green with envy.

The answer is hair extensions. Individual strands of hair strategically placed on your head when braiding can make a total difference in their texture, giving them new life and transition. From 3-strand braids to fishtail braids and Dutch braids, follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add hair to your weave and get the thick, full braids you’ve always dreamed of.

How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

Oh, and in case you were wondering, real-life celebrities, princesses, beauty bloggers, and more use hair extensions to enhance their natural locks, including our friend Kasinka in the tutorials below. Kasinka uses luxurious natural blonde hair extensions to add thickness and volume to her braids.

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For these tutorials, you can use your classic or seamless luxury hair extensions, however, Kasinka uses her no-sew platinum blonde extensions because they lay perfectly flat on the head. Not sure which collection is right for you? See the difference between our classic and perfect collections here.

When adding hair extensions to the braids, the key to creating these long, thick braids is to get as much volume as possible on the bottom and sides of the head, otherwise the ends of the braids will be frayed. Avoid cutting at the temples like when you wear your hair down, and try to keep most of the thickness and volume below the top of your head. In the three tutorials below, Kasinka shows a practical way to attach hair extensions and braid hair, creating three different textures.

Collect your luxury hair extensions. Take a 4-clip weft and a 3-clip weft and stack the 3-clip weft by cutting the 4-clip weft. Then part the hair just below the ears and tie that pile of hair.

Take the 4 clip weft and 3 other clips and stack them. Part your hair at ear length and put a big braid in it.

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2 Take two locks of barrettes, separate the other lock of hair just above the ear and tie each lock on the left and right side of the head. As you can see, the key here is to create maximum volume at the back and sides of your head.

Now, remove all of your 1-clip waves. Separate the crown hair and pin two 1-clip braids on the left side and do the same on the right side.

It’s time to start braiding the fishtails! Divide the hair into two sections at the top of the head. Take a small section of hair from the right side of your head and cross it over to the left. Then take a small section of hair from the left side of the head and cross it over the right side.

How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

Continue this process on the head, adding a little hair to each side at a time. When you reach the nape of your neck, continue this pattern under the remaining hair and secure with an elastic band.

Clip In Hair Extensions For A Side Dutch Braid

By adding hair to your braid as hair extensions, you can see how thick and long a braid can be! If you want to take it a step further, gently squeeze the braid and pull it out a little, which will make the texture thicker and more voluminous.

Now that you’ve cut most of your wefts, you’ll cut some wefts to accommodate the Dutch weft. Remove the wefts from 2 clips and 1 clip that you already cut. Then place the two 1-clip wefts on top of each other on either side of the 2-clip weft.

Part the hair just below the crown and tie this braid. This is because you want most of the thickness to be concentrated in the middle of the head for a Dutch braid whereas a fishtail weave requires more thickness on the sides. .

Start knitting. Gather a section of hair at the top of the head and divide it into three sections. Take the middle part and go through the right part. Then take the new middle section and cross it over the left section. Continue this pattern, each time adding more hair to the side braid. Be sure to continue braiding as directed to maintain shape.

How To Dutch Braid With Extensions

When you reach the nape of your neck, braid the rest of your hair in 3 strands until you reach the bottom and secure with an elastic band.

Cover the braid by kissing the hair and pulling it lightly. This will also help hide any visible text.

Now that you’ve mastered how to gather your hair into fishtails and Dutch braids, simply leave your braids as they are and create a classic 3-strand braid. No need to rearrange the plot

How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

If you are looking for a thick and voluminous braid, you can also attach a complete set of luxurious hair extensions and let your hair down. The possibilities are endless!

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By adding hair to your texture with hair extensions, long, thick, Disney princess-level textures are within reach! Simply place each weft strategically and depending on the type of texture you are creating, add hair in areas where more thickness is needed.

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How To Put Extension Braids In Your Hair

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Single weft application with non-twisted yarn and clip. It also has two clips for added versatility. Protective makeup is a curly girlfriend’s best friend, especially when the temperature starts to drop. Extreme cold and wind can do a lot of damage to our delicate strands, so it’s important to keep them wet and out of the way. If you are looking for a protective and stylish hairstyle, look no further than the box braid. The traditional African braid gained popularity nearly three decades ago and defined an era of black television, film and music. In 2020, celebrities and influencers brought back the popular style of the 90s.

Box braids are braids or braids of three strands divided into square sections. Unlike cornrows, box braids are not laid flat on the scalp, instead the hair is cut into squares (or boxes) on the scalp and braided around. This allows you to style your braids like regular hair. They can be done with natural hair or you can add hair extensions for extra length and thickness, or to add a pop of color to your hair color. You can use human or synthetic hair to get the look.

Knotless braids are a modern take on the classic box weave that gives a more natural look and feels like your own hair. They put less stress on your hair, so they’re a better choice for people with sensitive scalps.

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Both of these options are a great protective style because there is no constant heat or pulling, which means that hair growth won’t be an issue. However, box braids can damage your hair if installed incorrectly or left in too long.

If you are considering getting box braids, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your hair before installation. Before braiding, it’s very important to make sure your hair is washed, detangled, deeply conditioned and cut. This will ensure your hair is healthy and hydrated before you go.

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