How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail – Are you afraid to wash your child’s hair because they hate it so much and are trying to do something? Find out why your child hates washing their hair and learn these simple strategies to help!

My 3 year old has gray hair and I’ve been hysterically trying to wash it for the past few months. I lost my temper due to my frustration and my daughter was upset and cried due to my emotional state.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

Other little girls had their hair done in pigtails and bows, and I couldn’t clean, spray and style my son’s hair.

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Without constant bathing, sleeping was hard enough and I felt defeated and weak from this simple task.

Why was washing your hair so frustrating? Why do some children hate washing their hair and what can be done about it?

Your child’s negative reaction to hair washing may be due to accidentally getting soap in their eyes, but most children hate washing their hair for a slightly deeper reason: a sensory sensitivity.

If this is new to you, don’t worry, all humans have sensory preferences and we are expected to self-regulate and ground ourselves and avoid certain sensations.

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The same is true for children, but most children lack the ability to communicate or fail to respond to their needs at all, especially if they are sensitive.

Most parents are surprised that their child is so sensitive. Rest assured, your child is not being mean, disobedient, or trying to attract attention.

It can occur in any child but is more common in children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or sensory processing disorder (SPD). In addition to washing their hair, children with sensory sensitivities may also have difficulty brushing their teeth, trimming their nails, and brushing their hair.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

It is important to find out what feelings your child has when washing their hair, and there are many feelings:

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This is one of the most overlooked reasons kids hate washing their hair because it’s so easy to skip.

A child with a sense of backwardness doesn’t know where to go and this can make them feel insecure, unstable and even very anxious.

Of course, this is not a typical reaction, but it does occur in children with vestibular sensitivity. Our vestibular sense controls our sense of balance and movement.

If your child gets restless or upset when you shake your head back to rinse out the shampoo, or scratches at your hand when you rinse it out again, that’s a good indicator that vestibular sensitivity is at least one of the reasons that it hates hair. wash.

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The good news is that there are ways to train your child’s vestibular system to tolerate flipping, and there are other simple strategies you can use to avoid this position until your child is comfortable.

Some are generally sensitive to touch or touch, while others prefer certain types of touch. This means that some babies need to be touched with a lot of pressure, as light, gentle touches can make them worse.

However, this tactile sensitivity is very real and can be painful for some children! Luckily, these sensitivities can be desensitized, and tip #1 below is a helpful shampooing solution.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

It also falls into the tactile category. For some children, splashing water on the face and neck stimulates the tactile systems or makes them feel unable to breathe. Many children are naturally more patient and employ some of the following strategies.

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It’s not nearly as common and is often easy to spot, but not always. Small children in particular do not hate certain smells. It’s a good idea to try an unscented shampoo or deliberately choose soothing scents that baby likes.

Keep in mind that your child may experience hair loss while washing for one or more of the reasons above. It can take some detective work to figure out what is causing your child to quit, but once you identify the problems, you can fix them.

Whatever the reason your child hates washing their hair, select a few tricks (or more!) to try with your child below.

I would recommend doing it a few times before taking the advice because these guys are used to being uncomfortable washing their hair and it can take a bit of getting used to!

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Sound easy? It is, but we don’t often think about trying. When it’s time to wash their hair (or maybe before your child’s mid-bathroom anxiety increases), ask them what helps them wash their hair.

My kids have surprised me so many times with wonderful solutions to their sensory needs that as an occupational therapist I never would have thought of!

If your child is not old enough to do this on their own, you may need help. It can be very helpful for children to see what is going on because they can feel it. Some kids can make fun shampoo hairstyles.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

My little boy and his amazing feat of washing his hair made me keep watching him and recording his every step.

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Kids love seeing themselves on the phone, and it’s a simple step to make your child feel comfortable.

Applying firm, even pressure with one hand while brushing the hair or holding it back with the other hand increases proprioceptive input.

Another option is to apply deep pressure to the top of the head before the bath to add another beneficial layer to the body.

Social stories can be very powerful for children if they tell a story about their dislike of washing their hair in picture book format and process it step by step.

Here’s A Method To Help Kids That Hate Hair Washing

A fictional story can also help children develop sensitivity. If you want to try this easy trick with your kid, check out this hair washing social story.

Videos of other children washing their hair are also a powerful tool to help a child understand the process and can make it less daunting.

As you read in the section above, it can be hard for the spirit to sit back or be left behind. You want to experiment (and ask your child) what works best.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

Consider using a towel to completely cover the baby’s face to keep them wet while you run water over their hair. This prevents them from having to retreat when emphasizing their position.

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Have you seen those visors that kids wear when it’s time to wash their hair? This keeps the water off her face and you don’t have to turn her back on!

I even used swimming goggles in a pinch. Humor and silliness can help reduce stress.

Take a step back and see how long your child can wash their hair again. Maybe every 3-4 days or even once a week would be right.

As hard as this battle is to face again and again, developing a routine and taking small, consistent steps toward solving a task can make the likelihood of winning the battle less likely.

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Track your baby’s steps regularly, even every day. Will my child allow their hair to get wet without shampoo? Consider it a victory.

But babies, in particular, are notoriously cranky creatures, and giving them a chance to express themselves and holding them on a flexible or flexible day can make a world of difference in building their resilience over time.

Try to make washing your hair less of a chore, and you may find that your child suddenly gets used to it.

How To Put Baby's Hair In Ponytail

For children worried about getting soap in their eyes, non-greasy shampoo formulations can be a lifesaver.

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During or outside of the bath, collect dolls and/or animals to pretend to wash other people’s hair. It helps create a positive connection to a negative experience!

As mentioned above, head tilt can be a major problem for children and maintaining this orientation can be confusing and dangerous for them.

Try putting a sticker or picture on the shower wall or ceiling to give your child a specific visual cue to focus on while wetting their hair.

Providing a separate sensory stimulus, in this case visual input, can distract them and help with the stress response.

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Telling a child to “look at the smiling face” is a much more visible direction than “bow your head.”

Give yourself and your baby the grace and time to learn patience while washing their hair. It may seem like a simple daily task to us, but by and large

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